Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: From December 13 onwards
Kerala, Calicut: December 31, 2018

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj arrived in Calicut from Kannur on December 31, 2018. The congregation held in this famous city of Kerala saw devotees in large number. The local Councillor of the city Smt. Jaishree Keerti welcomed and greeted Satguru Mata Ji. Addressing the entire congregation, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, I feel delighted to see you all here in Kerala. We started this journey from Delhi and covered many states, including Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra, and Karnataka and now we have reached here. I was thinking that India has such a vast culture, where after every few kilometers, there is a change in language and attire. Also, there is change in food and staple diet depending on the vegetation of that region. Still, there is one thing in common.

Maybe many of you who are well-versed in speaking the local language here, are not able to understand Hindi language. Likewise, those who understand Hindi, may not understand Punjabi, a Punjabi may not understand Garhwali. However, what is common amongst us all is that we all have the same soul, a part of Over Soul - God! We are the soul and we have to eventually merge back in the Over Soul where we have originally come from. This is the main aim of our lives! And if we have received God-knowledge, we have attained salvation. Salvation is only possible if we attain God-Knowledge.

Nobody is aware of the life one has to live. So, a child or a youngster cannot just think that he has a lot of time left to spend and that these tasks can be done later, everything is in this Almighty’s hands and we cannot know for how long are we going to live. So, we need to urgently think and introspect! Do we need to just waste our life or do we attain the purpose of the life we are blessed with? Do we achieve that? And for that, attaining Divine Knowledge is essential!

Divine Knowledge is a form of wealth. We heard in song also that Meerabai said, “I have attained the wealth of God.” So what is so special about it? We get so much knowledge in our day-to-day life like school education. If we need any information, we google it and fetch the same. Hence, we get knowledge of that subject. However, Divine Knowledge is the main and every other knowledge sprouts from this Knowledge! Everything is within it. This entire creation of Universe will end one day. Even science mentions that planets or stars have definite life span. So, what was there before origin of all these? And what shall remain after these all shall end? It’s only God! And we have to spend every moment of our life while connected with God.

For example – Today is the last day of this year and from tomorrow New Year shall begin. Likewise, if we shift to a new house, then do we carry the old furniture of our old house? And all the things that are actually now very tattered or worn out? Or when we move to a new apartment, new house, do we take the new things with us, or we purchase some new furniture or new bedsheets and stuff like that? It is that we do everything new because it is a new house! Similarly, soul evolves in different bodies. As it is said that there are 84 lakh species. And we believe that even though it was written in the holy scriptures about so many species, now many species are extinct.

Even after extinction, however, there are so many species left. If we consider that just like change of clothes, soul picks up a new body. And it is mentioned in Gita and other holy scriptures – If we don’t realize God, soul will remain entangled in bondages of transmigration.

Where this is mentioned, the aspect of salvation is also mentioned. The reason we got this human birth, which is considered supreme, it is because our other instincts are like animals, but our conscience and wisdom differentiate us from other species. So we need to understand God-knowledge while in this body. Often people say that one needs to take several births to attain God. But, do we know how many births we have already taken and how many are left? May be this is the last. Whatever span of life has gone, it’s gone. But for remaining life, we should attain Divine Knowledge - a precious wealth which cannot be stolen. It is such a thing, that illuminates us within and we can give the same light to others as well.

To summarize and conclude – the soul within our body, evolves in different bodies prior to coming in human form. During our life span also, if we belong to a different culture, our soul remains in confusion. On facing death, we remain in delusion of being attached to immediate family, unable to think of universal brotherhood. That the entire world is our family and not just few people with whom we are attached.

Where Universal Brotherhood is mentioned, Oneness is also mentioned. Often we get together, may be to watch cinema or for a public gathering. There, we do not see anyone’s culture, caste or creed and just attend the gathering. However, it is very important to know the purpose of the gathering so that we just not become part of the crowd.

So, it is very important to know the aim of our life. In life, we face number of distractions. God has given us one direction since birth. The purpose of human body is Self-realization through God- realization. Are we moving in that direction or getting distracted in materialism? We are not realizing what was to be done and what we are doing ! A human body is designed to love and imbibe the virtues of broad vision, forgiveness and humility. Then, why do we find reasons to hate? Why do we become narrow-minded and find trivial reasons to hate others or form bias and prejudice in our mind. Although we all have the same spark (soul) in us, we are a part of the same entity – God, but we instigate such reasons due to narrow-mindedness. As it is said – You cease to live, if you cease to love.

Are we wasting our precious life like a living corpse? As we have not realized the actual purpose of life, irrespective of our age, be it a child or one who has crossed 80-90 years of life. However, the age of God is eternity. God was there before any creation and shall remain once it ends. So, whether our lifespan is 20, 80 or 100 years, compared with the age of God, its very less.

There is proverb – Light for four days and again dark night. So, let us illumine our life whilst we are alive and not just be lost in materialistic world. Beyond this, let us realize our true abode.

I extend my wishes to all of you, who have spared their time to come. Many seem to have come for the first time in this congregation. I would like to request you that it is possible to realize God! It’s mentioned in all Scriptures. If we think of Kabir Ji, he used to read his books, but only after he attained enlightenment from Satguru, his life changed. This is why we consider all Sufi saints as special. They were also leading a normal life like us. Then one day, after attaining God-knowledge, their lives changed. Since then, they have established respect in our hearts. It is because we could witness change in their life after attaining God-knowledge. Thereafter, they became an idol for us. We should become like them and imbibe their qualities. Our life can also be like this. Those who wish to realize God face-to-face, they are welcome to stay back after this congregation and attain God-knowledge.”

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