Sunday Satsang Programme

Delhi: Rohini, Japanese Park

February 16, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the saints of Delhi during a congregation programme in Rohini on February 16, 2020 after a month long tour that included the Maharashtra Samagam in Nashik. This was followed by congregation programmes in various adjoining cities. Saints in great numbers attended this congregation.

Addressing the congregation Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“You all have been here for this congregation in Rohini since the last couple of hours, while I am also seeing you saints here in Delhi after a period of almost a month. Though a few saints amongst you attended the Maharashtra Samagam in Nashik and the congregations held in many adjoining areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Everywhere during the tour it was continuously expressed by various saints that since we have got birth in the form of human beings, it is important to imbibe ourselves with all human virtues. This life will only be successful, if after attaining God-knowledge, we live every moment like a devotee. When we make these efforts with the help of Sewa, Simran and Satsang; every thought and feeling in us becomes humanly. Imbibing these human values are not momentary efforts but, the more they seep into our character, the more this life turns beautiful. We become a blessing in this world just like the famous saying from a poet – Live like a flower and spread your impact like its fragrance.

So, we have to spread our fragrance like a flower. Where there are thorns in a flower, it has beauty, fragrance and soft petals as well. If anyone enters the garden, the flower never says that it is full of thorns so it is not good. The gardener too never mentions that he loves the flower with more thorns any less than the flower with lesser thorns. Like as we look at both, the thorns and the soft petals of a flower, we must move in a similar way in our life where if we find someone’s approach hurtful like a thorn, we must have acceptance towards that person as well. Every individual is different; all look different and have different roles too. We must support each other and move shoulder to shoulder with the feeling of oneness and unity in diversity.

So, we have to live in this world with the realization of oneness and that everyone belongs to us. This is only possible when we get to know Almighty Nirankar, else we will keep finding differences in one form or the other and we won’t be able to convince ourselves to see others like our own self. However, when we understand that this Nirankar is present in every particle of this earth and is present equally in each one of us then this life becomes all the more easy to understand and beautiful in every aspect. Like if we take the example of a Diya (earthen lamp), every Diya can be different in shape but, when it is lit, the light of fire in each of them is common. There is no difference. Be it a Diya in red color, green or painted in a different way, its duty is to spread light everywhere and it is one common light. Similarly, One Almighty is present in every human being, we might look different, belong to different cultures and places but, we must have this feeling that this world belongs to us and we belong to this world. We have to keep the feeling of Sewa (selfless service) within us and that we have to give our best with our goodness while keeping the feeling of surrenderance within us. We must remain in remembrance of Nirankar by indulging in Simran as much as we can. Each and every word that we hear from this congregation of saintly wisdom is for our welfare and improvement. The more we bring these words in our daily actions, the more we are able to make our hearts better.

So, we have to realize this fact while living in our body, as mentioned by speakers today too. The ultimate truth is death; we have to leave this body one day and we must make use of its full potential in all the right ways so that we are able to reap maximum benefits. This is possible only while we are breathing, once our breath stops, we will not be able to do anything. Hence, we have to accomplish everything till we are alive. The foremost priority is to know oneself and this is possible only when we know Nirankar. It is very much possible to see and know Nirankar and once we are able to do this, we get to know our identity too. We come to know about our real motive of coming in this life and where we have to go after our life ends. Be it any religious scripture or any other source where one has faith, everywhere it has been mentioned that salvation can only be achieved once one has attained God-knowledge (Brahmgyan).

We have to continuously work towards improving ourselves and not just restrict ourselves in adorning our outer body but, our inner selves too. We have to imbibe those virtues that are not just for our own good but, rather for the welfare of the world. I am able to recall one small story depicting how our mind gets into deceitful thoughts. In a village, there was a farmer who used to do dairy farming and was in the business of milk and butter. He used to go to the shopkeeper who used to sell breads. They made an understanding amongst themselves that whatever amount of bread in weight the shopkeeper will give to the dairy farmer, he in return will give him butter of the same weight to the shopkeeper. They continued the same for years and developed trust in each other. Gradually, they stopped keeping their stuff on the weighing scale before exchanging the products and just used to tell about the weight of their products verbally through word of trust and exchange their packets. One day the bread seller thought of weighing the butter that was sold to him by his friend and he found that it weighed less than he had told. He felt bad and went to the Sarpanch. They decided to keep the bread and butter in the same weighing scales referred by both and come to a conclusion. It was found that the butter seller had no weighing machine at home; he used to weigh the bread with his hands and sell the same weight of butter with his assumptions to the bread seller. The bread seller then thought to sell bread in lesser grams from what was quoted and instead take back more.

So, everything is based on trust, if we think about one another and keep negative thoughts at bay then like it was being mentioned in the congregation a while back that we should be negative about negativity, we have to escape our eyes from everything that stops us from doing good work but, we must not escape from doing good work. We have to work towards wiping tears from someone’s eyes and not give pain to others by hating or cheating them. Like if we hear any joke, we can laugh on it 2-4 times and maybe listen to it again and again but, we won’t laugh at it after repeatedly hearing it for four times. Similarly, we keep hold of one sorrow and cry in front of Nirankar remembering the same sorrow again and again while neglecting all the other happiness that we have been blessed with in life. At times, if anything has not happened the way we think, then also we start considering it as sorrow and keep crying over it again and again.

So, we must keep an approach where we trust Nirankar and believe that whatever is given to us is for our welfare. We should not keep holding to one thing in our life. As far as our thoughts or feelings for any person are concerned, they are bound to come but, the moment we get into any negative thought about something or someone, we must ensure to get over it at the earliest.

The way our life has turned beautiful, we have to leave a positive impact on everyone who comes close to us. Even if we don’t get judgmental about someone but, the way people around us leave their impact on us, affects our mood to a large extent for that day. If something good happens to us when we wake up in the morning, we tend to spend a happy day. On the contrary, if something hurtful happens, it spoils our day and brings gloominess. So, we must be wise enough to realize our actions and how it will impact people around us. When we know that we are hurt if someone does something unpleasant to us then we must be cautious and wise enough to ensure that we do not give sorrow to anyone deliberately by our words or actions.

I pray that may we fill ourselves with the feelings of humanity and ensure that we keep our actions, our thoughts, our behavior such that we just do not think about the benefit of ourselves but, at a larger spectrum that is, everyone around us. We must think about the welfare of all and must act accordingly. May Nirankar bless everyone so that all live a life full of devotion while imbibing all human virtues and treading the right path as shown and explained by saints and sages that makes life of both the worlds worthwhile. May we live such a life that may we not only raise our stature but, help others as well. May we follow the path that gives happiness and relief to everyone around us.”