Text report: April 24, Manva Ekta Diwas (Virtual)

Manav Ekta Diwas (Virtual) in the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

April 24, 2020

Manav Ekta Diwas was observed in a virtual form by the Divine Grace of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj. This was the first vital day of the Missions yearly calendar during this pandemic of Covid-19. The devotees were elated to hear the Divine message on this day.

In Her discourse Satguru Mata Ji said:

Since the past many years, Manav Ekta Diwas has been recognized in the form of a spiritual congregation, inclusive of the Blood Donation activity. But, this year, as a precautionary measure, due to the presence of Covid-19 pandemic, we could neither organize the spiritual gathering nor the blood donation camp. Nevertheless, wherever there was a requirement, with the support of the Government and the concerned authorities many devotees and saints have donated blood, incorporating all precautionary measures. As soon as the world is free from the virus, we shall schedule the Blood Donation Camps on a large scale, once again. At present we can see a literal depiction of Oneness and a unanimous agenda in the world i.e., to fight the Corona virus.

With the Divine Grace, may everyone be free from this virus as early as possible. This day is dedicated to honor Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji for His invaluable guidance. Since the last 40 years, everyone is following His teachings by implementing important decisions. He was pivotal in building a proper structure of the Mission by the decisions He took during the Mussoorie Conference. He was instrumental in uplifting the society at social as well as at individual level. He promoted not to consume alcohol and to organize simple weddings. He encouraged the devotees to be compassionate, shed petty stringent attitude and lead an honest, simple life.

Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, who was also the third Satguru of the Mission, guided us to walk on the spiritual path. Rajmata Ji, His life partner too accepted and revered Him as Her spiritual master. She always considered Herself as a devotee and conducted Her life accordingly.

Related to the same concept of devotion today, we reminisce the invaluable contributions of Chacha Pratap Singh Ji. His sense of devotion and service was of a very high level, where he could sense the need of the hour without receiving any instructions from his Lord Master (Guru) and would implement it in action too. He was blessed to wear the Sewadal uniform. We all remember the famous lines from the marching song of the Sewadal Rally, “in times of eventuality we are the guardians to safeguard our country.” Till date, today’s generation respects and holds him in high esteem for his enthusiasm and devotion to do selfless service. Let us develop and nurture the same kind of commitment and passion to serve. There are so many families who sacrificed their lives for the Mission during that period. Even today their faith in the Almighty (Nirankar) is unwavering. They are spreading the Mission’s message of Truth and God-Knowledge (Brahmgyan). Alongwith maintaining the same sentiment of trust; devotion, service and have surrendered to the Divine Will with a firm belief that whatever the situation might be, it is the best for them.

Even in today’s time and age, the teachings of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji are deeply ingrained in our minds and are being followed with dedication. How the awareness of the three spiritual practices of Sewa, Simran and Satsang seem to prevail in the subconscious mind always. We appreciate and recognize their importance more so because of the tough times prevalent in the country and we are unable to participate in the spiritual gatherings. Since there are no distractions, naturally our thoughts seem to be in connection with the Almighty (Nirankar). By following all precautions, we are trying to pursue the path shown by our Lord Master and thus, make a positive contribution to save the society as well as ourselves.

With the Divine Grace, the Mission flourished very rapidly during the period of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, who dedicated each moment of His life for the welfare of humanity. We have heard and read how He sacrificed His life. Though, I am very young to have witnessed at that time but, there are so many who got the opportunity to see Him closely. Now it is our responsibility to take the legacy forward to imbibe His teachings.

To make our contributions to fulfill Baba Hardev Singh Ji’s vision for the Mission and according to our potential do selfless service. There is a lot to learn from the life of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj. As a father He gave us a foresight into so many teachings, which are memorable and everlasting. Saints have always showed us the way to lead our life in all circumstances. They guided us to deal with situations, no matter how tough they might be; with complete surrenderance and faith in the Almighty (Nirankar). Saints have always exhibited an unyielding trust in God. Therefore, today on the occasion of Manav Ekta Diwas let’s introspect and question ourselves; why we talk so much about donating blood and what is the motive behind organizing blood donation camps. I recall a very popular phrase, “Life is for living and life can only be given to the living”, which means that only alive people are important in life. May this blood flow in veins and not in drains and may we contribute to donate blood to those who require.

With the Divine Grace, may everyone maintain a healthy body and mind so that we can make valuable contributions. Let us maintain an ethical, righteous perspective and nurture pure thoughts because our psyche plays a very vital role in handling a situation. One does feel irritated in the present scenario. The best and the only way to balance the mind in tough times are to surrender and take refuge in the remembrance of the Holy name, simply because our connection with the Almighty (Nirankar) automatically widens our perception of the situation and we are able to see a silver lining in a grim state of affairs. Then we do not feel restricted or disturbed; rather we accept it as a will of God willingly and patiently resign with an opinion that we don’t have to panic but, create a positive environment for our own self and the family members. It is only when we experience the Divine presence in the universe, when we stay connected with Divinity then our life starts treading the spiritual path naturally. With the Divine Grace may we move forward in our life by following the three spiritual aspects of Sewa, Simran and Satsang.

*   *   *