Bhakti Parv

January 12, 2019: Ground No.8, Delhi

Addressing a large gathering from Delhi NCR on the occasion of Bhakti Parv, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj said:

“Today, we all have gathered in the holy congregation on the occasion of Bhakti Parv. During their spiritual discourse many devotees shared that if thoughts are connected to the Supreme Reality, then the divine virtues are established in the persona. Spirituality in life simply means, sincere love, devotion for the Formless (Nirankar), complete surrender, humility, endurance and composure in challenging circumstances. To maintain harmony, a spiritual man will apologise even if he has not done any wrong. He will neither boost his ego in appreciation nor be demoralized in criticism. He is ever ready to forgive the mistakes of other people. He is compassionate towards everyone, overlooks the shortcomings, and tries to improvise himself. After receiving the God- Knowledge, he strives to imbibe the divine virtues. He maintains a balanced approach towards all situations whether good or bad. There is a very popular example of a sailing boat that controls the boat by adjusting its sails. Similarly a devotee can also be in control of his life and thus move in the right direction with the help of Divine Knowledge. By following the three aspects of devotion, selfless service (Sewa), constant remembrance of God (Simran), and company of saints (Satsang), the mind becomes pure. The faith in the Supreme helps you sail through the ups and downs in life. Probably, the significance of the universal life force in life is expressed by staying in connection. Even though the fish lives in water and if you want it to realize the value, just take it out of water for a few moments and then throw it back again, it will struggle for breath. The fish could express the value of water but there is no other way for us to express the importance of God in life, except to embrace godliness, because we breathe and die in the Formless.

We must remember that spiritual journey is equal to God Realization. This path is as sharp as a blade and as fine as a hair and not easy to traverse. One has to maintain a mental equilibrium in dealing with others. Humbleness and the ability to forgive is a must. Total surrender and acceptance of your situations, good or bad, is required. It is not an easy task to imbibe, otherwise everyone in the world would have been evolved. All these parameters, to be a devotee, have been stated in our scriptures since time immemorial. It is very unfortunate that in spite of attending the congregations, we falter in our behavior.

There are moments, when we forget the Almighty (Nirankar), we feel low and have to face many difficult situations. But, the only solution to our problems is to rise above the depression and connect with the Supreme Power. Since ages, there have been very sincere devotees in the world, as we can witness many in the congregation also. So we have to contemplate how to enhance our own life on this spiritual quest that starts with God Realization (Brahmgyan). It is essential to reflect and evaluate our level of devotion because many a times we stop our growth at just having an intention for godliness. Also, if we do not emulate the divine teachings learnt in the holy congregations then we should not consider ourselves as a devotee. The message or teachings are the same but, there are many ways to follow. Eventually, it is important to feel the divine connection that is possible by following the three aspects of spirituality, selfless service, company of saints and constant remembrance of God.

Today we heard about many senior devotees who lived their life for the mission only, Reverend Santokh Singh Ji is one of them. There was also a mention of how Baba Buta Singh Ji selected Baba Avtar Singh Ji as a Satguru because he was a devout devotee. We all have received the same DivineK, so the opportunity to adopt and enhance the godliness in our life is immense. As long as we realize the presence of God, though for some reason we go astray, then the divine grace will get us on the right track and save us from the negative behavior. It should be known that today is not only the special occasion to talk about spirituality rather it should be our identity, a way of life.

Everyone spoke about Rajmata Ji and Mata Savinder Ji with reverence. Both of them exemplified a spiritual life. We must not pretend but, truly lead a life according to the teachings. A sincere effort to enhance devotion and positive qualities like compassion, humility, and becoming benevolent is required. It is not possible that we don’t follow the teachings and try enjoy the title of a divine soul.

Let us pray that our faith in the Almighty strengthens so much that subconsciously also we are in constant remembrance of God. May we connect with the holy words,” You are the Formless, I surrender, please forgive me” with sincerity. May we attend the holy congregation with concentration and implement the teachings in our life. We should not try to judge others. As far as voluntary service is concerned, it should be selfless and according to the doctrines of spiritualty.

Let us pray that we value the divine knowledge by practicing the teachings, because whenever we will ignore this knowledge, we will not be at peace with our own self. So let us move forward with faith and devotion.”

*   *   *