Rev Khem Raj Chadha Ji (Chairman CPAB) Passes into Eternal Abode

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The Sant Nirankari Mandal expresses deep regret and sorrow in sharing the news that the great learned and devoted Saint of the Nirankari Family, the nonagenarian epitome of selfless service, Rev Khem Raj Chadha Ji has today left us in physical form at 9.50 pm, aged 90.

Spiritual since childhood, Khem Raj Ji took Brahmgyan at an early age from Shaheshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji. He breathed the philosophy of the Mission day in and day out. He always said - "We should say what we do, and do what we say". He believed in practice before preaching. An astute orator, ardent writer, prolific poet and able administrator, he never let humility leave his words or actions.

Having undertaken numerous administrative roles over many decades, Chadha Sahb, as he was respectfully addressed by all, was currently serving the Mandal as the Chairman of the Central Planning and Advisory Board.

He served various departments of the Executive Committee of SNM over the years, including Sewadal, Foreign Affairs and Publications, etc. His role as the convenor of Annual Samagam remains an inspiration for all. He took blessings of Shaheshah Ji, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, Nirankari Rajmata Ji, Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, Mata Savinder Hardev Ji and was equally subservient to the commandments of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj over the last two years.

Though we have lost him in physical form, his life and teachings will continue to inspire generations to come with respect to his unflinching devotion and complete surrender in the lotus feet of Satguru. The details of Funeral and Satsang will be shared in due course.

Rev Khem Raj Chadha was born on July 1, 1930 at Mandi Bahawaldin, Distt. Gujarat (now in Pakistan), in the family of Smt. Gyandevi, a noble and religious minded lady and Shri Ganda Mall Chadha, an officer in the Posts and Telegraphs department. He spent his first five years in Rawalpindi where he was brought up in religious atmosphere and many stories are connected with his devotion (Bhakti) to Lord Krishna in the very childhood. Time slowly passed and thereafter he shifted to Wazirabad with his parents and finally in 1940 he settled at his family's native place in Jalalpur Jattan, Distt. Gujarat where he matriculated with a very good academic career. Afterwards he shifted to Abbotabad in NWFP where he recouped his health and also received training in Accounts and Banking and worked in Hind-Iran Bank as well as in Punjab-Kashmir Bank for some time before partition.

After partition of the country in 1947, Rev. K.R. Chadha reached Delhi and took up a job in Veterinary College, Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. The stay in Mathura revived religious instinct and an urge to know God. Frequent visit to religious places, reading of Holy Scriptures and meditation brought more solace but as good luck would have it, he met one of the Nirankari saints Bhai Sahib Hari Singh Ji and through his initiation, he attained God-knowledge from Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji in Paharganj, Delhi in September, 1948. After attaining God-knowledge, he read 'Geeta' for five consecutive days and understood the All-pervading existence of the omnipotent God. Fifteen days after attaining God-Knowledge, he was instructed by Baba Avtar Singh Ji to organize congregations at Mathura. With the active co-operation of Mata Ram Kaur who was Nirankari from the time of Baba Buta Singh Ji, and his family, Rev. Chadha was an instrument to establish a well-organized Sangat over there and Satguru Baba Avtar Singh Ji Maharaj visited Mathura 3-4 times and the other Nirankari preachers visited frequently.

After living in Mathura till September 30, 1954, Rev. Chadha was called to Delhi by the Mission to assist in running the Mission's school in Paharganj and also help in day to day working of the Mission. In Delhi he settled in Moti Nagar. At that time, Sangat was held only in Paharganj and Nirankari Colony and in no other colony. After making tremendous efforts, Rev. Chadha was, however, successful in organizing Sangat in many colonies in western Delhi viz. Ramesh Nagar, Patel Nagar, Moti Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, Subhash Nagar, Tilak Nagar and Shakur Basti. Consequently many small Samagams were held in these areas and the popularity of the Mission's teachings spread everywhere.

It was Rev. Chadha who started organizing 'Prabhat Pheris' firstly in Moti Nagar and then whole of Delhi on the eve of Annual Sant Samagams and finally 'Prabhat Pheris' became a regular feature all over India.

