Text report, August 02: Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Satsang Programme (Virtual) in the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

August 02, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the devotees all over the globe on an uploaded virtual platform of a Sunday Satsang programme.

Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Today, after a very long time I have got the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all. First and foremost, I pray that everyone remains healthy, businesses too may revive and everyone is able to execute their social responsibilities like before as we move towards normalcy. While being alert and cautious in taking necessary precautions for our health, we should be equally careful in being attentive towards our faith and trust in the Supreme Power (Nirankar). The pandemic is still not over; so during such times, with complete surrenderance and strong faith in divinity, we should move forward in life. To validate this understanding, there is a common reference of iron being so strong that nothing can break it. But, if it catches rust then it destroys itself. Similarly, when a human mind drifts away from the Divine connection, it too starts rusting. The Almighty (Nirankar) has blessed everyone with a pure, noble and a transparent conscious mind. Even though, the soul experiences the Divine-Knowledge, why does the mind suffer from insecurities and fears in life? The reason being, that in spite of the spiritual awareness, the human mind gradually starts drifting away from the eternal Truth. Therefore it experiences a vulnerable behavior.

Many a times, while living in this world, one falls for temptations and easily forgets that the Supreme Power is the eternal Truth. Though temporary but, glamorous worldly pleasures are so luring that they generate a mental war and pollute the mind. The temptations are like rusted iron causing delusion and pollution in the thoughts. The only way to cleanse this pollution is to surrender to the Supreme and be in constant remembrance of God (Nirankar) along with experiencing the Divine presence.

As it is stated in the Hardev Bani:

“Mind, if pure can offer eternal bliss in life,
If polluted, can deprive peace and happiness.”

How conveniently, adulterated thoughts pollute the mind and overpower where God Almighty should dwell just because the mind is so crafty and mysterious. Many a times we fix the morning alarm at night, in order to finish some work or to follow the morning exercise routine to keep ourselves healthy. Naturally, the alarm will ring at the fixed go but, our first response is to snooze it or shut it completely and justify in the mind that we will start the exercise routine from the next day.

The implication over here is that the mind plays tricks and surprisingly, the thoughts maneuver an individual. Firstly, it motivates the person to wake up early and regardless of making a firm resolution, it becomes lazy. The mind plays games first, it motivates the person to follow his dreams with determination and at the same time it deflates the energy and becomes lethargic. It must be clearly understood that the mind is very clever and crafty. Therefore, it is significant to keep it under control and maintain a balance because we won’t even realize when and how we lost our connection with the Almighty (Nirankar) thereupon, the Divine Presence (Nirankar) will vanish from our life.

Even though it is difficult to control the flickering mind, we must try to maintain stability, balance and maturity in our life. We are unable to forgive easily those who hurt us but, it is appropriate to understand that forgiveness generates mental peace. It has been observed that to forgive is divine not because it would rectify the damage; instead one accepts the situation and surrenders oneself to the will of Almighty (Nirankar). To forgive becomes a very easy task for such a person and he holds no grudges in his heart. Such a man disciplines his thoughts and progresses in the direction of self-improvement. Therefore, it is in our hands to make the choice to enhance and elevate the thought process.

In the past few days, everyone must have experienced that people were unable to socialize with their friends and relatives. Consequently, the temperaments varied, causing irritation and frustration. But, if we try to think deeply, one can notice that the gestures of compassion and love are a mental state experienced and expressed through emotions to the other person. Physical interaction is not so relevant, genuineness in the emotion is more important. Rather true love is a gift from God (Nirankar) and it does not change. So focus should be to share and express compassion for everyone in the world; for known as well as unknown.

There is a story, which reveals how the mind plays tricks on a person. Once a man, travelling in a boat was caught in a storm. In panic he prayed and requested Almighty (Nirankar) in his heart of hearts that in case he survives he will sell his house and share the money with the needy people. As a matter of chance, the storm stopped but, the man changed his mind thinking that now he need not sell the house. Coincidentally, the storm reoccurred, this made the man ponder and review his thoughts and realize that he should execute the promise made by him to God. Finally, as soon as he reached the destination he gave an advertisement in the newspaper that his house is on sale and its proceedings shall be shared with the needy. On reading the information, the needy people reached his house. He then declared that the value of his house will be one rupee and his pet cat’s cost will be ten lakhs. He further said that whosoever buys the house will have to buy his cat too. The people were quite amazed to hear this condition, yet finally he was able to sell both his house and his cat. Once again his mind behaved very shrewdly. He craftily justified his action in his mind thinking that as promised to God, the value of the house is one rupee, which he only needs to share.

It is amazing to see how the mind manipulates and exploits the individual. The fear of the Supreme Power, the desire to be rescued, the anxiety and panic of the storm and then the scheme to safeguard his own self, everything was a brainwave of the clever mind. First, to execute the selfish idea, to create fear, to rescue oneself from such scare, to dodge from the situation and to top it all, then to claim pure love for the Almighty (Nirankar), all this is a strange manner in which the mind behaves.

Peculiarly it is the mind that conceives undesirable thinking and because there is no restraint and control over the flow of thoughts, they wander in many directions. It is only by practicing the three spiritual aspects, of doing selfless service (Sewa), of being in the company of saints (Satsang), by being in constant remembrance of God (Simran) and surrender to the Almighty (Nirankar) one can discipline the mind.

With the blessings of the Lord (Nirankar), may we acknowledge the Divine presence and move ahead for normalcy in life. Even if we experience frustrations and irritable temperaments due to disruption in the normal routine, one should have an unwavering belief in the higher being (Nirankar). Many a times, we do express our trust in the Almighty (Nirankar) with confidence but, when we have to confront the unpleasant situations that are not conducive, we become restless, loose our patience and adopt extreme measures. Then we conveniently forget that everything is happening as per the Divine plan. Not just that, these days depression is becoming a very common problem. Just because everyone is housebound many consider taking away their lives as a better option. We must always remember that this human body is a gift from God, we should not abuse it and the mind should also be directed towards spirituality, rather it should be soft and sensitive enough to feel the pain of others.

Everyone should follow the three spiritual aspects of Sewa, Simran, Satsang and should also realize that it’s only Lord who grants us body, mind and wealth. We must utilize them for a higher cause. Not just that, it is our responsibility to walk on the path of righteousness. We must justify being human by practicing humaneness in life and make our creator proud. May God (Nirankar) bless all.”

* * *