Text report, January 28: Pune, MH -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From January 27, 2020 onwards
Pune Maharashtra: January 28, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, after blessing the mammoth gathering at the three day Maharashtra Samagam, in Nasik headed towards Pune along with Her esteemed spouse Rev Ramit Chandna Ji and the entourage. A Satsang was held on January 28, 2020 in the wide spread grounds of Pune and saints from all the neighboring areas were present there.

Addressing the devotees Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Today, we all have gathered in the vicinity of Pune town in the form of this congregation; all speeches, poems and devotional songs professed that there is one God residing in all beings. We must comprehend that by recognizing this divinity in everyone we enhance humane qualities in our own self. This knowledge further motivates and directs us to be tolerant and accept everyone as they are. Since times immemorial, saints and sages have been communicating to mankind the significance of experiencing God realization because this knowledge helps us to appreciate the presence of divinity in every molecule of the universe. It also makes us understand that the Divine power is the only changeless reality. It was, it is and shall always be. Such an understanding will make this world a paradise; it will become our habit to overlook the mistakes and see goodness in everything and everyone. Life will become simple and straightforward. We all are aware of the situation in the world today, how everyone is trying to sabotage and incapacitate the fellow being. Instead of comforting in distress and sorrow one takes pride in damaging and dominating the world.

Such a behavior neither depicts human values nor does it identify being a human. A poet has rightly said, “A snake charmer has imprisoned all snakes thinking that a human is sufficient to kill another human being.” In fact a human being should adorn himself with sublime qualities like love for all, magnanimity, compassion, and replace egoism with appreciation and admiration. Spiritual qualities like patience, camaraderie, amiability, unanimity should be exhibited in all beings so that negative traits do not surface in the mind. The famous line, let the vices die before thee, should be applied. During the life span granted to us we should make sure that no negative characteristics linger in our behavior. The real purpose of human life is very precious. We have to let go of all types of shallow feelings as they are not beneficial for anyone. Life is most uncertain. We must not underrate the relevance of human life. If we will not comprehend the significance of devotion and God realization then we are demeaning the vital force of life.

To explain the above concept, we can take the example of examinations that are always time bound; be it 2 or 3 hours. Some children submit their answer sheets within the given time frame, whereas there are few who keep on writing and then the invigilator is forced to snatch the papers from them. Something similar should not happen with us too. We should not live our life in ignorance, rather must make the best use of the life given to us. Repeatedly, we all have been told that it is possible to know your true self through God realization during the given life only. Let us avail this opportunity and not repent when the time is over.

Since time immemorial saints have been conveying the message to value the Divine Knowledge but, we have always ignored it thinking that it is too early to walk on the spiritual path. We all assume that spirituality is to be adopted in old age only. No one knows the exact period of one’s lifespan so it becomes all the more important to fulfill the prime purpose of human life, to attain God Knowledge as soon as possible. There is another example that affirms the above truth. Everyone is aware of the fact that if we step on a banana peel we will fall, if knowingly we step on the peel then it is totally our mistake. Similarly, in life also if we understand the purpose of human life then automatically we will start walking on the spiritual path. We must also understand that to earn money and give attention to family is important nevertheless, the focus should be on our spiritual growth.

For example, Meera Bai, born in a royal family, got married to a royal prince but, she felt truly prosperous only after she experienced the Divine Knowledge from her Guru (teacher). She started rejoicing and saying that she has found the real wealth of spirituality from her true master who has blessed her with the God Knowledge. Now she feels truly rich and wealthy. We all should firmly comprehend that until and unless we also do not light the lamp of Divine Knowledge, the material wealth cannot give eternal joy because it is transitory and illusionary.

Similarly, when we recognize the spiritual richness in our life, we become the most prosperous person because we realize that spiritual abundance is the real wealth. We must be alert enough to give our attention to selective knowledge and filter the unwanted messages received from various sources by us.

To illustrate this, so many channels come on the television screen; like music, sports, news etc. but, with the help of a remote control we make our selection based on what we are keen to watch. Our focus should be to select that which is beneficial to us and ignore what we feel is not appropriate.

After participating and cherishing the Divine Knowledge in the Nasik Samagam, we are further continuing the tour of Maharashtra now. May we start imbibing and implementing the knowledge on spirituality and human values shared by many saints in the Samagam. We should always be ready and enthusiastic for selfless service and may we experience joy and peace in remembrance of the Supreme power and are able to imbibe the mystical teachings.

May there be devotion and divine love in everyone’s life. Tough situations shall always be there along with ups and downs which are a part of human life but, due to spiritual understanding one is able to face them with a smile and does not complain. Let there be eternal joy and bliss in everybody’s life.”

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