England, Yorkshire: Satsang Programme, Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity: Special Congregation held at Yorkshire Bhawan

With the benign blessings of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, Saturday 6th February 2010 saw for the first time in the Nirankari Mission’s UK history, the Yorkshire Bhawan witnessed a truly unique and special occasion. Invited guests and attendees from the local communities outnumbered the saints of the Yorkshire congregation who hosted this special Unity in Diversity programme.

Young saints spoke mainly in English to highlight the Mission’s teachings and values. The guests were extremely intrigued and happy to listen to such ‘refreshing’ thoughts and views towards Religion and Spirituality. Many invited guests followed up to enquire and learn more about this message of Truth as propagated by the Nirankari Mission.

Addressing the congregation, Rev H.S.Upashak Ji said, for the first time in the Mission’s history in UK, the congregation was made up predominately by people from the English community. Welcoming all he explained how the Nirankari mission’s philosophy of Love, peace and unity only comes about when we seek Universal Oneness, allowing us to live with the ideals of Universal Brotherhood where we see ALL as brothers and sisters as part of the one family under the ONE father.

This is possible because whereas animals have five-senses, man has been given an extra sense, namely the common-sense which allows us to step out of the mire man has created in this world. If we can then live with common sense we can start to live as good human-beings with good morals. If we fulfil man’s primary goal and seek out our then what a wonderful world it would be in seeing all as part of the Universal Oneness and not discriminating on grounds of colour, caste, creed, social or cultural backgrounds.

Today HH is asking man to be a man, and bestowing true enlightenment allowing him to see this Universal Oneness. This Truth has never changed from time immemorial and can only be bestowed by the grace of the true master when we surrender to His will.

* * *