Text report, January 31: Wai, MH -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From January 27, 2020 onwards
Wai Maharashtra: January 31, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj left Pune for Wai during the Maharashtra spiritual tour. It was indeed heartwarming to see devotees in large numbers in spite of being at Nasik for the three days Maharashtra Annual Samagam.

Blessing the devotees Mata Ji stated:

“Today, in these grounds of Wai, we all have been enjoying the blissful environment of the spiritual congregation since a few hours, through the medium of poetry, speeches and devotional songs. The language used is no doubt different but, the message conveyed is same that has been expressed by saints since ages. They have tried to communicate and motivate us saying, that the human life is very precious and is not meant to be lived like animals or other living beings. Undoubtedly, we have to perform our obligatory duties towards our family and the society with perfection, still the highest goal of responsibility is to imbibe the humane qualities and be human.

This can be achieved when we incorporate or grasp divine virtues like love, compassion, empathy, sympathy, unity and harmony in our nature. Such a behavior will surely create a world without walls. Rather it is very disturbing to notice that the reasons behind the disapproval of fellow beings are very shallow. Either we do not like their looks, food habits, dress sense, or even their culture becomes a cause of displeasure. Many a times, even the boundaries of state or countries become the reason to object. Such a huge wall of disparity has been created in our thoughts that we are unable to break it. It is very imperative to realize the actual purpose of human life. Life is not just meant to eat, drink and be merry. Experience of the eternal truth and Divine Knowledge is the way to rise from the slumber of ignorance. Realization of the self is the only way to evolve on the path of spirituality, devotion and truth. The Supreme Power is omnipotent, omniscient, changeless, everlasting and perpetual. It is this knowledge that makes one aware that situations in life will vary but, the Truth remains eternal and same.

Until and unless we do not connect with this eternal truth, we will live our life in fear, turmoil and superstitions. In such a situation we become vulnerable, insecure and arrogant. This further generates hatred in the mind. The best and the only way to protect oneself from such negative feelings will be to stay connected to the Almighty God. Thereafter, life becomes simple, uncomplicated, composed, calm and placid.

If ignorance in the world is on the rise then alongside, the demand for evolved beings in the society is equally growing. Suppose, in broad daylight if our eyes are closed, we are bound to experience darkness. In order to enjoy the sunshine we must keep our eyes open. Similarly, Divine-knowledge is like the sun; if we are not connected with the divinity then we shall face the darkness of ignorance. It is a very common feature that if there is a shortage of any product in a country, it can be compensated by importing it from another place in the world. Similarly, deficit of love and compassion in our hearts and minds can be recovered by staying in the company of saints; by being in remembrance of God; by being linked with the eternal truth and by being in selfless service to mankind. In our childhood days, our teachers, our parents encouraged us to set goals in life. Undoubtedly, it is important to work hard to fulfill them but, we must remember a popular thought, “it is praise worthy to be what you want to be; first be human”.

It is very relevant to observe ourselves that we prove to be a blessing for the society. Our circle of concern cannot be limited to our family. Rather, our good deeds must benefit the society; living in our lane, district, town, city, country and finally the world. The message that God can be experienced should be shared with all. In fact, once it is realized then this wisdom brings a transformation in one’s life. The world seems to be one big family. There is no malice or hatred for anybody. Just like one can inhale the fragrance and identify different flowers in a garden, the same way people of different origin and culture should be accepted, respected and loved. We all must exhibit compassion as taught by many saints and come forward eagerly to support and help our fellow beings.

Today, in this congregation everyone has displayed patience and has tried to adjust lovingly. Not only that, some were willing to let go of their sitting space for the fellow devotees. Such small gestures show the conduct and presence of mind of the person. This can be possible when we are connected to God Almighty. It does not matter by which name we remember God; just like water can have different names like, H2O or aqua but, its properties and functions remain the same to quench the thirst or to clean dirt. Similarly, only one Supreme Power resides everywhere even though we may remember Him by different names.

It should be our earnest endeavor to emulate the divine qualities. We must also strive to become tolerant and patient by accepting the other person as they are and not hold any grudge against anyone. Even if negativity prevails in our thoughts temporarily, we should try to nip it in the bud immediately. By engaging ourselves in selfless service (Sewa), by being in constant remembrance of God (Simran) and by spending quality time in the company of saints (Satsang) then every moment of our life can be worth living. We must be conscious and alert of the limited lifespan each one of us has and make the best use of the precious present moments by being in divine consciousness.”

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