53rd State-level Nirankari Sant Samagam, Maharashtra, Nasik: January 24-26, 2020

First Day: January 24, 2020

Day one of the Maharashtra Sant Samagam started with a colourful cultural and devotional welcome to Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj in the form of a Shobha Yatra.

There were devotees from all walks of life, major cities, villages and from the suburbs of Maharashtra and the neighbouring states.

In Her discourse Satguru Mata Ji said:

“On this first day of Samagam, we are experiencing so much bliss since morning. All those who came in the morning, witnessed the cultural presentations. There was depiction of devotion in that also. Saints here have been doing Sewa in different forms today and have been contributing since a couple of months. Due to that, we are witnessing this beautiful form of this ground. Few saints have kept aside their family responsibilities since a couple of months because they were busy in Sewa. The only intent was to give comfort to saints who have come here.

We are witnessing a beautiful form of Sewa since the last 2 months. I wish to congratulate all saints who have contributed towards this Sewa. This is the first time that Maharashtra Samagam is being held here at Nashik. When I heard the word Nashik, a thought came to my mind. If we introspect, there are so many mistakes and shortcomings in us and One by one, we are to eliminate (Nash) these mistakes every day and refine our life. There is another connotation which came in my mind – ‘Na-Shikwa’. That we should not have any complaints in our life.

Whatever God has bestowed on us in this life, we should consider it as a blessing. Every moment and in every situation, we must believe that God (Nirankar) has given us the best. We must learn to thank God and accept His Divine will. We should accept the fact that whatever is happening, there could be nothing better. With this feeling of gratitude in mind, all complaints disappear. We shall witness refinement in our life and our mind shall not be disturbed. There will be patience in our mind. There are certain situations where we may be helpless. We turn impulsive and say absurd things to others. It becomes a reason for our own loss as well as that of others. So we have to be patient in our life.

We all have heard the story of Eknath Ji of Maharashtra and his life. In one of the episodes it was mentioned that he used to go for a bath at the riverside. While returning, a person used to spit on him. It started happening daily and he used to calmly go back to take a bath again. But, he used to smile back at that person. One day, it was repeated 100 times. As he took bath, he was confronted with filth and used to go back again. Yet, he did not lose patience or let go the smile from his face. He did not think wrong about the doer; rather he broadened his own heart. When that person realized that his behavior is absurd and also bothersome to others, he asked Eknath Ji why he didn’t get offended when he saw that the person was not doing right. At this, Eknath Ji explained the importance of patience to him. We need to imbibe patience and along with that forgiveness also. In case someone has committed a mistake, we should forgive that person. The other person will also realize that he will be forgiven once he accepts his mistake from the heart. He shall not repeat that behavior again.

When one seeks forgiveness from the heart with the intention to improve in future; then forgiveness is granted. We have to become broadminded and not stay narrow-minded. Whatever may be the situation – If someone uses bad words or has misconducted himself, we should not reciprocate in the similar way.

We should consider that he may not be well or may be disturbed, due to which he might have used such harsh words. We must give him a benefit of doubt. While doing so, we shall realize that we are becoming broadminded. We shall have the same love for others. Where, in spite of our mistakes we consider ourselves as supreme and love ourselves, while talking to others also, we should not bring forth our narrow-mindedness. Our life should be such that even if we come across something which is not right as per us, first we should pray that it doesn’t come in our behavior or thoughts. At the same time, we should also pray to God to grant wisdom to the other person. If he has taken birth as human, he should also imbibe human values in life and he should have human attitude. Since inception, saints have emphasized on connecting with God. We may have read about God in Scriptures or Holy Books as per our faith. God is an entity which can’t be drenched by water or broken into pieces. God is closer than our jugular vein and is omnipresent. God (Allah) is one. God is eternal – It never came into existence and shall never die. We may consider some other definition also. God, which can be realized, is stable. When we connect ourselves with God, we also become stable.

On attaining Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan), we shall attain a state of bliss which is beyond happiness and sorrow. Happiness and sorrow shall come and go. But, our mind shall remain in a blissful state. This has been the message of the Mission since 90 years. That we are to focus on self-improvement and not point fingers at others. We enchant slogans of Oneness, Universal Brotherhood, Harmony and Peaceful Coexistence. This is possible only when we unite with One, which is omnipresent. When we see and accept that same God prevails in everyone. And when we meet others we should feel that we are looking at a mirror, we shall not feel that others are strange. There shall be no hatred for anyone. Then we shall always remember to respect others and remain humble towards all. When we reach out to others, our words and actions should reflect humility. This should not be done to be in good books of others but, because it is essential for us.

If we wish to become better humans with every passing day, there are many virtues involved in it. Gradually life will blossom as these virtues come in our life. The flower has its own fragrance and there is no need to announce its presence. Any passerby will get to know about the flower due to its fragrance. Similarly, we need to imbibe these virtues in life and become a better human. If we perform every task based on God and its remembrance, while performing any routine task, if we are not enchanting Simran but, realizing it in mind, then every moment we are remembering and realizing God. If any moment we forget its realization then what is the state of our mind? We don’t remain at peace and turn fearful. Fears like insecurity of future overpower us.

When we remember that the ultimate doer is God (Nirankar), whatever He is doing is not bad at all. We know that these problematic moments and situations will also pass. Once we reconnect with God by remembering it every moment, we are able to easily traverse in life irrespective of the waves or storm in the ocean. We shall traverse this ocean of materialism by connecting with God. We have received this precious life. If we think that we have many days to live and we shall realize God some time later, then it is our immaturity. Nobody knows about the moments left in life. Let’s not lose the very purpose of this life to realize God. If we lose time, our life will be a waste.

As it was mentioned in Marathi, that nights, days and years have already passed. If we have come in this world, we should not get stuck in its glitter. Life actually becomes worthwhile, if we realize God. Then it is not a waste. So we should focus on improving ourselves. Alongside, we should give positive contribution to the world and society.

I won’t take more time of yours. In the next two days, we shall listen to the precious words of saints. May God bless everyone with steady state of mind. Our life should be spent in a state of calmness and bliss. This realization of God (Nirankar) should be an integral part of our life.”

*   *   *