Text report, January 19: Delhi -Satsang Programme

Satsang Programme in the divine presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Delhi: January 19, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the devotees at the Sunday Satsang in Burari, Delhi on January 19th before Her departure for the Maharashtra Annual Samagam.

Her Holiness said:

“We all have gathered in the congregation today to focus and concentrate on the most vital aspect of our life; the Almighty Supreme Being (Nirankar). It is a known fact that oxygen is the most important thing to breathe but, when we start our spiritual journey in life we realize that only those breaths are of utmost importance which are taken in the awareness of the Supreme Power. When, in spite of having the Divine-knowledge we do not live our life based on spirituality then we are responsible for missing a great opportunity for personal growth. The Supreme Power is very glorious and His devotees are also remarkable. It all depends on the devotee, how much value he gives to the Almighty.

Many a times we project a spiritual image in the society according to our own convenience and benefit. On that basis, in all circumstances, our focus in life should be to take refuge in the Almighty Supreme Power. Our thoughts and actions should strive to become a true human being and perform our duties with dynamism. May we always remember to give maximum priority to the Almighty.

In the coming week, Maharashtra Sant Samagam (Annual Congregation) will commence. May everyone is able to participate, though one has to make an effort for travel to attend and for some there can be many constraints also. Those who can, must avail the opportunity to attend the congregations held at various places. In today’s times, to watch the program via the internet is a very convenient option, still it is not the same. Just like a picture of honey cannot give you the taste of it. Similarly, to attend the congregations personally is a different experience all together. The purpose of a spiritual congregation is to establish a devotee’s connect with the Supreme Power, be it at home, with family or in various other places at different timings. We must try our best to attend the spiritual meetings held at various places. We must also be cautious and alert to notice that our faith in the Almighty strengthens and does not waver in unpleasant situations. Our surrender should be profound and not lacking. During happy times we feel connected and are in gratitude, whereas in difficult situations we start blaming the Lord Almighty.

It is very important to understand that by taking refuge in God Almighty; we are the beneficiaries. We should build up a strong faith that even if the situations in life are not conducive and difficult, these too shall pass by God’s grace and we should not hold any complaints in our hearts instead we should express our gratitude. Today, in the congregation it was mentioned that gratitude is not a mere word to speak, it is an emotion to be experienced and expressed.

We must learn to be patient and tolerant in life. Many a times, unpleasant situations overpower our sense of discrimination and we start worrying of the problems that can occur in the future, consequently, we miss the value of the present moments. In fact, if we try to live in gratitude in all times, good or bad, then we shall surely experience peace and stability in our life. We all are aware that everyone has fixed years to live and the human body will also perish one day, so we should not waste the precious time in cribbing over non essential things in life. Rather, we should make the best use of the available time in evolving our own self. So much can be achieved, and a lot can be improvised upon too, just by staying in connection with the Divinity.

Many a times, knowingly we over look the truth that the Almighty God is supreme and give importance to the materialistic world. Let there be no such moments in our life. May our thoughts and actions be in tune with God. May we be able to retain this Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) so that happiness and bliss become our first choice and a way of life forever. May we stay steadfast and in gratitude in all situations. We should reflect and see the difference between faith and devotion of those who have recently joined the mission and those who have been there since many years.

Many a times we blame others for the misfortunes in our life. Objectively speaking we cannot control the actions of others but, we can surely monitor our own self. We cannot make’s our life decisions on the basis of anybody’s opinion. In spite of experiencing the Divine Truth we do not trust the God Almighty. We attend the congregations, do service and try to be in remembrance of the Lord but, still we doubt and blame Him for all the wrongs in our life. Let us truly evaluate our own devotion and faith. Do we really feel the Divine protection and believe that whatever is happening in our life is best? Let there be clarity in our thoughts that we cannot behave cleverly with the Lord by offering material gifts, or by questioning Him. Our foremost endeavor and focus in life should be to stay connected with Divinity so that positivity prevails and negativity diminishes completely.

I will take your leave now and shall proceed for the Annual Samagam in Maharashtra. I hope you all will continue attending the congregations here regularly. The most important point to remember is that we stay connected with The Divine Power in all situations. Even if we face a serious illness we must have faith in God that whatever happens will be the best. There is only one solution to all types of situations and problems and that is complete surrender and trust in the Divine Power.

May Nirankar Almighty bless all with good physical and emotional health.”

*   *   *