Text report, April 10: Delhi -Message to Mankind by Satguru Mata Ji

Message to Mankind by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Delhi: April 10, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the devotees across the globe on April 10, 2020 in Her third address during this pandemic Covid-19.

Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“As responsible citizens of the country we all have been following the directions laid down by the government health agencies to stay indoors. During this period you saints have been practicing the three vital spiritual principles of selfless service (Sewa), remembrance of God (Simran) and participation in the spiritual group discussions (Guru Charcha) portraying the message of the Mission. Not only that, in a few states of India some of the Missions’ Bhawans have been used as quarantine centers and shelter homes. Along with that devotees have been working selflessly in distributing dry food supplies as well as cooked food at many places considering it to be their moral responsibility. According to the protocol, safety measures and precautions are being taken for the welfare of such devotees who are serving with great enthusiasm and alertness.

Selfless service is being done by the devotees on a very large scale and blessed are those who are contributing for a noble cause without any discrimination, exhibiting immense patience to handle the situation and thus setting an example of Oneness in the society.

The ones who are confined to their homes must have been compassionate and large hearted amongst their family members and treating them patiently whereas, the world must be finding it difficult to this situation. Like there is a very famous story of a teacher who shows a stark white sheet to his student, with a black spot on it and asks them write an essay on it. The student’s attention is focused on the black spot and they write about it without paying much attention to the rest of the white sheet. Whereas, saints overlook the negative situation like the black spot and see the goodness of the white sheet only due to their inherent saintly qualities. The message of the story is that saintly people do not focus on the negativity of others but, rather see only the virtues in everyone. Similarly, we all have to see the positivity in the given circumstances. While staying inside our homes, we should be patient and tolerant with each other. Even though we may be diverse in our behaviors we should create a harmonious and a spiritual environment within the family, like there is a famous quote in English that “Life doesn’t need to be perfect to be wonderful.” By holding onto the strong faith, by being in constant remembrance of God, by being well established in God Knowledge; we will sail through the rough times positively with a strong belief that this too shall pass and good happy times shall follow soon.

Many devotees from India and world over, like Italy and England have been unwell due to the corona virus and a few have completed their journey and merged in Almighty (Nirankar). May Nirankar give strength to the family members to bear the loss, keeping in mind that the ones lost lived an enriched life full of devotion and selfless service. We should also remember the valuable teachings and surrender ourselves to the Almighty Nirankar because such conviction in thoughts will help us to be peaceful and serene in the ongoing difficult times of our life. Keeping the example of the white sheet in mind, we should see the world with a broader vision so that we are able to spread love and compassion around us and within our families.

May this problem eradicate from the world soon and we are able to attend the spiritual congregations (Satsangs) like before. Till then we should live our life in gratitude and acceptance that whatever Almighty Nirankar has given us, it is the best. May we take care of our family members and fulfill our responsibilities towards our community too.

A devotee who has experienced the Divine-Knowledge (Brahmgyan) accepts his situations with a smile. Not only that; his house too becomes a heavenly abode for him because of love and compassion in his house. There is no anxiety in his mind and he accepts his life willingly. May we all consider this period as an opportunity to take a respite from the fast pace in life and try to understand each other better by spending quality time with our family. May Nirankar bless everyone with a greater zeal of selfless service (Sewa), God remembrance (Simran) and the company of saints (Satsang) thus, experiencing a blissful and a positive life.”

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