Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj


March 01, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with some Mahapurushas left Delhi on Saturday, February 29, 2020 for over one week-long spiritual tour of Haryana, Jammu and Punjab. The first halt was Ambala in Haryana where Her Holiness addressed the Sunday congregation on March 1 at the local Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan. The enthusiasm of the devotees in large numbers turned the congregation virtually into a Samagam.

Addressing the gathering, Her Holiness said:

“Today you all have been enjoying this congregation for the past few hours here at the Satsang Bhawan, Ambala. You have assembled here with the motive to hue your mind (thoughts) in the colour of God. You wish to imbibe noble virtues in your behaviour and respect everyone treating them all as equal. At the same time you want to shed ego and imbibe the spirit of being humblest of the humble. Whatever span of life we have in this world, it is for the service of humanity. Your mind gets engaged in serving others while remembering God every moment.

When we lead life based on the opinion of saints expressed in the congregation who are united with Truth, every moment we spend becomes a blessing. Each moment is filled with devotion. We realize that we have got this human body so that we can know our Self. This Soul has been wandering from one species to another for years, this turn in human body is to unite it with the Super Soul – God. Take any holy scripture; everywhere it is mentioned that it is only in human form one can realize self through the realization of God and God can be seen. You can see it with the vision bestowed on you by Brahmgyan (God-knowledge) and thus make your life happy here and hereafter.

With God-knowledge we realise that He is the one who is addressed by its believers with numerous names like Allah and so on. He pervades in every particle of the universe. His vastness can be realised from the fact that the entire universe exists in Him. Despite the variety of names, He remains one single entity just like the sky is sky whether we call it Aasman or Gagan. One object or substance can have many names.

Meera called God a precious wealth, Vastu Amolak or Ram Rattan Dhan. When we unite with God through God-knowledge and move on in life while hued in His colour, we imbibe the fragrance of devotion. And this fragrance is there not for some moments but, for ever after. It is not that we have good thoughts and good behaviour only for some time and for some people. No, our devotion continues even when we perform our day-to-day activities.

Even when we are alone, we are aligned with God. We are engaged in devotion after knowing Him. It is like a matrimonial alliance. First of all the two families, the boy and the girl, meet and know each other. Only then and thereafter they develop love for each other. There can be no love without seeing!

Same way let us know God first. Only then we can love His creation, the mankind. Without knowing God, love for all will not be possible. We may be able to love only our family, friends and some other known persons. The biased feelings based on high and low can vanish only when we see the image of God in every human being. When we base our life, our thinking on God, only then we are able to live a balanced and blissful life in the real sense. The circumstances may be favourable or not, we stay undistributed. We realize that even suffering is the will of God. God always does what is best for our welfare.

During the congregation, we heard the example of a boat. Suddenly, it is caught in a storm. Everybody complains that God has not done good for them. But, later on they realized that this too was good for them because the boat had developed some technical fault and had there been no storm, it would not have reached the shore. The pressure of the air due to storm brought it near the coast. So we must continue our devotion rising above our advantage or disadvantage. Let us surrender to God every moment and realize that the entire world is created by God. All are, therefore, one despite disparities of colour religion, material status or gender, etc. These disparities become irrelevant because everybody has the same relationship with God. God that exists in us exists in all as well.

May God bless us to imbibe human values, give up hatred and strengthen the feelings of love. Let us start to have feeling of compassion and cooperation from our families wherever we live, work shoulder to shoulder and then extend the same not only to our country but, the entire world. It will be better if we give this message more through our actions that words. Let those who meet you find the difference and realize that this is the nature of saints. Saints are always guided by the feelings of benevolence and welfare of others in their heart. Then it will be impossible even to think of hurting the feelings of others or give tears knowingly. Since ages, saints have always acted as a soothing balm. They have always wiped the tears and endeavoured to extinguish the flames. So, we have also to mould our minds, our thoughts, our actions in the same pattern.

May God bless everyone so that all give priority to self-improvement. Let us treat God as the base of our life and remember Him every moment. In case we forget God and do not realize His presence all around, it means we are guided by our own mind. We fail to act as saints and find no dignity. So, let us remember God, improve ourselves and serve humanity. And while doing so, let us not be guided by ego. Let us, on the other hand, consider not even to have ability for the same. It is only God who has made us the means. When we are guided by such feelings, we are able to serve as per orders, where it is needed. When God makes us the means, He gives us the ability to do so also. So, let us go on serving others with God being prevalent in our minds.

While doing Sewa, let us go on remembering God in mind. Simran repeated in words is meaningless. We should never become a doer. In case we commit some mistake even unknowingly, let us pray to God for forgiveness.

With Simran, let us pray for the welfare of all. Saints do not pray for their own welfare. They treat all as their own with the spirit of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam,’ a global family. Hence saints pray for the welfare of all. Through Simran, they do not seek forgiveness for themselves alone. They pray for Sewa, Simran and Satsang. Whenever they come for Satsang, they treat every word they hear as precious as pearls. They realize that if they implement each word they listen here, their life is definitely going to improve.

I pray to God so that everybody is able to do more and more Sewa, Simran and Satsang. Let everyone pray for the welfare of others. Let each have love for the other in mind. Let everybody strengthen their devotion and love for God.”