Text report, February 05: Thane, MH -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From January 27, 2020 onwards
Thane, Maharashtra: February 05, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj reached Mumbai, Thane (Maharashtra) from the city of Aurangabad on February 5, 2020. A large gathering of devotees was waiting to be blessed by their Satguru in a congregation held there.

In Her Holy discourse Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Today, we all are gathered here in Thane from the past few hours to enjoy the blissful moments of this congregation and smear ourselves in the hues of devotion. This congregation is not merely to please our ears by listening to devotional songs, spiritual thoughts or poems and it is not meant to be experienced for just a couple of hours. The virtues mentioned in the congregation today should be imbibed in our life as well to make our life beautiful in the real sense. The humanly virtues should be imbibed in our life and practiced regularly. Our mind must shun the darkness and replace it with enlightenment. We should continuously work on improving ourselves and make it a part of our life forever. Such progression in life is only possible for a lifetime with the support of God (Nirankar).

The very first step towards devotion is to know God. With self-realization through God realization, we get rid of illusions of our mind. Even if a person has a different appearance, eating and living habits, culture, still he/she should imbibe the feeling of Oneness and realize that every individual is a part of the same Super Soul. We must see our own image in everyone. Once we attain the Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan), our mind gets transformed and remains stable no matter what the weather is -summer, winter, rainy or whatever; we remain in a constant state of bliss. Bliss is a state evolved beyond happiness. We can attain this state if we stay immersed in the colours of this Formless.

As we all have gathered here, we can realize that when we compare ourselves from inside and outside, our mind plays a vital role in our existence. How can we improve our mind? Not just that we beautify our outer body by adorning fancy clothes. It’s good to flourish in this form but, more than that we need to work on our mind because it is ignorance of the mind which has caused damage to humanity. Even natural disasters can’t match the extent of loss caused due to hatred of mind.

If we start understanding and empathising with the minds and conditions of others and respect every individual, we can get rid of thoughts of hatred and jealousy from our mind. It’s then that our mind shall become a temple. We shall long for peace and serenity of all. We shall have the tendency to heal the wounds. As we have witnessed that the name of this city has changed with time, from ‘Bambai’ to ‘Bombay’ and now from past few years, it’s ‘Mumbai’. So it’s just the name which has changed; the outlook of the city has remained the same. From this example of the city, it is evident that the core remains the same although there might be some superficial changes. Likewise our soul which resides in our body has originated from God. So irrespective of our faith and lifestyle, we should focus on our soul and strengthen our spiritual aspect. We need to rise above little differences and narrow-mindedness in life and move towards broad-mindedness. How shall we realize that we are connected with God? God in itself is stable and strong; it does not change or stagger with circumstances. Once we connect with this vast God, irrespective of circumstances of life, we shall not stumble.

We need to realize how to achieve stability in life? Although a small pond is also stable but, it is full of filth. On the other hand, even an ocean is stable, it’s just that its waves rise at the shore. Where an ocean is so deep at the same time, it’s quite stable. We need to choose whether we need stability of thoughts like stagnated filth or connect with the infinite God and attain stability of mind. Whatever virtues can be attained through realization of God (Nirankar), we need to have such stability. Once we become stable upon connecting with God (Nirankar), we gain strength to improve our own life. The person in front should also get to know through our deeds that our life is different.

So, with support of God we should tread the path in life which strengthens our devotion. Our achievements in this world are praise worthy but, more than that, becoming a good human being is the biggest achievement. What are the thoughts which reside in our heart? If our heart is filled with beautiful thoughts of compassion, mercy and love then it is worthy of being called a heart. Otherwise it is merely a stone that beats; it has taken a harsh form. If there are harsh thoughts for each other, it’s not a heart and we are not humans.

I will not take more time and just pray that may God (Nirankar) bless that after attaining this Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan), we spend every moment of this life in devotion. Our life should be such that one who passes from nearby gets this divine fragrance from us. He should get desirous of talking to us and after talking should feel that this person has left a good impact in his life. The three aspects of Sewa, Simran and Satsang which give us strength on the path of devotion should be our priority of our life and not like any other task. May God bless everyone that these thoughts of Sewa, Simran and Satsang strengthen in our mind. At the same time, our devotion should strengthen and we should become a blessing for this world. As it was mentioned in the congregation that Maharashtra Samagam was held at Mumbai for so many years but, this year it was held in Nashik and you all showed great enthusiasm by reaching there. May God bless that this zeal for congregations, Samagams and to improve ourselves, remains intact. You all have been rendering selfless service for the preparation of the ground from past ten days. It’s beautiful to serve with the feeling of surrenderance. May God bless that everyone gets comforts related to body, mind and materialistic things. We need to live every moment of life with the realization that we are living in God (Nirankar), just like a fish lives in water. The fish cannot survive without water similarly, if we lose realization of God even for a few moments then we have not lived our life in those moments. It’s just like we are facing death, so with the support of God (Nirankar), we should remain connected with it and live this journey of life in devotion.”

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