53rd State-level Nirankari Sant Samagam, Maharashtra, Nasik: January 24-26, 2020

Second Day: January 24, 2020

The second day of Annual Maharashtra Sant Samagam started with a Sewadal Rally. Thousands of volunteers dressed in there uniform participated in this well coordinated rally surrendering themselves in selfless service to their Satguru. They performed various cultural and physical activities in the presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

The second session of the Samagam was the Satsang where a sea of humanity was seen. There were devotional songs, poems, speeches and recitation of the Sampuran Avtar Bani and Hardev Bani by various saints in different languages.

Addressing this mammoth gathering Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Today is the second day of the Maharashtra Samagam, where we enjoyed the bliss yesterday. Today morning also, there was a Sewadal rally. The zeal for Sewa which exists in all needs to be utilized for the welfare of humanity. The mind should not have ego that if we are doing Sewa, we are better than the rest. In fact if we are able to do Sewa (voluntary service), it is the grace of God. No Sewa is small; it’s just that our feeling should be to render service (Sewa). This body, mind and wealth have been given to us by God. If we use them judiciously for the welfare of humanity, our life shall turn out to be outstanding. Then we need not put in efforts artificially rather, it flows naturally. Then there is no show-off in Sewa it comes naturally in our mind.

We often face different situations and our mind switches between happiness and sorrow. Whatever may be the state of our mind, negative thoughts do come in it. When negative feelings come in mind, it’s just like a thorn pricking in our foot. We never want that thorn to remain pierced and increase our pain. We try to get rid of that thorn immediately. Similarly, we should not allow negative thoughts to stay in our mind for long. At the same time, we should take support of God (Nirankar) to get rid of them because these thoughts disturb us and if transformed into action, will harm others also. So before such a thought transforms into action, we should get rid of it. Saints have taught us that we must begin with working on ourselves. Several saints have been here on the land of Maharashtra since ages; they taught us a lot.

Similarly, you must have heard the story of Gyaneshwar Ji. Once a mother takes her child to him and says that her child is unwell. Gyaneshwar Ji requests her to visit him again the next day. Next day, the mother takes her child again to him. Gyaneshwar Ji tells the child to stop eating jaggery for better health. At this, the mother thinks that if this was the only thing to be explained, why was it not done yesterday itself? Gyaneshwar Ji explained that yesterday he himself was sitting with a plate of jaggery in front of him. How could I have asked the child not to eat jaggery, when I myself was eating it? So saints have first imbibed virtues in their own life and then propagated them.

Saints further explain that they have attained something; as Mirabai said that God can be realized. If we understand what the saints say, there will be no chaos in our life. Peace and calmness come from God. When we connect with God after attaining Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan), we feel that every situation is in accordance with God’s will. We also talk about balance between Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) and actions. Just as a bird has two wings. Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) is useful if we imbibe it in our actions. It is very important for us that if we have attained the Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan), the same should always reflect in our life, our actions, thoughts and words. Then sweetness will flow; we shall not use bitter words and have only love in our hearts.

We have one mind we have yet it depicts so many colors. Sometimes it is soft as wax and sometimes as hard as a stone. Sometimes there is hatred in mind and sometimes there is love. Whenever our mind is bitter like neem, there is unrest within us also and when we fill our heart with love for all then that sweetness first leads to our own peace. Subsequently, we shall pass on that peace to everyone through our feelings. So every moment we should work on realizing our true identity. Divine-Knowledge (Brahmgyan) which we have attained, we should imbibe it in our life and we need to take this invaluable treasure to everyone.

Also, we will remember how to keep this mind under control. How to mould ourselves in every situation! Then we are not worried in life about our past, present or future because God was there with us in the past, is there in present and will remain with us in future also.

And when we will not be there, God still shall continue to exist as it is eternal. God prevails in everything and every human. Till the time we feel connected with God, we shall endeavor to improve ourselves.

We shall get rid of the past thoughts and not worry about it. We shall work on turning the present better. Going forward, how to become the best version of ourselves. May God bless everyone with whatever feelings one has come with to this Samagam. May we become worthy of being called humans. We have a human body, but do we act like humans? Do we deal with others as if they are our own? Do we carry unbiased love in our hearts for everyone? Do we like discussions which lead to giving us virtues in life? Or are we focused on discussions in which we condemn others or talk about harming others? It’s our choice as to how we would like to tread in life. If we wish to improve ourselves we need to tread on the right path and unite with Truth. This is possible through God-knowledge and we can also choose to remain attached to the glitter of this perishable world. It is to be seen whether we want to waste this precious life like a shell or shine it like a diamond.

There is a lot of scientific progress in this world for humans but if we have decided in our mind to improve ourselves, then may God bless that we stick to that path. We should always consider ourselves as the worst of all. In this way, we shall focus on improving ourselves. Ignoring the faults of others, whatever virtues we can extract from them, we must imbibe in life.”

*   *   *