Text report, February 03: Aurangabad MH -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From January 27, 2020 onwards
Aurangabad, Maharashtra: February 03, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj addressed a mammoth gathering of devotees in Aurangabad on 3 rd February, 2020 during Her Maharashtra tour after the 3 days Maharashtra Samagam in Nasik.

In Her Discourse Her Holiness said:

“Today you all are gathered to attend the congregation here in Aurangabad and we see everyone smeared in the atmosphere of devotion from the past few hours. It feels good to see the enthusiasm amongst all; be it coming here from far away to attend the congregation or the involvement in preparing the ground or making other arrangements. Just like the name of the city Aur-Rang-Aabaad (more-colour-flourish), may this colour of devotion keep multiplying and all remain immersed in the pious colour of the formless.

May God bless everyone. Even today, the messages given in the congregation through devotional songs and speeches point towards the virtues one should adopt in life. We have to remain filled with love for everyone and keep our minds away from hatred. Just as the sunflower always faces towards the Sun and keeps changing its direction in line with the Sun. In the same way, we must always look upon the Truth – Almighty Nirankar – who is omnipresent. There is no place in this entire universe where He does not exist. Saints always remain immersed in the formless and such saints with pious thoughts are present here as well. These saints prove to be a blessing for the whole world and keeping company of such saints ensures us to live life like a sunflower who always faces towards Truth.

We have always been receiving teachings on how to imbibe the virtues of vastness within ourselves and see everyone in the world with equivision to spread peace and unity. We must not hate anyone. We should not discriminate on the basis of the place one lives in or the financial status or culture one belongs to. Everyone has the divinity of God. This soul is a part of the Super Soul. When God exists in everyone then there is no reason to hate anyone.

God resides in everyone. We must love everyone in this world in the same way we love our own selves. Love shouldn’t remain confined in mere words. It must be implemented through our actions. For example, taking the name of sugar and stirring the tea with a spoon does not make it sweet. We have to actually add sugar in the tea to make it sweet. Similarly, just taking the name of God is not enough. We must also know Him. Only after knowing Him and realizing Him, we can begin our journey of devotion and then the virtues that we seek in one would not be just for namesake. Our hearts will actually have compassion, empathy, humility and love for all. Our ego and other vices will gradually start eliminating from within us. The more we focus on adopting virtues, the more we will be able to practically implement them in our lives. This can happen when we are regular in attending Holy congregations.

When the mind connects with Nirankar, it remembers God through Simran and indulges in selfless service with complete surrenderance. We must ponder that even though we have come on this earth in a human body, we are asked to behave like humans. These good habits and qualities should exist within us by default since we are humans. We do not deserve to be called humans sans human qualities. Hence, we must adopt these qualities in our lifetime. We see that all the inventions done by humans till date are inspirations from other creatures on earth like invention of aeroplane is an inspiration from birds.

Similarly, the way humans participate in races, marathons are inspired by horses. If we look at prints on clothing, there are sceneries and flower prints inspired by nature. So, when everything is inspired by nature, then why have saints always insisted humans to become and behave like humans? As the famous quote says, “We are blessed to have taken birth in human body.” Why it is not said so for animals even when we see that they are superior in many ways and we take inspiration from them to invent various things for our own comfort.

So why this thought of becoming human is insisted upon so much after taking birth in this human body? This is so because only humans have the potential to know that God exists within us and in every particle of this universe and can be known or realised. Unless and until we get this knowledge of God, we will not know who we are or what our true identity is. Until we know our true identity, we will not be able to improve ourselves and become a true blessing for the society. If we introspect, we will know that if we have put an alarm for ourselves to wake up early, we have to rise from the bed immediately as the alarm rings and not laze out further. Similarly, when our body suffers from any physical ailment; be it pain in the hand or a stomach ache, we get alert and cautious and consult a doctor or take medication to get relief. We look for a solution to cure the illness. We do not cut and throw the body part that’s paining away. So, when we take good care of our body then why can we not take care of the diseases that we create in our minds. When we look down on others, we do not create an alarming situation for ourselves. In such cases, we do not get alert to cure our mental illnesses. We do not realize that we are wrong and believe that the flaws lie in the other person.

We won’t improve if we continue to keep such an attitude. We have to begin with the adoption of virtues in ourselves first. When our deeds will reflect goodness, everyone will get influenced from our life on their own. They would want to know what is in our life which does not exist in theirs making them attain God- knowledge and thus, will make them attain God Knowledge. If we really want to spread this light to each and everyone then we must improve ourselves first.

So, without taking much of your time, I would take your leave with these words. So, continue to imbibe the teachings and make Satsang, Sewa and Simran integral part of life. Stay in remembrance of God Almighty so that life itself becomes a devotion and remains immersed in the colour of divinity. As we improve ourselves, we will be able provide a positive contribution to this world. We must not consider this as a task but, as selfless contribution to the society. God has given us this world. So, it‘s our duty to leave it in better condition than what we had received. May God bless everyone. Today, we also heard that next Maharashtra Samagam in January shall the here in Aurangabad. I will get an opportunity to see you all again and with these words I would take your leave.”

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