Text report, August 09: Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Satsang Programme (Virtual) in the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

August 9, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the devotees across the globe in a Sunday Satsang uploaded on an online portal. Satguru Mata Ji explained about fears and dilemmas of every individual these days with the help of a verse from the Avtar Bani.

Satguru Mata Ji stated

During the past two hours, we have listened to saints in this form of a spiritual congregation where they have referred to our mind which conceives fear and delusions and the only solution to pacify the mind is the realisation of God-Knowledge (Brahmgyan). We should accept that an individual comes alone in this world and when the time comes for the soul to depart, it merges in the Almighty (Nirankar) alone. During this life span, one meets his family and friends and the time spent together creates fear as well as insecurity that he will lose them one day. We should accept that the companionship of friends and relatives is appreciated but, these relations are not a permanent reality and one day they will leave.

In the younger generation today, ‘Monophobia’ is a term, frequently used. It refers to a person feeling lonely, restless and fearful when left alone, without the help of any internet or gadgets. There is another term named, ‘Fomo’ - fear of missing out; where a person feels left out and insecure with the thought that everybody’s life is full of entertainment and interesting; except his. That, all his friends are having a good time and he has missed the fund like watching the latest song or a trailer of the latest movie. Such petty issues of life can easily unnerve and depress a person. If we will not surrender and take refuge in the Almighty (Nirankar), it won’t take much time for us also to be in a similar situation.

There is a story of a monkey, who peeps into a pot full of water and sees a reflection of a bunch of grapes hanging from a tree in it. Thinking the grapes to be real, it tries to catch hold of them with his hands but, every time he puts his hands in, he is unable to grab them. That is simply because it was the reflection of the actual grapes hanging above. The monkey got so confused that instead of looking at the tree above his head and noticing the grapes, it was considering the reflection of the grapes to be real. Similarly, we should ensure that we don’t entangle ourselves in petty fears that create frustrations, instability and also we should not become restless by thinking that we have missed out a lot in life. Materialistic gains are of no good till we have robust faith in the Almighty (Nirankar); only then peace of mind and inner strength is possible. To stabilize and strengthen the mind, negative thoughts should be replaced by positivity. It is important to feel contented and should not complain to the Almighty (Nirankar) for not giving us enough in life because the Supreme Lord is absolutely perfect and He has offered us the best.

To think that we deserve more than we already possess is being immature because whatever we have acquired in life is adequate enough. Therefore, it is very crucial to mitigate our fears and doubts and establish our connection with the Divine-Knowledge (Brahmgyan), as it is stated in the Avtar Bani,

‘The pleasures of the world are fleeting shadows, and if you get attached to them; The moment the shadows disappear, you will cry bitterly.’

Meaning, that we accept the illusions in life to be real, so our plight is similar to that of the monkey. How can we consider a wobbly, transitory, fleeting base to provide us a strong support. Obviously one will lose balance. Similarly, if falsehood is accepted to be the absolute truth, then we are bound to create hue and cry in our mind. One can achieve a higher state of being, where one recognizes and rises above the pain and the transitory nature of the world.

As it is stated in the Avtar Bani,

‘If one remembers the Supreme Lord of the universe, even pain does not cause suffering;
If one remembers the Supreme Lord of the universe, wants to do remain anymore;’

Once, one surrenders and starts accepting everything in life as God’s will, then be it joy or sorrow it does not make any difference. There is a very strong feeling of security that because of the Divine presence of the Almighty (Nirankar) in their life, all situations are then accepted with a smile and a belief that they will change for the betterment. In fact there is no greed to hoard, no craving to fulfill desires, though surely one has to execute his obligatory duties. Materialistic longings die a natural death, as it is further stated in the Avtar Bani

‘If one remembers the Supreme Lord of the universe, every task is accomplished;’

Many a times, we get disturbed when situations do not materialize as per our wishes but, when we surrender and trust the Almighty (Nirankar) then we find that the Creator’s creation is flawless.

‘If one remembers the Supreme Lord of the universe, even a coward becomes valiant;’

With the Divine Grace even a coward person gains mental strength to be bold and brave; only after experiencing the presence of the Almighty (Nirankar). So many fears and inhibitions stop us from doing good actions but, as soon as one remembers the Supreme (Nirankar), one gets the energy and the ability to do the rightful action. A wounded person also becomes a stalwart simply because, he realizes that God is the real doer and we are just instrument in His hands.

The next line states

‘If one remembers the Supreme Lord of the Universe, the fear of death disappears;’

We must realize that the death is the ultimate truth but, till the time we are alive; we should not live in the fear of death. Death is a reality, so why die before it comes. We should live our life to the fullest by spreading the beauty of love and not entangling ourselves in the web of dilemmas and doubts. Instead, we should work happily for our growth by eliminating all fears of death. Fundamentally, we are a tiny element of the Supreme Lord (Nirankar) and shall merge in the Divine only; so what is there to be afraid of. Body and soul are two different entities. By the Divine grace, we all have received the mortal body to be utilized for a higher cause for a limited period; whereas, the soul is not dependent on time span and age factor. After experiencing the God-Knowledge, the soul will merge back to its origin, the Super Soul.

As it is stated in the last line,

‘Avtar says, without attaining Divine-Knowledge, one cannot remember God.’

The truth is that one cannot recognize the Divine (Nirankar) until and unless he does not experience the God-Knowledge (Brahmgyan), because remembrance of God (Nirankar) and the God-Knowledge (Brahmgyan) go hand in hand. In spite of the Divine experience, when we forget the Supreme Lord (Nirankar), then it clearly indicates that the God-Knowledge (Brahmgyan) is still not well established in the individual. God-Knowledge (Brahmgyan) is a spiritual wealth and if we will lead our life based on the spiritual teachings, it will multiply manifold. Through our actions we will spread the fragrance of divinity and consequently all our doubts about the Divine presence and the illusions that influence the mind will automatically eradicate.

With the Divine Grace, may everyone be blessed with a blissful state of mind and stay united by generating the feeling of social welfare, by executing positive actions, we will not allow fears and doubts to control the mind, though instinctively its natural to get startled when a child scares you while playing hide and seek. With the Divine remembrance (Simran), we can eliminate our fears and doubts, purify the mind and maintain steadfastness in our behavior. Based on the spiritual teachings, may everyone strengthen their character and tread forward in life, based on the spiritual teachings.”

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