Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: From December 13 onwards
Kerala, Kunnur: December 31, 2018

During the ongoing spiritual tour of western and southern states of India, Her Holiness left Mulki and arrived in Kannur in Kerala on December 30, 2018. A congregation was organized there in the evening the same day. Addressing the gathering Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj said:

“Saints, first of all, let me apologize that I do not know your local language. Through, whatever I want to say will be translated and communicated to you in your language. I am grateful to all of you for taking out time to come here for the Satsang. Like we always have a choice whether we want to spend our time in good deeds or bad deeds. Since, all present here have chosen to spend time in this spiritual congregation, you have taken this first step in the right direction that you have faith in God and want to realize God.

Saints, if we look around, we will see that everyone has different facial features and look so different. Coming from North India, we speak Hindi language and the colour of our skin is different from yours here. However, it does not mean that we discriminate or hate each other because of any such reasons, since we are children of one God. We describe it as Fatherhood of God. There is only one God who is called by many names. He pervades in every particle of the universe. And we all are part of this Supreme-Soul, the soul is within all of us and is one. Although our faces, castes, colour, religions may be different but, the soul is one. It has come from one God and will merge back in Him only. Often it is said - We came empty-handed and will depart empty-handed. However, if we attain God-Knowledge, we do not depart empty-handed. If we realize God during our life span, we merge back in God only. We are saved from the cycle of transmigration.

As stated by Lord Krishna, we can attain the same God-knowledge which was given to Arjuna in the battleground of Kurukshetra. The definition of God is the same in all the religions. He is formless. He cannot be burnt. He doesn’t get wet by water. He cannot be cut or divided. So you may read any religious text, you will find the same definition of God. God is closer than the closest thing to a person, even closer than one's own eye lids and eyelashes.

Saints, God existed even before the universe or solar system or galaxies existed; and God will remain even after the universe and the whole creation will get destroyed. There is no addition or reduction in the entity of God. The wealth of God that we have got, was glorified by all the saints and sages over the years. Even today, there is no change in it. So, this God-knowledge was the Truth at that time and this time as well. Rest all other things are temporary and changeable. Only God does not change.

The Nirankari Mission also talks about the same message mentioned in all the religious texts. The Mission doesn’t change the religion of any individual but, brings a revolution within. After attaining God-knowledge, we see the same divine spark in everybody and do not see others as strangers and we love all equally. Love doesn’t remain confined to a narrow circle of family and relatives. And like God sees everyone as His own children, after attaining God-Knowledge, we, the children also understand that we all are same, because we belong to same parents. In this way, our mind wisely guides us. We then see everyone neutrally. We do not discriminate between ourselves and others.

If someone gives us a plate of food and asks us to tell the taste only by seeing the same, then we cannot tell whether it is sweet or sour, until we actually taste it. Similarly, we should not think that we can attain salvation only by attending the holy congregation and listening to saints, although it is the right step to stay away from worldly distractions. Just as the thirst is quenched by drinking water and not with the name of water. Similarly, we have to realize our true identity, Self-realization through God-realization. Only if we see this vast God beyond our narrow periphery, we would be able to see the true form of God.

While living, we must relate our day-to- day lives to spirituality. Like if we praise Lord Rama but, we have ego within, then our behaviour and steps are that of Ravana. Likewise, we may like and would read many spiritual texts and holy books that are full of teachings from the past. However, mere reading won’t be of any help, we have to give attention to the messages given in these books by saints, Gurus and prophets. That we have to love everyone, be humble and shed our ego. So, every religious text has the same message to realize oneself and also that God can be realized. Those who are blessed with this knowledge should ensure to remember God at all times. Those who are new to this congregation, I would request them not to waste life without seeking God-Knowledge, and even now they have time to spend the rest of their life span in a beautiful manner. Let us seek forgiveness from God for all the mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly. Let us spend the rest of our lives in such a way that others around us feel inspired.”

*   *   *