Text report, August 15: Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Mukti Parv (Virtual) in the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

August 15, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj addressed the Nirankari fraternity across the globe on the occasion of Mukti Parv on a virtual platform due to the pandemic.

Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Saints, today on the occasion of Mukti Parv, everyone is witnessing the proceedings of the spiritual congregation on their mobile phones, computers and laptops. We all heard about the inspirational lives lived by Satguru Baba Avtar Singh Ji, Jagat Mata Ji, Mata Savinder Ji and many more saints from the Mission. By leading an exemplary life, they have motivated us to follow the lead. So many of us had the opportunity to witness and experience their Divine presence, first hand. We can read about the lives led by the elderly saints in books. Even today, some of them belonging to that era are accessible, to relate the facts about the glorious lives led by their fellow saints. May all, with the Divine grace aspire to imbibe the learnings lived by such individuals in their lives too.

Today, I have been pondering over the thought to share few instances related to Reverend Raj Mata Ji’s life. It has been perceived that, be it anybody from anywhere in the world, he was treated impartially, like Her own child by Raj Mata Ji, irrespective of the fact that he belonged to the family or not. Her affirmation of love, warmth and compassion was same for everyone. She was very vigilant and particular towards Baba Ji’s preferences and priorities. It has been ascertained that, though being an integral part of the family She submitted Her life in the service of three Satgurus; as a mother, wife and as a daughter in law; yet She maintained the decorum gracefully. Out of the many doctrines, there are few teachings that She repeatedly reinforced in Her discourses. She inspired everyone to be alert and conscious of his or her conduct in front of their children in the house. According to Her, it is very important to monitor our mannerisms, our temperament, our language and tone of speech, considering that the children are very quick to notice and imitate their elders. We should strive to be a role model for them to observe and follow simply because, if we raise our objections against them for doing an action, it will be justified, saying that they are following the footsteps of parents. To resolve this issue, a very practical solution was suggested by Reverend Raj Mata Ji and that was to envision the Formless Nirankar, a saint and an enlightened being in each and every member of the family, be it the mother, father, husband, wife, children or any other relation like friends and society. She further emphasized that by overlooking the human connection, if we see the Divine presence in all relations; our behavior will be humane and civilized automatically. She directed us to give foremost impetus to the Divinity residing in each member of the family, so that we don’t falter and feel ashamed of our behavior. Besides, the children, being very soft and flexible, promptly adapt to whatever they witness around them. Likewise, innumerable values were bestowed upon us by Reverend Raj Mata Ji.

If we move forward, to reflect on the life of Reverend Jagat Mata Ji, we will realize that She epitomizes motherly love and was the first one to uphold the value of doing selfless service. Objectively, She was the wife of a Guru but, always considered Herself to be a disciple only. In those days, in comparison to today, travel was not so easy and comfortable. Therefore, any devotee or saint, who visited them, was treated with immeasurable love and care. As soon as he arrived, She would get involved in the logistics to serve personally and made sure that he is fed properly. If some did not have enough clothes, She would provide them with more, if by chance, the clothes were dirty or torn; She would wash and mend them with Her own hands. Without creating any discriminations or divisions in Her thoughts, She surrendered Herself unconditionally in the service of humanity. Where or which background anybody came from, did not affect Her sense of devotion and service. Her sole purpose was to see Divinity in others and offer Her services.

Similarly, if we ponder over the life of Shehanshah Ji, one couplet depicts His persona accurately:

“No desires, no worries, mind is carefree,
One who needs nothing is the real king.”

His life started from being a disciple and then He became a Guru; He again accepted being a devotee of His Satguru one more time. Though, a trio transfer, it was remarkable the way He accepted the transformation. He educated everyone in the best way to render oneself in service, as the “chaj” word implies, the way to serve.

It was observed that, He presented Himself as a disciple of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Maharaj with humility and devotion. I have heard from the older saints, that in those times, even though He had been a Satguru Himself, He had no hesitations in considering himself as a devotee rather, whenever a particular time was assigned to be in the service of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, He always made sure to reach half an hour early so that His Guru did not have to wait for Him. By His own actions He demonstrated the value of time and how to offer the services with complete submission.

