Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: From December 13 onwards

Rajasthan, Suratgarh: December 14, 2018

Satguru Mata Ji and the entourage left Sirsa for Suratgarh, Rajasthan on December 14. Before leaving, however, Her Holiness inaugurated the newly constructed Satsang Bhawan in Sirsa. On the way she blessed devotees in some places of Punjab including Dabwali and visited 3 Satsang Bhawans of Rajasthan.

At Suratgarh, Satguru Mata Ji addressed a massive congregation organized in the Stadium Ground the same day. Her Holiness said:

“Saints, I was just thinking that in a way it has been a full week in Rajasthan because last Sunday also I attended a Satsang in Rajasthan only. Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji used to visit Rajasthan quite frequently and say that I have come here to see you all. In the same spirit I have also come to see you all in Rajasthan. And I am delighted to see you gathered here like a flood of humanity for this congregation.

About feelings with which you have reached here, it is said that the heart of saints is as soft as butter. It also melts like butter with a little heart. Saints themselves are like lighted lamps and they wish that more and more unlit lamps may also get lighted. Saints always said that the human form is considered superior to all other species, since we can realise God only while living in human body, whereas all other species also sleep, eat, procreate and fear. The only difference is that it’s in human body that we can make our life happy here and hereafter.

Moreover, we have been hearing since childhood, this human life is as precious as a diamond, but we squander it as shells. If we fail to make our soul realize its source, this Over Soul – God, the entire life goes waste. In childhood, we heard a story of a king. He gave a silver coin to everyone in his kingdom and asked them to take its good care as it was very precious. After a month, he asked everyone what they had done to enhance its value. Someone said that he had invested it in business and increased its value manifold. Everyone told his or her own story. One of them, however, said that he had buried that coin in the ground so that it doesn’t go anywhere. The king told him that the coin was too precious to be buried in the soul. We had to put it to good use and enhance its value, instead of depleting the same.

The lesson we learn from the story is that we have received God-knowledge which is so precious. But are we illuminated like a lighthouse to show the path to others and guide them? Have we imbibed divine values in our life?

Saints always come in Satsang to look into this mirror. Although our eyes can see everything, but we cannot see our own face. We need a mirror to see if something like a hair-strand gets into our eyes. Similarly, Satsang has its significance because we can see our shortcomings here. However, we need to increasingly do Sewa and Sumiran too in our lives.

We need to analyse ourselves whether we have attained the virtues a scribed to the state of devotees since ages, or not. If we can’t remove our shortcomings despite attending Satsang daily, then let’s pray to God every moment that we may not feel proud about it. Otherwise, our regular Satsang is worth only a grain of sand in the whole desert.

May God bless everyone so that we may spend every moment of our life with enlightenment and the realization of God. Also, when we talk to people in our personal life, be it in school, neighbourhood, at home or at workplace, may such virtues reflect from our conduct so that they voluntarily feel inspired to accompany us to Satsang! And since their soul is still separated from God and they are devoid of God-knowledge, may they too realise God soon and liberate themselves from the bondage of birth and death.”

During the congregation, several speakers, Geetkars and poets expressed their views to highlight the principles of the Mission. Shri Dharam Pal Takkar, Zonal Incharge thanked Satguru Mata Ji for her visit and the participants for all the congregation and making it a success.