Text report, February 08: Vadodra GJ -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From January 27, 2020 onwards
Vadodra, Gujarat: February 08, 2020

Tour Report of Vadodra on February 08, 2020 Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with Her esteemed spouse Rev. Ramit Chandna Ji and the entourage reached Vadodara from Vapi during Maharashtra Tour after the Annual Samagam of the state in Nashik. The city of Vadodara is located on the banks of the Vishwamitri River.

Addressing a mammoth gathering of devotees and God loving people on February 08, 2020 Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji stated:

“Today in Vadodara, you all have gathered to attend this congregation since past few hours, you all have been hearing the glory of Almighty (Nirankar) through various forms like song, speech and poetry. Be it a child, an elderly or a youth, everyone gave the same message which is already described in all the religious scriptures. Since ages, all the saints and sages have been preaching about only one thing that seeking the purpose of human life on this earth is important along with learning the right ways of living. One must possess human qualities to be called a human. While fulfilling the worldly commitments of job, education, and carrying out the designated responsibilities, it is important to be devotional in life as well.

We might wonder, that how is it possible to get time for devotion while running day to day errands, but if we look closely it is much simpler then we think it to be. The way we do not need separate time for breathing, it happens involuntarily during our sleep, similarly God remembrance (Simran) can be practiced at all times of the day. We just need to incorporate it in our lifestyle and make it a compulsory part of our life to walk ahead on this path of devotion. The devotion begins the moment our heart is full of love and we stop being judgmental towards others and learn to look beyond differences of regions, countries or various reasons which divide humanity.

Once we rise above such narrowness, and broaden our horizon of love and humanity, it gets much easier to walk on the path of devotion. Saints and sages have been giving the same messages since centuries. Although, walking on this path is not easy as it appears because on this path one has to become tolerant towards the harsh and rude behaviour. Instead of giving the same kind of reaction in return, one must practice to let go of such things. Only sugar comes out of a gunny sack of sugar, likewise, a person with the virtues of tolerance and broad mindedness reflects only such qualities through their behaviour even under harsh circumstances.

We can love everyone, only when there’s love inside us, otherwise one might pretend it for a while but, as soon as the adversity comes, the reactions reflect the true personality of a person. Now, how to maintain that ease and composure throughout? For attaining that kind of state of bliss, it is important to seek the purpose and get attach to the true responsibilities of this life. Without the Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan), the soul doesn’t realise its destination, after the body completes its journey. All the texts and religious scriptures speak of only one ultimate truth that this soul belongs to one Divine power and the soul attains liberation only after realising its source of origin. A human life is given calculated number of days to complete its journey and within that duration one must attain the knowledge of its true identity which is possible only through Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan). It is a self-realisation through God realisation. After dwelling in the body for so many years, a soul begins to forget it’s true identity and considers its to be just a body but, the truth is that it is much above and beyond the bodily limitation which is there just for restricted number of days but, the soul is immortal. When we think of Salvation (Mukti) post this life then it means that we are also thinking of a life lived under God Realisation; the qualities of such a person are saintly in nature and there’s just love which dwells in the heart. There must be a constant realisation of Formless Divine and how close it is to us. If there is something closer than the eye lashes to the eyes, it is this Formless Divine. It is within us and always around us. Even when we are talking to someone, we see the same divinity in that person which means this Almighty (Nirankar) who connects us through Himself is our Divine Father and when we have realize this understanding than there is no question of hatred.

So, to achieve the universal approach, we need to begin working on our hearts. To create a world without walls we need to have love in our hearts. It is our responsibility to leave this already beautiful world even more gorgeous. For this we must learn to embrace unity in diversity. We must never be the reason of any kind of hatred or religious conflict. Our hearts should be so humble that there is no space for ego which arise after doing good deeds. A tree laden with fruits always bends low. Likewise, as we get more fruitful towards our surrounding, we should get more and more humble. Egos and arrogance in any form are not beneficial for us. When we begin to give credit of our good deeds to Almighty (Nirankar) then our own self than our heart and minds initiates to become humble organically.

While experiencing this worldly journey, we often come across various highs and lows in life but, if we are connected with Formless Divine then nothing troubles us and our state of blissfulness remain intact. The feeling of gratitude replaces the attitude of complaints and the level of acceptance increases manifolds. We must learn to use our optimum potential to convert the difficult circumstances to favourable situation without losing our patience. We must understand that the situation could have worsen but, thankfully by the grace of God current state is manageable.

So, the crux of all things is to imbibe human virtues like forgiveness and tolerance because if we adopt the humanly qualities and make them part of our life then this life becomes blissful and we become a blessing for the world. Sometime back we heard that service and help are two different things. If we are serving someone with notion of helping them and it is followed by then ego it is not counted as selfless service (Sewa) at all. Service is always done with complete surrenderance to God and there are no hidden expectations of seeking benefits in return. It should only be done with the feeling of beneficence of others, and when we speak of bringing such positive changes than they must begin from us. Another person’s behaviour should not define our attitude rather we should learn to be happy from within so that no external thing bother us. If one has to feel gloomy then he can feel the same in an isolated room or in a fair or festival also. Let us not be the container of negativity, it must be uprooted from within. If a splinter is stuck in the skin then we do not leave it there but, take it out so that it does not hurt us anymore.

Similarly, if a negative thought is troubling us then it needs to be shunned right away. We need to work on ourselves constantly and become such a person who never hurts anyone. We must strive to become that kind of person who our saints and sages have been describing over centuries. Our nature, behaviour and thinking should be such that when someone meets us, he should be compelled to think about our positivity and should be willing to absorb our attributes. People often change their paths or ignore a person who constantly bickers and demeans others. So, the choice is ours, which way we have to go whether we want to use our wisdom and consciousness to improve this life and pick right qualities or otherwise?

Now, I would not want to take more time as it is already late. It gives me immense pleasure to see you saints here in this city called Vadodara named after a Banyan tree, which is known for its deep roots and ever-growing quality. Likewise, may the feeling of service grow multifold and the Remembrance that connects us with God should happen from deep within our heart. May Nirankar forgive our faults and we continue to move ahead on the path of devotion while doing Sewa, Simran and Satsang. May our devotion become selfless, and should be driven with the intent of love. When we connect ourselves with Nirankar in true sense then nothing bothers us anymore. We become calm and attain the state of blissfulness and this calmness gets extended to outer world too. May Nirankar bless us with the feeling of gratitude and selfless love for everyone.”

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