Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: From December 13 onwards

Rajasthan, Udaipur: December 20, 2018

Her Holiness and the entourage left Jodhpur on December 20 and reached Udaipur where a huge congregation was organized the same day. Addressing the gathering, Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Saints, I am extremely delighted to have visited Udaipur and seen you all. The scheduled time of the congregation is upto 8.00 pm, but as the devotees were coming in the lines for Namaskar, it was felt that they have come in such a large number that we shall have to extend the time. So, the microphone has been given to me just now so that the devotees who have come from far off places can go home in time (while Namaskar may continue after the Vichar also).

As you all know, the Sant Nirankari Mission believes that the soul is a part of the Over Soul - God, and that this Eternal One can be realized. As stated in Gita, God cannot be split or cut into pieces, nor can it be get wet or drenched. Vedas and other holy scriptures also define it. Despite different names given by different religions in different areas, God is one and the same entity. We can know God through Self-realization. When we come to know what we are, where did we come from and where do we have to go, we understand that this God is reflected in this body which otherwise is described as a mass of dust having different organs like eyes, ears and nose, etc.

Now, we all have to think about uniting our soul with God. We have to decide how to spend our time. The time that has passed, is gone forever. Now we have to spend the remaining time in such a way that whosoever meets us, feels happy and not unhappy. For example, if a person comes to meet us and we start speaking bitter language or abusing him, he will not stay with us even for two minutes. On the other hand, if we use sweet words as a part of our nature, then everybody will admire us and feel that their single meeting with us has made their day happier.

So, here is a choice for us. God has blessed every human being with brain and wisdom, the power of thinking and understanding so that we can choose the best for us. Let us look at a bouquet of flowers. Flowers with different shapes and colours present an example of unity in diversity and look so beautiful. Similarly, when people coming from different areas like Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan in India having different cultures get together, they present a beautiful picture of the country. The same beauty can be seen in the world if people from different countries like Indians, Germans and Africans get together.

The soul, however, is the same in all and it has to be guarded with God-knowledge or Brahmgyan the same way as a farmer safeguards his crop from the birds by making loud noise or clapping hands. And the one who has safeguarded his soul, can see the Truth as clearly as we see something happening during broad day light. The light of God-knowledge works like day-light.

Suppose a man gets erected a very high wall around him. Naturally, his vision will be quite narrow. His mind would be able to go upto the wall only and not beyond it. Now, if he wants to break this wall, he shall need the hammer of God-knowledge so that once the wall is broken, he gets rid of all the thoughts based on narrow-mindedness and adopts broad vision in life.

There is a couplet by Kabir Ji in which he advises man to follow an example. It says that once a tree caught fire while a bird was also sitting on it. The tree says to the bird desperately – I am helpless because I have no wings to save myself from the fire, but you who have been given the wings by God are sitting on my branch. Moreover, God has given you the power to think and the required strength in your body. So, why don’t you save your life?

Kabir Ji seeks to point out symbolically and advise us to make our soul truly rich as we have found this human form which is considered the highest or better than any animal or bird. The soul is the same in the rich and the poor but, we can make it truly rich through God-knowledge. Meera Ji as well as Kabir Ji found this boon of God-knowledge but only when Satguru came into their life. No doubt they read about God earlier but, they understood only from Satguru and it was thereafter alone that they became a lighthouse for others. They acted as lighted lamps and showed the right path to others.

We have been hearing since childhood, the example of Alexander, the Great. It is said that even though he collected lot of wealth and acquired vast lands and other properties but when he left this world, he went as empty handed as he had come at the time of birth. So, what can we do that we do not go empty-handed? For that we have to acquire the wealth of God-knowledge. Once we find it, we shall not go empty handed. We shall be able to make our remaining life here and the life hereafter i.e. after death happy. So, this is the wealth that will make us rich. This cannot be achieved with worldly possessions since if one want is satiffied, another takes birth in the mind. But when we believe that God is always with us, we shall remain confident that whatever we do in daily life is good and we shall not do anything intentionally to harm others. Nothing that we do will be wrong.

While at school, we read a story written by a French author – How much land does a man Need? What part of land will be required to fulfil his greed or the need? No doubt, greed can never be fulfilled. A man was told that whatever land he can cover by walking from sunrise to sunset, the same will be given to him. To fulfil his greed, the man first started walking and then running. Towards sunset he ran so fast that he fell down, became unconscious and died. Later, he was buried at the place where he was lying.

The message that the author wanted to convey through this story is that we never feel satisfied with what we already possess and we continue to strive for more. Need is one thing and greed another. So, let us learn the lesson that we should feel happy with whatever God blesses us with during lifetime. No doubt, we have to continue to live in the world and fulfil our worldly needs, but we must avoid greed as well as ego. And we can accomplish this only if we remember God every moment of our life. When we see God in everyone, we shall neither hate them nor treat them unkindly. Gradually, all this will become a part of our nature or behaviour.

It is said that two swords cannot remain in one sheath. So, we can also either hate or love others. Therefore, let us get rid of hatred and imbibe love. This will keep us happy every moment. We shall always have the feeling of gratitude, not complaint. For example, God has given beautiful feathers to a peacock while his legs are ugly. Now it is upto the peacock whether to be grateful for the beautiful feathers or complain about the ugly legs. Similarly, we have also a choice sometime to be either grateful or complain. We should, however, always remain grateful, express our gratitude even when our demand has not been fulfilled.

I request you all to continue to attend congregations with the same spirit of discipline as you maintained today. I can say that in this belt of Rajasthan I have seen the largest gathering here in Udaipur only. May God bless you all so that this enthusiasm, this attendance goes on increasing not only in Rajasthan but in the entire world because saints wish for the welfare for all, think about the good of all. As I said, they are like a tree which stands in the scorching heat of the sun but always wishes to give shade to whosoever may come. Similar is the heart of you all, as soft as butter. If somebody feels the heat of suffering, your heart starts melting.

Those who have received God-knowledge are certainly blessed, but we must remember its value. Let us not take it for granted that it is always with us. We have not only to increase this wealth for ourselves but take it further to every household. Those who have not received God-knowledge, may God be kind to them also. Let them also attain self-realisation through God-realization. As soon as we know that God is the Supreme Father of all and all of us are His children irrespective of the place we come from, we start knowing our self. We shall realize that we are not identified with body. Our real identity is the soul which we needs to meet God. So, this is the purpose of our life for which it said that it is superior to all other species.

Let us pray to God so that whatever time is left at our disposal, doesn’t go waste. Let us spend it for the welfare of all while we take our own life to the heights for which it is designed.”