Need of Sewa, Simran And Satsang by Sumit Singh, India

Need of Sewa, Simran And Satsang

by Sumit Singh, Bathinda, Punjab, India

I have been with the Sant Nirankari Mission since I was born i.e., about 23 years. So right from beginning I have been to Satsang, doing Simran and Sewa as far as possible. For the past few years, however, I was a little cut off due to my academic pressures. I was not that regular in Sewa, Simran and Satsang. But in the course of time, I realised that I have been increasing my troubles by staying away from Sangat. My academic records went down and so did my personality. I just thought that I can’t be so busy that I can't find just 3-4 hours in a week to attend Sangat or 5 minutes in a day for Simran. I realised that the things I was running after were the things I wanted, but that took me away from the thing I needed i.e. Sewa, Simran and Satsang. At the end of the day I realised that I was no where and I had nothing. I prayed to Nirankar to help me and from that very day I started attending Satsang regularly and things automatically started coming my way without my doing anything. It was like Nirankar Himself attended to all my troubles.

Most of the time after having the Gyan of this Nirankar we think that what the use of attending Satsang now is since Nirankar is all around us and we can just pray sitting at home. This is where we always go wrong. Just getting admission in a college or school is not enough, we need to attend classes and study in order to pass. Just taking admission in an engineering college won't make us an engineer and taking admission in a medical college won't make us a doctor, we need to attend classes and clear all the courses. Only then we can be entitled for a degree. It's like the electricity is running in the entire wire but we only see the light at the place where we have a bulb or a tube, the entire wire is never illuminated. So we should make it a point that we attend Satsang as often as possible. Even if there is an exam the next day, we should still attend Sangat. This will refresh our minds as well as souls.

* * *