Text report, February 07: Vapi, GJ -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From January 27, 2020 onwards
Vapi Gujarat: February 07, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed mammoth gatherings in Mumbai after the Maharashtra Sant Samagam in Nashik and proceeded to Vapi, Gujarat. A huge congregation programme was organized there in the benign presence of Satguru Mata Ji on February 7, 2020.

In Her holy discourse Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Today you all are enjoying the bliss of the congregation here at Vapi, Gujarat. The message being given today wasn’t new, saints have mentioned since ages how to improve one’s life. Humans have always been guided on the path that they must rightfully adopt being human; our actions must reflect human values. This world has all colours and all paths; right and wrong. We need to adopt the path shown by saints which makes us human in the true sense. The path which teaches us how to love and shed hatred, which teaches us how to shed ego and imbibe humility and become a support to each other rather than demeaning them. We should endeavour to give happiness to others and not give them sorrow or laugh at them during their distress period. The most important thing is that we have come to this world and our life is for a limited period only. We need to make the best use of this life. It is possible to realize our original form during this lifetime. We have come in this form of body but, we are not this body. The soul has to cover a much longer journey but, the body shall depart.

If we have come to this world, let us realize God (Nirankar). The soul which is in our body is a part of the super soul (God). Once we realize God, whatever task we do in its realization is correct and we’ll not intentionally do anything wrong. The realization that God is all-around us keeps us on the right track and is towards the welfare of the entire world, starting on improving our own self first. We should try and get rid of our shortcomings, ill habits, vices and imbibe virtues. As an example, everyone will continue to face different situations in life. Sometimes there is happiness and sometimes sorrow. It’s not that happiness or sorrow will last forever. It’s about our reaction in those situations. We need to use our wisdom, consciousness and support of God to decide our action so that even in unfavourable situations, we stay on the right path.

For instance, the task of a knife is to cut but, it matters who is holding the knife. If that knife is used at home to cut fruits or vegetables, then it’s being used for a good cause. The task of a knife is to cut but, the purpose for which it is being used matters. A surgeon or a doctor uses a knife to cut our body part after giving anaesthesia. His intent is not to harm us but, to cure the ailment of the body. Subsequently, he also stitches the body back. Here again the knife is being used for a good cause. On the other hand, robbers also carry a knife but, their intent is to cause harm and rob. So, in this case knife is not at fault. It depends on who is holding the knife and how it is being used.

Similarly, we may curse every situation in life, which is not as per us. Or else, we may express gratitude to God in that situation also, considering it to be His will. So how we deal with others, depends on us and not on the situation. For instance, a person rowing a boat closes his eyes and the boat hits a rock in front. He opens his eyes in anger to see who bumped it. He wished to express anger and scold the person in front, to row the boat properly. But, on opening his eyes, he realizes that no one bumped his boat, in fact, the boat hit the rock. The fact is that anger was within that person, situation did not make him angry. Although no one troubled him, yet before opening his eyes, he made up his mind that the person in front is at fault. He did not even realize that his own eyes were closed. So, in every situation we must remember that irrespective of circumstances, our mind should be stable. As the quote – ‘Whatever may be the situation, the state of mind should remain the same.’ So, how can our thoughts be stable? How do we need to attain this state; rising above the situations? This is possible only with support of God (Nirankar). Once we realize God, we connect with it and do Sewa, Simran and Satsang. It’s only then that our relationship with God (Nirankar) will strengthen.

Once we realize that our own form exists in every human, just like in a mirror then we should see our reflection in others. Let us consider a mirror which reflects our image and on the other hand in case there is a mirror which reflects our mind rather than our image then we shall get to know how far we are right or wrong. Looking at such a mirror, there is a possibility that we do not even recognize our own self. Are we doing what humans should do or not? It’s about facing our own self. It’s about self-introspection of our deeds, whether we are doing the right thing or not. It’s very important in life that we stay on the right track and have the feeling of love for every person who is in touch with us or resides anywhere in the world, irrespective of different attire, diet, habits, culture, looks or nationality. It’s not gracious to hate a person who is different from us. We should love everyone, irrespective of what they are because the same God resides in them, which resides in us. If we love ourselves, we should love them also because we have a common Father. As a poet said – ‘Different colours beautify a garden, what if it’s only us or only you!’ If we consider everyone to be supreme like us in looks and belief and the entire world is filled with such people then it is not a very happy situation compared to where people from every culture and country stay together. Just as in a garden, flowers can be red, pink or yellow. They have different fragrances but, they look beautiful in a bouquet or even in a garden. It is not that every flower has to be the same and give the same fragrance; every flower is unique in itself and grows well in different soils and has its own particular fragrance. This is the beauty of ‘Unity in Diversity’ in this world that we talk about. Every person may be different in nature or looks but, belongs to us when we connect with Oneness and God we find the world more beautiful. Our mind shall be free of hatred and shall carry love for all.

Without taking more time, with these words I would like to say that we need to realize God (Nirankar). It’s good if we have already realized it; otherwise we must give it a thought that we have this opportunity to realize God within this lifetime. We may read any Holy Scripture, everywhere it is mentioned that God can be realized. Today, also after this congregation you may avail this opportunity. Once we realize God and lead the journey of life with full faith in it then we lead the path of devotion. It is not merely a task but, a state of mind and a way of life. So we should realize how to live with devotion and live our entire life happily. With these words, I take your leave.”

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