Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: From December 13 onwards

Rajasthan, Barmer: December 18, 2018

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji spent the next day i.e. December 17 in Jaisalmer and left for Barmer on December 18. On December 17, Her Holiness visited Damodar Gaon in Jaisalmer district where she was welcomed by women in their own traditional way. While going to Barmer Satguru Mata Ji blessed devotees in town called Shiv Kasba and inspired them to proceed in life while doing Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang. Thereafter Her Holiness was welcomed by a large number of devotee at the village called Bheelon Ka Par. Satguru Mata Ji appreciated their spirit of devotion and said that while you praise God regularly in your own way, you always make an effort to take advantage of any occasion like this. Earlier, the local Mukhi Shri Laxman Ram welcomed Her Holiness.

Satguru Mata Ji addressed the congregation in Barmer on December 18 and said:

“Saints, after leaving Delhi we came to Rajasthan via Haryana and visited Suratgarh, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and from there, we are here today. This tour shall continue further and we shall cover Maharashtra, South India and return to Delhi after visiting Maharashtra again.

Here in Rajasthan, I observed that the style of turban a man wears here easily reveals the area or city of Rajasthan he belongs to. Same is the case with human body; even though the soul that dwells within is the same but, outwardly each body in the world differs from one another. We can know whether one belongs to Maharashtra or Punjab. We can know their culture also, because one adopts the culture of the area he belongs to. Even the soul starts to identify itself with the body it dwells in. This, however, is not correct. Each soul is a particle of the same God. We all are the children of the same Supreme Father. We have come from this One and shall go back to this One only.

This is what the holy scriptures like Vedas have been teaching since beginning. Even in Satyug, the saints and sages taught man to become human. It’s not that we are not born with human body or we don’t have hands, feet or eyes; what they meant to say is that we shall become perfect or real human beings when we imbibe human qualities like love, broad vision and avoid hatred and narrow mindedness. In order to become a true human being, we have not merely to perform rituals or read and recite holy books but, act also upon what they seek to tell or teach us. Every religious book mentions that God can be known. And today the Sant Nirankari Mission also gives God-knowledge to every seeker just on asking for it.

Let us take the example of Kabir Ji, he had read various religious books and holy scriptures. He would have continued to do so, had Swami Ramanand Ji not come into his life as his True Master and blessed him with divine vision. This enabled him to understand what he had been reading and reciting. It was thereafter only that he said: While the priest goes on reading the religious books – Puranas, and explaining what he has not seen, I now describe what I see with my eyes.

It means that for a person who has not attained God-knowledge, the written words he reads are mere words but, the one who receives God-knowledge understands the meaning and the message. Hence, Kabir Ji claims that he describes not what he reads but, what he perceives or sees. And this would not have been possible, if Satguru had not come into his life and blessed him with this God-knowledge.

This life of ours is passing by, let us therefore, introspect and find how do we spend it! Do we spend life with hatred and discrimination? Do we own people only if they come from our own land and follow the dress and diet habits as we do? Or we live life where we see the same soul, the particle of the same Supreme Father, dwelling in every human being? In that case we shall realize the Truth and like a lighthouse guide and inspire others also to realize it.

For example when we suffer from a disease, we go to a doctor. The doctor gives us some medicine and says the disease shall be cured with it. At the same time, however, he prescribes some precautions so that the disease is cured without delay. Now, it depends on us whether we just listen to the doctor and go home or we really take the medicine and do not eat what the doctor has asked us to avoid. If we take the medicine but do not observer the precautions prescribed by the doctor, we are not likely to gain anything. And if we do observe the precautions but do not take the medicine, even then we are not going to gain much. As a matter of fact we shall have to follow whatever the doctor says. Mere going to him and listening to him won’t be sufficient. It is necessary to do what the doctor says and avoid what he asks us to refrain from.

Similarly, let us know God and avoid what we are told to refrain from. For example, let us avoid anger as well as ego which make man hollow and cause his downfall.

We are born as human beings. This is considered as the best form as compared to other species since it is during human life that we can receive God-knowledge. Instincts like sleeping, eating, procreating and fearing are there in other creatures just like human beings. In some cases they are quite ahead of man. They too have the brain, mind and the power to think. Unlike man they do not deceive anyone. We come across news every day where man kills man or one cheats the other. So, animals are definitely better than man. The elephant’s teeth (Ivory) bring a huge price after his death. Similarly, the skin of several animals is used after death but, nothing can be used from human body.

So, if this human form we have found on birth is described as a real ornament, let us make its use as such. Let us forget about the time that has passed but spend every moment that comes, with God-realisation and the good habits or qualities as taught by saints, Gurus and prophets. Let us remember God with every minutes for which we have been given Sumiran. Besides, let us attend Satsang regularly.

Some devotees feel that it is no use attending Satsang because the same things are repeated. But this is also necessary because we get reminded of good things that we have to adopt in practical life and make it pleasant. Otherwise, with bad habits nobody is going to like us. On the other hand, if a man is humble, tolerant and speaks politely, says good things, he will be praised by everyone. Everybody will like the way of his talking. So, let us imbibe such good qualities in our lives and all these good qualities will come only when we receive God-knowledge. As you heard the announcement just now, God-knowledge will be given after this Satsang. So every seeker who wants to see God face-to-face can stay after this congregation and receive God-knowledge.

May God bless you all so that just as your city is fast moving towards modernization, you may also improve your life. Whether you are in business or elsewhere, let good qualities reflect from your practical life or behaviour in such a manner that everyone who meets you may get impressed by you so much that he asks you where you are connected and he gets motivated to attend Satsang with you. Where there is always a mention of love and broad vision; where there is no discrimination on the basis of caste and religion, where all are welcome to sit together and talk to each other, where there is no narrow-mindedness.”