Petals of Peace by Avtar Johar, Oxford, England

Petals of Peace

by Avtar Johar, Oxford, England

Why? why is there so much pain and sorrow, Anger and hatred in the world?

We humans are responsible not God,

Nowhere else can accusations be hurled

In the name of religion; war,

War has been fought and lost,

No religion condones any violence,

Our wires have been crossed

Indiscriminate missiles rain down

Killing or injuring all they touch,

Oh misguided man! man-made devices,

Cast judgement, it is all too much.

What is the solution to help

Ease this pain and hurt tearing us apart?

To protect the innocents we must awake!

Awake the compassion in our heart

Let us not waste our precious time

On negative things like hate,

Life is short, so be kind to all,

Let us learn, learn to tolerate

Our mind is a maze of wrong turns,

With guidance we'll find the light,

Baba Ji guides us teaching by example,

How to live in peace, peace so beautiful, so bright

We must offer the hand of friendship

Friendship and courtesy to everyone we meet,

Breaking barriers of ignorance, hate,

Building links of harmony, make anger retreat

Whatever your faith, Hindu, Muslim or Christian

Show humanity and love, love for each other,

We know the solution we must work towards,

And the answer is peace, peace my brother

Indiscriminate white roses rain down

Spreading their perfume, petals soft as feathers caress all they touch Waving a white flag, no thorns to injure, god made devices

A message sent with love, oh so much!

The message within I must repeat,

As my prayer to the Lord above,

Why war? Man awake!

Learn peace, friendship, Love.

* * *