Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: From December 13 onwards

Rajasthan, Jodhpur: December 19, 2018

From Barmer, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji and the entourage reached Jodhpur on December 19, where Her Holiness addressed a massive congregation the same day. She stated:

“Saints, I am extremely delighted to come here amongst you all in Jodhpur. It’s almost a week since we left Delhi. In Haryana, we visited only Sirsa. Thereafter, it was Suratgarh, Bikaner and some other places of Rajasthan and today we are here.

The feelings expressed by you all here are similar to those of saints in other places. Whether they came through songs or speeches, whether shared by children or the elderly, men or women. Whomsoever you listened, however, said the same thing that the soul is a particle of God and that we can realize God in our lifetime.

There was a repeated mention about Meera Ji. No doubt, she kept the Lord’s idol in her hand since childhood, but when Ravidas Ji came into her life as Satguru, only then she rose above her status and became a devotee. And as we heard just now, she declared – I've attained the true wealth of God-realization. So, we understand that Meera Ji too realized this eternal God through God-knowledge. She used to recite earlier too, but when she understood, only then declared that she had attained God! It means, to realise God, you require God-knowledge.

Our time is passing fast and whatever time has passed is gone from our hands forever. Now, let us bring to use whatever time is left at our disposal. Let's see how we can change our bad behaviour of the past, be it anger or any other bad habit. This will be possible if we remain connected with God every moment and realize that He is all around and watching us all the time.

Just as when we visit some religious place, our words and body language automatically become pleasant. Similarly when we move in this materialistic world or go to our work place, if we utter bitter words instead of using polite language, it’s not appreciated in any condition. So, if we remember that God is always with us, then with that realisation our language too shall improve slowly. We can also get rid of other vices like ego, passion, anger, etc.

We always have many choices of action in our life. For example, when we watch TV, we have a choice whether to watch news, songs or some serial. Similarly, on radio too, we have many stations to tune. In the same way, some prefer to eat rice and some like bread. So, we have choices at every step in life. However, if we are guided with wisdom and receive God-knowledge, then our decisions are always positive. For example, we use our wisdom and lead our lives for benevolence, like a tree that gives shade to others while itself standing in the scorching heat. A sandalwood tree continues to give its scent or fragrance, even if snakes keep on coiling and biting it. So, let’s attend Satsang regularly, praise the Master and God and thus attain virtues, even though slowly.

You have often heard that example of Kabir Ji, where somebody asked him why do we need to go to Satsang daily when nothing new is there? What we have learnt from childhood, is repeated there. In response, Kabir Ji just hammered a nail. The man gradually understood that the nail needs to be hammered repeatedly to keep the nail fixed on the wall. Similarly, if we want to improve our habits and that they reflect in our behaviour, then we must attend Satsang more frequently, to let values go deep in subconscious mind and become our habits.

We can take another example, that of a cricketer. Everybody knows that a batsman has to face different types of balls and he has to play different strikes. If at all you ask the cricketer – Why do you need practice daily when you already know the game? Then the reply would be – Although I know the game, yet if I do not practice daily, then I would not be able to respond to the different balls. Only with practice, I learn to play a fast ball and to stop a slow ball, so that when time comes, more runs can be made by facing such balls.

There’s an example of a sack. If we puncture it, whatever is inside will only come out, be it sugar, rubbish or anything bitter The same way, we should also imbibe human values in our words and deeds. Since in our lives, whenever any situation arises, then there is no time to think. Whatever is within us is reflected immediately. So internally we should keep ourselves ready, so that in any situation, our behaviour is liked by everyone. This will be good for us and others too. By speaking sweetly, we can comfort others too.

Again, I would like to go back to where I started from. We can attain God-knowledge and this is possible in this human form only! As it is said – You have to become human! But if we are presently born as human, then what do we possess that animals do not? It is the ability to understand. Besides our physical eyes, we can have divine vision, God-knowledge that can give us salvation within our lifetime.

We should not wait till old age to be devoted to God, to worship Him, to focus on Him. We can attain God-knowledge at any age, beautify our life and attain salvation in lifetime. We have to improve not only our lives here but hereafter also, that is after death. So, let’s not let our lives slip from our hands. Let us imbibe broad vision, humility, love and refrain from hatred. Like this, let us improve ourselves every moment. And this will be possible only when we follow the True Master's teachings. As repeatedly announced, the opportunity to obtain God-knowledge and find salvation is open to the seekers. In Gita, Lord Krishna mentioned about the bondages of life and death as well as the salvation. He explained that the way we change our clothes every day, our bodies change from one form to another.

And when we are born as humans, we have a choice, there is a possibility of attaining salvation in this human form. So let us attain God-knowledge so that in any given situation, we maintain the same state of mind.”