Text report, April 20: Delhi -Message to Mankind by Satguru Mata Ji

Message to Mankind by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Delhi: April 20, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the devotees across the globe on April 20, 2020 from an online portal. This was the period of the second lockdown in India. Satguru Mata Ji guided everyone to follow the law and order of their governments and also spiritually stay connected with the Divine Almighty Nirankar.

Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Today, though physically we cannot see each other but, our souls are well connected with each other as we are linked through the lenses of the camera. Hope with the Divine Grace, all devotees wherever they are; they must be paying good attention to their health and hence these tough times shall too pass with patience. The situation is still not normal and everyone is restricted to their homes but, still because of large heartedness, all are happy and living peacefully in the given circumstances. Everyone is making an effort to understand their family members deeply and spend quality time with them. We pray for God’s Grace so that the normal functioning resumes world over. Nevertheless, we should consider the present situation as a blessing with a submission that probably we were not investing much time on ourselves and this too is God’s will.

Even in such conditions everyone is being grateful and has the desire to develop patience in their behavior. Till now we all have been housebound and within the available parameters. Everyone has got ample time to introspect and strengthen their connection with God (Nirankar). We should think of various ways for self-improvement to replace our irritability with compassion and strength in our faith so that this too shall pass and soon we shall attend the spiritual congregations (Satsang).

In such times, may God (Nirankar) bless everyone with the virtue of patience. To illustrate the value of patience; there is a story about a man who in spite of being very intelligent was never at peace with himself and felt that something was always pushing him down. He realized that due to lack of patience; petty issues disturbed him, so he started living in a house far away from the city. After a period of seven years a passerby stopped and asked him the reason behind his solitary habitation. The concerned man replied that whenever he meets people and things do not happen the way he wants, he gets very irritated. So to avoid such a situation he decided to live by himself in a far off place. The passerby started inquiring and questioning the resident in a very beautiful manner but, the later again got irritated and asks the passerby to leave. In spite of staying far from the society for so many years, the man was unable to overcome the instinct of ill temper in his behavior.

The above story reflects that it is relevant to correct our shortcomings but, it is equally important to see how we do it. Though, the resident met the passerby after so many years still, he had no patience to answer his few questions. Staying away from everyone for so many years did not help him in improving his habit. The learning is that we have to evolve ourselves while staying together in a community only. Now that each one’s world is confined to their homes, may everyone move forward to fulfill their duty with patience.

There is one more example to illustrate the virtue of patience - Once a photographer clicked a beautiful picture. His student admired and expressed his desire to know the art of clicking such a beautiful picture. On asking, the photographer replied that for one year he had very closely observed the mountains from sunrise to sunset to get the best picture and had noted the exact time, day and month. The following year, around the same period he came few days in advance to monitor and henceforth captured the beautiful scene in his camera. The student was little surprised to hear the reply because he was hoping to receive some technical answer to learn about the functions and features of the camera or about the lighting details but, the reason behind the beautiful picture was the result of one year’s patience of the teacher. There are many examples to verify that patience is an important and a relevant quality to be imbibed in our lives today.

May God (Nirankar) bless everyone with the virtue of patience, though it seems a very small insignificant word in our life. By establishing a deep connection with God (Nirankar) one can develop the ability to go through any situation with calmness and composure. No matter how long it takes but, we must take necessary precautions during this Corona lockdown period. This cycle can occur in different countries at different times but, we should follow the norms of social distancing.

With the Divine Grace, may we demonstrate the virtue of devotion that is required in a devotee by living our life in a disciplined way. We cannot be careless in following the appropriate safety measures. We must continue to live our life in humility and devotion. While staying indoors everyone has the availability of ample time and many have started working from home too. It has been realized that various talents that each one was blessed with our now surfacing. Probably divinity has given them the time and an opportunity to express them.

With the blessings of the Almighty (Nirankar) may every one’s life be filled with divinity so that each talent reflects devotion. May each moment of our life, each word spoken, each emotion expressed from our heart is based on spirituality. Let divinity flow in every life. We must try to enhance selfless service (Sewa), remembrance of God (Simran) and company of saints (Satsang) in our lives. It will be wrong on our part to think that the spiritual messages, heard on the internet in the form of discourses and songs are lessons for others to learn. We must first listen to each teaching with concentration and then implement them in our life so that we are able to improve ourselves.

We pray that with the blessings of the Almighty (Nirankar) the situation improves so that the long awaited tours and the administrative activities restart soon. With the Divine Grace, may the problem of this virus, eradicates soon. Selfless service is being provided for humanity with caution and precautions. Devotees should consider their staying indoors as a Sewa too and not think that they are not contributing to their Missions services. May everyone stay connected with the Almighty (Nirankar) and utilize the given time in constant remembrance (Simran) of God (Nirankar).”

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