Text Report, February 23: Sunday Satsang Programme


February 23, 2020

Saints in mammoth gathering attended the holy congregation held to commemorate Baba Hardev Singh Ji’s birthday under the benign blessings of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj. Earlier during the day, devotees of the Mission participated in the nationwide cleanliness drive dedicating their love and devotion for Baba Ji who continuously taught how important it is to keep the outside and inside of our body free from pollution to maintain a harmonious living.

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the saints and said:

“As you all know that the event of Sewadal Symposium was held in the previous two days where we saw saints in large numbers contributing continuously in various forms. Even today, every one of you including the sewadal members, SNCF (Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation) members and Sadh Sangat, participated with great zeal to contribute towards the cleanliness drives in different hospitals and various other places. Even you’ve made yourself present here now in the congregation smearing yourself in full faith and devotion. Our contributions in all these ways are indeed a practical display of the teachings of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji. May Nirankar bless everyone with more zeal and passion towards devotion at the same time we must keep giving importance to Simran and Satsang along with full faith in Nirankar.

As time has its own limitation, I will try to put my thoughts quickly while sharing two-three excerpts from Baba Ji’s life. Babaji used to share many teachings with saints as a True Master. If we look upon the duty of a father through worldly eyes, then fathers certainly give highest priority to their children but, I feel blessed that Babaji gave priority to Sadh Sangat and Saints above his children. I remember one instance where I got allergic due to an eatable causing breathing problem and swelling along with red rashes all over my body. The doctor had advised immediate admission in a hospital. I was very small in age, studying in class 5th or 6th. While the doctor was insisting to admit at the earliest possible time and the time of congregation was also approaching. At that time when a father has all heart for his child, Baba Ji said to Savinder Mata Ji that it was time to attend Satsang and He had to go there so She can take me to the hospital. So, be it any situation of life from worldly perspective, Baba Ji gave due importance to congregations, it’s not that He did not take care of the family rather He fulfilled all His responsibilities well, but, the first priority was always given to Sadh Sangat. Even after around an hour, when I was admitted to the hospital, Mata Ji said that one hour was still left for the congregation to get over so She would come back to me in the hospital after attending that.

Even that time these teachings were given and I would want the same teachings to be followed even today where in every situation the members of every family must stay motivated and remember that Satsang, Sewa and Simran are of utmost importance in our life. Rest other situations are momentary but, this dose for our soul is most important and it will help us attain salvation. Our Mission has always spread this teaching that we must always remember the God-knowledge and stay with Nirankar while improving the stature of our life.”

* * *