Text report, Third Day: 53rd Maharashtra Samagam

53rd State-level Nirankari Sant Samagam, Maharashtra, Nasik: January 24-26, 2020

Third Day: January 24, 2020

The concluding day of the Maharashtra Sant Samagam too received the divine blessings of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj for hours together. The orators of this day were also multilingual in the form of poems, speeches and songs. Rev Ramit Chandna Ji also took blessings of Satguru Mata Ji by saying a few words in praise of his Satguru.

In Her Holy Discourse Satguru Mata Ji said:

“We all are sitting here on concluding day of 53rd Samagam of Maharashtra. For last 3 days, you are enjoying devotional bliss. You all saints have come not only from Maharashtra but from across the nation and abroad and many saints could not reach here due to work or family responsibility. May God bless them also with devotion. They intended to attend the Samagam but somehow couldn’t. Their presence is also marked, even if they are sitting at home. May God bless that our mind always yearn for Satsang. The diet for soul and its nourishment is possible through Satsang only. The word Satsang means company (Sang) of Truth (Satya). We need to connect with this Truth, which is eternal. Other things in the world change with time. Now its night, this is truth. After few hours it’ll be morning, which will be truth. When it’s night here, in some other country it’s day. For them morning is truth, for us night is truth. So we need to connect our soul with supreme and eternal truth – God (Nirankar).

In this way, our life will be enlightened with Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan), which is being mentioned repeatedly since last 3 days. What is Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan)? It connects our soul with God. We have opportunity within this life. Time is moving at its own pace. Till we are alive, there is possibility to realize God. The moment we attain Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan), the journey of devotion begins. We may have faith on any religion or anywhere else. All religious scriptures mention just about God. The fact is that if we realize God, life becomes worthwhile. Our further action towards devotion begins once we realize God.

We are celebrating Republic Day today on 26th January, when our constitution came into force. Constitution is a law, which governs the country. Let’s make a constitution for our soul and devotion. That what is to be done in devotion so that we stay on the right path. We are not to mesmerize God through tricks but through innocence. When we stay connected with God every moment, it leads us to devotion automatically through innocence. If we realize God every moment, we shall remain conscious towards our actions, thoughts and feelings in different situations. Are we carrying hatred in mind and causing harm to others or are we contributing positively? It is just Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang which keeps us connected with God (Nirankar). If we recall the message of saints, every saint has mentioned just about God. That God is one and if we all have evolved from God, we are also one. We should get rid of notions which make us stand in the path of others. In fact we should assist and respect others and spread this fragrance throughout the world. God prevails in everyone irrespective of their birth place, appearance or culture. So everyone is our own as God is our own and we belong to God. When we imbibe this in our life, we imbibe the language of truth. The path of devotion seems tough. That how to stay humble, surrendered and accept that others are better than us.

Since we believe that we are supreme, so it is tough. Still if we say that it is possible to adopt humble lifestyle, how is it possible? The thing is that if we take support of God, such life is possible. How to become human in true sense, because the world needs good people. We can say that everything works in the world as stipulated – be it sunrise or sunset. Even animals and birds work on their own without guidance. We need not ask them to hunt or build nest, they work on their own. Only humans are asked to work as humans, imbibe human values and be large hearted. We should not get aggrieved by what others say and also not unnecessarily trouble others.

We shall attain bliss through Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan) and we are to maintain this blissful state. Then it won’t be a difficult task, our life will be smooth and blissful. If a doctor is aware of the disease, he prescribes the medicine accordingly. Similarly, God knows us and he has given us what is best for us in life. Even if the medicine is bitter, doctor knows that it will cure the disease. In spite of bitter taste, patient eats that medicine due to trust on doctor that his disease will get cured. Then why do we loose trust on God in bitter situations when things don’t move as per us. No one understands our needs better than God. We may have lot of desires but God (Nirankar) always fulfils our needs. So that it turns out to be beneficial for us. We listened to the announcement that next Maharshtra samagam will be held at Aurangabad. Lot of saints are attached to this state like Tukaram Ji and many other.

I recall a story about behavior and how to live life, which you might have also heard. There was a disciple who always used to get angry. He asks his Guru – How do you stay peaceful in all situations? The Guru replies - This is because I know your future. At this, the disciple turns curious to know about his future. Guru informs his disciple that his life is going to end after 1 week. On hearing this, for rest 1 week he tries to imbibe all virtues in his life. He tries to get rid of bad habits. He deals only with love. He respects everyone and hates none. Within one week, he transforms his life so much that he becomes calm and peaceful. On last day of the week, he decides to seek blessings from Guru Ji. As he embraced Guru ji’s feet, GuruJi asked – Did you get angry this week? The disciple replied - This week was like a new birth for me. I was very happy and there was no bitter feeling for anyone. I have lived this week beautifully and have no regrets, even if I die. Guru Ji replies - This is what you asked me earlier. That how do I take every situation with smile and calmness? It is because I know that my life can end any moment. So what is to be done in this life, how to control my mind? How to take benefit from our mind by controlling our thoughts? I am to stay positive irrespective of the circumstances created by God. So this smile and happiness does not go off from my face as I have attained the state of bliss in life.

May God bless everyone that we take support of this Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan). 90 Years of Nirankari Mission is being mentioned repeatedly. The base of Mission is Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) and if this is the most precious thing in our life, we should use it in every moment, in our dealings and words. Then our life will be definitely successful and whosoever comes in contact with us, we shall be able to give them relief. They will also get enlightened. May God bless everyone with the strength that whosoever we meet, who are not yet blessed with Divine Knowledge, they get influenced from our life and attain salvation. We live life in true sense, till we remember Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) and it’s not that we are just passing time in life. Life filled with human values is life being lived. May God bless that everyone lives this life beautifully. Every moment we imbibe virtues in our life. We should choose flowers and ignore thorns, although thorns come along with flowers. We should remember the value of flowers. Even if we acknowledge thorns, we should not be negative for them. We should consider them part and parcel alongwith flowers. Where we are getting fragrance and virtues of flowers, if we come across a thorn, we should ignore it.

Similarly when we stay at home as a family, if there is rift within family, or within society or somewhere else, if we talk to someone, we should understand their perspective. That he is a good person, but today if he has said something which has hurt me. I should not forget his other virtues. I can learn many other things from him. So we need to work on improving ourselves only. We should not taunt others that they also need to improve their life. May God bless all saints who have come here and are doing so much Sewa. They have come here from their city by sparing 3-4 days from their family. May God fulfil all their tasks and bless them with comforts of body, mind and wealth as well.”

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