Text report, June 12: Message to Mankind by Satguru Mata Ji

Message to Mankind by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

June 12, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj once again addressed the devotees across the globe during this pandemic of Covid-19 on June 12, 2020. Satguru Mata Ji blessed and guided everyone on the do’s and don’ts of spirituality and day to day life with said examples.

Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Today, I got the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with all after a very long time through this audio-visual message. I trust that everyone must have spent the past days in gratitude with complete faith, surrenderance and trust in the Almighty (Nirankar). These times were quite confusing as certain services had resumed in a few places only and at some places they had not. Regular inpour of messages was there, stating that the routine still has not headed towards normalcy. May the situation improve by the Divine Grace and during this period we must work on improvising our behavior and incase we are not receptive to certain situations then it is our responsibility to see the positive aspect of it rather than the negativity.

In my conversation with a child who had to compete in a horse riding tournament; the child narrated that he was given a new horse for practice but, the horse had its own mood swings. He could neither control the horse, nor could he go for his practice and the tournament was approaching. It was a very precarious situation where the horse and the rider were not familiar to one another. On being questioned as to how did he manage this situation, the boy replied that he had found a very simple solution to this problem. He said that whenever the horse threw tantrums during the practice, he fed the horse with its favorite food; jaggery and chickpeas. Thus, the horse would get so engrossed in eating that he would not even know when he was saddled. Then it was the trick of the reign and the rider did not face any problem while continuing his practice for the competition.

While reflecting on this episode there was a thought in my mind that we all have to face many obstacles in our life and many a times, one has to deal with a bad temper of our fellow beings. It is surely in our hands to make the necessary correction and change the mood of the concerned person thus, making a transition of a negative situation into a positive one. On reflecting a little more, it was also realized that we should not be selfish in such difficult times, rather we all should tread supporting each other.

There is another story about a farmer, who would sow corn every year and win the award for producing the best yield in his farmland. His fellow farmers were curious to know the secret of his success because they all had the same soil, yet their corn was not of good quality. On being asked, the farmer replied that he follows two things very cautiously; firstly, he would make sure that the seed of the corn is of the best quality secondly, he would request the farmers of the adjoining farms to add his corn seeds in their fields because when the wind blew, it carried the pollen from the neighboring farms to his farmland thus, enriching the corn crop. By being unselfish and sharing like this, he not only benefited himself rather, he assisted others too to produce good corn.

With the Divine Grace, may everyone exhibit benevolence and large heartedness in their behavior instead of narrow mindedness. There should not be any barriers of caste, status and superstitions because if we get entangled in them then they restrict our growth and thus he fail to become large hearted.

There is another story of an elephant which verifies the fact how superstitions can overpower the mind. It was surprising to see how a huge elephant was bonded by a thin rope. On probing, it was found that when this elephant was a baby its owner used to tie him with a rope so that it does not run away. The elephant was a baby and was not strong enough to break the rope. He gradually stopped attempting to break the rope as his mind was conditioned to think that he couldn’t break it. As he grew up into a fully grown elephant he did not attempt to break the rope though it was not a difficult task for him to do so. But, it restrained himself from breaking the rope due to his old habit and preconditioned mind.

Similarly, we too are suppressed by our old habits which die hard and hinder our growth and progress. We should be wise in choosing which habit have we to hold on to throughout our life time. We should move forward with the awareness and become selective of those habits that will not create confusions and stop our progress. With humility we pray, that may the Almighty (Nirankar) bless all with wisdom and intellect so that our connection with the Supreme Lord is firmly established. May we follow the three spiritual aspects with devotion; participation in the spiritual gatherings (Satsang), remembrance of God (Simran) and selfless service (Sewa). Let us pray for the welfare of mankind in this world. With humility, we seek the Divine Blessings and the experience of the Divine Presence in our life, be it any situation or condition. May the spiritual congregations start soon and may there be growth of the sentiment of selfless service and remembrance of the Divine. May everyone be healthy and resume their jobs; being successful in their work. With the Divine Grace, all should move forward happily.”

* * *