Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: From December 13 onwards

Goa, Panaji: December 26, 2018

Her Holiness left Udaipur by air on Saturday, December 22, 2018 in the forenoon and arrived in the Mumbai. Here, Her Holiness presided over the 2-day Nirankari Youth Symposium organised on December 22-23. More than 11,000 young boys and girls belonging to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and other parts of the Mumbai Zone participated in the Symposium.

Satguru Mataji and the entourage left Mumbai on Monday December 24 in the morning and reached Panaji in Goa the same day. On Her way, Satguru Mataji halted at Sant Nirankari Bhawan, Karad and blessed the devotees with her benign presence. The Satsang programme in Panaji was organised on December 26, which was attended by large number of devotees from all over Goa. Addressing gathering Her Holiness said:

“Saints, after starting from Delhi, we visited Sirsa in Haryana and after covering 4-5 stations in Rajasthan, we reached Mumbai. As you heard, NYS - Nirankari Youth Symposium was organised in Mumbai. From there, we have directly come to Goa.

On reaching here, we found that the entire city was decorated for Christmas. As our cars passed through roads, we saw that every house was beautifully decorated. The city has many churches which were also well decorated. So a thought came that we decorate our city and clean our houses because we are celebrating Lord Jesus Christ’s Birthday today. But have we realized what were his words and what he wished for? In every message, he mentioned peace, tolerance, compassion and many other virtues to be imbibed in life. Have we imbibed those in our life in true sense? Have we realized God, which was bestowed by Jesus? If yes, it’s worth celebrating. If not, let us not waste our life. Even today it’s an opportunity to attain God-knowledge and imbibe all virtues in life.

We have several examples from the life of Jesus. Be it Sermon on the Mount or any other instance. Throughout his life, he gave the message of tolerance and other such virtues. Those with negative tendencies, posed many obstacles in his path but still he never stopped giving his message. He went from place to place to spread the universal message. There were hardly any means of transport. He travelled by foot and propagated the message to realize God.

We know that the world started celebrating the Birthday of Lord Jesus on Christmas day, 400 years after his death. Christmas trees and relevant decorations also started after many years of his life. Similarly, there is a boxing day during Christmas when gifts are kept under the tree. Next day, children open those gifts with great excitement. Gifts and candies are also kept in stockings. Let us analyse ourselves. We are grateful for gifts kept in stockings, but are we grateful to Lord for the feet he has given us to wear those stockings? Rather than complaining, have we ever thanked God for human body which is considered supreme amongst 84 lakh species. Have we achieved the goal of human life? Are we aware from where we have come and where we have to go once we leave this body? This is repeated time and again; so what is the conclusion? That we cannot change our past but we can enhance our future. And this illumination is possible only through God-knowledge.

Saints and sages have been giving this common message over the years. In those days, there was no social media or any other means. All religions, however, proclaimed a common message and gave the same definition of God Almighty. Every religion has defined Him saying that God has no beginning or end. Neither it can be cut, nor drenched or burnt. As John the Baptise said – I am purifying this body with holy water. But Jesus will drench us in Holy Spirit. Like other saints and sages, he symbolically indicated that Lord Jesus incarnated as our Master to bestow Divine-knowledge.

May Nirankar bless that where we are joyously celebrating the festival of Christmas, we also understand the main aspect behind it. Like yesterday, we were in a boat and there were other boats around. In our boat, we were having a spiritual question-answer session, whereas in the boats around, people were getting intoxicated with liquor and dancing to loud music. At this, a saint said that we must introspect. It’s not that we give up enjoyment in life, but we dance with intoxication of God realization. But it’s quite common in this city that youth is addicted to drugs and alcohol. We have to introspect ourselves and abstain from it. It not only harms the individual, but families too. We have been witnessing this since childhood in skits, social messages and TV. We know that it’s injurious for our life.

Let us pray that we continue to do Sewa, Satsang and Sumiran. Just as we do so many tasks throughout the day and our heart keeps beating, in the same way, we don't need to take out specific time to do Sumiran, rather it should go on automatically every moment. The words are - Tu Hi Nirankar, Main Teri Sharan Haan, Mainu Bakhsh Lo. However, our mind must connect with God in daily routine, be it office, school or college. When our mind is connected, recitation of words is not mandatory. God-realization itself is Sumiran. May Nirankar bless that no matter how busy we get in life, we never forget the root, the Super-Soul, of which soul is a part. Let’s always trust and be grateful to Nirankar for the abundance bestowed on us. Also, there should be no complaints from life. These complaints are never ending like desires; if fulfilled there is another desire, else we crip. We all should be aware that Nirankar is doing the best.

You all have gathered here for congregation with so much enthusiasm. May we become a source of light who show direction to others and attach them also to the congregation.”