The Sant Nirankari Sewa Dal was organized in the year 1956. Rev. K.R. Chadha was made its first Sanchalak in Moti Nagar. He served the Sewa Dal in this capacity with great sense of efficiency, devotion and dedication. In 1962, he was complemented for his sharp intellect and hard work and given the responsibility as Up-Mukhya-Sanchalak in Central Sewa Dal. Here also he made significant contribution in the administration and field activities of the Sewadal. In 1963, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji constituted a Sewa Dal Board and Rev K.R. Chadha was included in the same as its member along with Dr. Balwant Singh 'Nirman' and Rev Ram Saran Dass. Rules and Regulations for Sewa Dal were formed and units of Sewa Dal established everywhere for which the whole Sewa Dal management including Dr. B.S. Nirman, Rev. K.R. Chadha, Rev. G.S. Premi, Rev. Chacha Partap Singh and Rev. J.S. Khurana took whirlwind tours of India. Rev. K.R. Chadha streamlined the working of Sewa Dal and addressed meetings at regional level to ensure better co-ordination between Sewa Dal functionaries and other saints connected with administration.

With the expansion of the Sangat, organization of Annual Samagams had to be developed and Rev. K.R. Chadha along with his companions was called upon to organize the Annual Sant Samagams firstly adjacent to Nirankari Colony and then in Ram Leela Ground, Grounds behind Red Fort and Raj Ghat and finally in the grounds opposite Sarovar. With the blessings of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, Samagam Camping Ground was got developed by the DDA where the Samagams have been going on right from 1990 till now.

In 1979, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji constituted the All India Working Committee as the policy making body of the Sant Nirankari Mandal. Rev K.R. Chadha became its Vice-Chairman along with Rev. Gobind Singh, Chairman. He held this responsibility till 1985 when he was inducted in the Executive Committee of the Sant Nirankari Mandal as Secretary and given the charge of Foreign and Legal Departments along with Liaison with Delhi Administration, and the Tours of His Holiness.

In 1992, Rev K.R. Chadha was given the charge of Publications Department also. He streamlined the various activities of the Department and centralized the production of photographs, audio-cassettes, diary and calendar etc., which remains his outstanding contribution to the Department.

In 1996, Rev K.R. Chadha relinquished the charge of Publications Department and took over Prachar Vibhag and Samagams along with other responsibilities including Foreign Department and Tours of His Holiness. In Prachar Vibhag, Rev K.R. Chadha planned and organized tours of the Central Pracharaks on annual basis. He also streamlined the Prachar activities not only at Headquarters but other parts of the country also.

As regards his contribution in the Foreign Department, Rev. K.R. Chadha has already created a lasting impression. He took keen interest with the organizational activities of the Mission across the globe. The Mission was got registered with the local governments in several countries including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand etc. He himself visited various parts of the world either along with Baba Ji or separately. Consequently, he has already visited USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Nigeria, New Zealand, Netherlands/ Holland, Mauritius, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Italy, Ireland, Indonesia, Greece, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Spain, China, Middle-East countries, Denmark, Uganda etc. Some of these countries were visited more than once.

In 1999, he relinquished the charge of Prachar Vibhag and took over the Administration of Branches in Delhi, U.P., Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. He continued to hold these responsibilities with slight changes here and there till 2006, when he was made Member In-charge Sewa Dal also. All these departments he continued to look after upto April 30, 2009.

From May 1, 2009 Rev. K.R. Chadha was nominated as Vice-Chairman in the newly constituted Central Planning & Advisory Board, by His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj to formulate policies and plans for both the Executive Committee and the Sant Nirankari Charitable Society as per the directions of Satguru, to consider and pass the Annual Budget proposals framed by the EC for final approval, to review from time to time the progress of the approved proposals undertaken by the Executive Committee and to undertake any other task assigned by Satguru.

With the divine blessings of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, Rev K.R. Chadha took over as Chairman of the Central Planning and Advisory Board. He succeeded Rev Gobind Singh Ji, the Board’s founder Chairman who got the responsibility as President of the Sant Nirankari Mandal and the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation.

Rev K.R. Chadha created his own impact in every field of activities of the Mission he was called upon to look after. For example, he officiated as the Chairman of All India Working Committee in the absence of Rev. Gobind Singh when the Mission was passing through the most turbulent period of its history during 1979-80. As regards Samagams, Rev K.R. Chadha played a significant role in planning and organizing the Annual Samagams in Delhi. The Department also organized Bhakti Parv, Guru Puja Divas, Manav Ekta Divas and Mukti Parv Samagams. He also played key role in Regional and State level Samagams till 2002, when His Holiness decided to constitute Regional Samagam Committees for the purpose.

- Sant Nirankari Mandal, Delhi