Surely in our life, we were enriched with so many valuable teachings but, alongside we also witnessed the life, of Mata Savinder Ji Maharaj, full of invaluable knowledge and wisdom. During those days, as She was addressed as Pujya Mata Ji, Her life was overflowing with love, care and warmth for everyone. She was always approachable. Whosoever wanted to consult Her about any problem, could do so because She would respond and guide like a mother. In many documentaries, that we have viewed it is quite evident, how diligently and relentlessly She would stand for hours together in service, to distribute milk and sweets (doodh jalebi sewa) and not move until the last saint on duty had received it. Not even once would She express any feeling of Her being exhausted. How, during the winter days of the Annual congregations (Samagam), She would sacrifice Her sleep and reach out to the devotees. No rain or cold weather could stop Her from reviewing the grounds personally. Wherever necessary She would make sure to provide them with blankets so that they do not feel cold at night.

Once, when young, I was accompanying Her to the grounds and we saw a child shivering in the cold. Since we had finished distributing all blankets and there were no blankets left, She immediately took off Her own cardigan to wrap the child in it. Many a times, on Her return trip from Mussoorie to Delhi, She would get the Bhawan’s fruits packed in abundance to distribute on the way to all those saints who would be waiting for their convoy of cars to pass by. It was compassion and pure love of a mother that motivated Her to give to those saints and devotees. In the Mission there are innumerable instances, based on devotion and spirituality, which incase we implement; even though of few of them, our life shall improve.

Today, on the occasion of Mukti Parv, the term Mukti (freedom), means experience of God Knowledge (Brahmgyan). When the soul recognizes its source it is freed from the bondage of birth and death. Once the God Knowledge is realized then ups and downs, pleasures and sorrows of life do not disturb the mental equilibrium. As stated in Hardev Bani,

“Life between birth and death is eligible for salvation,
Let there be abundance of devotion in life, let devotion beautify it.”

It is very essential to review how one has lead the journey between birth and death. Did we seek to know who am I? Did we aspire to connect with the Omnipresent (Nirankar) after experiencing the God-Knowledge? Did we strive to recognize our true self?

If we have been successful in realizing and applying the Divine-Knowledge then surely we will be liberated in this life. We might feel that we are connected with the Satsang and Simran but, a very subtle negative thought can put us on a wrong path, which could be ego or arrogance. Many a times, our actions take us astray from the Divine presence and we forget the Supreme Lord completely. Therefore, every moment we should surrender our self to God (Nirankar) and experience Divinity so that while we are still alive; after attaining the God Knowledge, we are eligible to attain salvation. We should live our life in reverence so that every moment and every action of our life takes us towards spirituality. We don’t have to demarcate a distinct fixed time or day for devotion. If we are realized beings the entire day; in fact, our complete life is dedicated to devotion. Then all three spiritual aspects of Sewa, Simran and Satsang become devotion. Consequently, whatever one does, which could be, staying indoors or outside the house or supporting someone, everything turns into selfless service. Eventually, this will initiate beauty and devotion in life to attain salvation.

With the Divine grace may we attain liberation after the journey of life comes to an end. Initially this day was commemorated as Jagat Mata Diwas then, it was observed as Jagat Mata Shehanshah Diwas and after President Labh Singh Ji merged in Nirankar on this day it was renamed as Mukti Parv. Since then, it was decided that all those saints of the Mission, who while living a worthy life will merge in the Almighty (Nirankar), their contributions and sacrifices shall be acknowledged and their names honored on this particular day. Henceforth, our life tenure should be enriched with Holiness, based on the Divine-Knowledge. Every moment of our life should exult in the Divine presence. We must always strive for self-improvement on the grounds that, we are not perfect human beings and to err is human but, as a realized person it is our responsibility to continuously embellish our shortcomings and imperfections. Then naturally our life will flow towards proficiency.

With the grace of God may, everyone sincerely connect with their source and rely totally on one Supreme Power. May we be ever ready, to contribute a life suffused with devotion; may we demonstrate our good intentions to serve selflessly and spread happiness around. To develop a strong foundation of values in children from an early stage, Kids Spiritual gatherings (Bal Sangat) are being promoted so that they are well prepared in advance to experience self-realization, self-improvement on the path of Divinity.

May the Supreme Lord bestow everyone with the ability to lead a life according to the Divine-Knowledge so that no one gets deviated on the wrong path.”

*   *   *