Text report, February 11: Rajkot (Gujarat) -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji


February 11, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the tour of Maharashtra reached Rajkot which was the capital of Saurashtra State (now Gujarat). Father of Mahatma Gandhi had been holding the post of Deewan at that time in Rajkot where Mahatma Gandhi spent his childhood and also did high school from Alfred High School. Rajkot also has many tourist spots; its International Kite Fair attracts many people.

In Rajkot Her Holiness visited and blessed the children’s exhibition and appreciated the models displayed. The Samagam in Satguru Mata Ji’s presence had thousands of devotees from all neighbouring regions.

Her Holiness blessed the saints and said:-

“You all have gathered here since long with the motive to attend the congregation keeping in view transformation of life and particularly the mind. We have to mainly focus on cognition of God Almighty (Nirankar). The same message has been given by various saints by expressing their feeling in different forms. We have come in this human body only for self-realization through God-realization. This God Almighty can be cognized after attaining God-knowledge (Brahmgyan) and then our devotion starts wherever we have faith as has been elaborated in various religious scriptures.

Devotion starts only after attaining God-knowledge and one should have a strong devotional life. We have to shed our ego and imbibe qualities such as compassion, mercy, humility, tolerance etc. and always keep our heart full of love for everyone. These good qualities should last long and we should always try to keep ourselves away from bad qualities. When we mould these good qualities in our character permanently and practice them in our day-to-day life then we can call ourselves a human being in the true sense. We have to add to the beautify of this earth rather than just worry about our bad habits.

This difference of good or bad human being is evident if we do not react to anybody’s comments; regarding our driving when we are in traffic on the road or in any moment and in any adverse situation. We have not to retaliate but, consider that particular person’s state of mind. He might be passing through a difficult phase and we should restrain ourselves from provoking and hurting others. We should rather conduct ourselves in a very sweet manner.

We should always keep in mind that the journey of this soul is very big; whereas we have to leave this human body one day. We have to introspect and improve ourselves and lead a devotional life. We have also to keep ourselves connected with this world and fulfil all our responsibilities besides leading a devotional life. When we have a vision of this divine support then every moment passes in devotion.

May God (Nirankar) bless all that their life is full of devotion. It depends on ourselves what we have to choose. We have to choose very wisely and consciously. Saints from era to era have made us understand that after attaining God-knowledge (Brahmgyan) we want to live in that illusion or live our life in the true sense.

May God bless all with Satsang and may the spirit keep on increasing in everyone’s life. We should always remain connected with God (Nirankar) through God-remembrance (Simran) May it keep on enhancing. One should not hesitate to serve people (Sewa). May God bless all to attain God-knowledge first and then one can achieve salvation before departing from this world.

We have to make our life happy and gratifying before leaving this world. This is possible only after knowing this one element whichever name you give it; which is boundless, formless, omnipresent in this entire universe. We can form oneness only by connecting ourselves with this one God. When we cognize this Parmatma (Nirankar) then we treat everyone at par irrespective of caste, color, creed, rich or poor. May God bless everyone to lead such a devotional life as has been led by devotees."

* * *