Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Uttarakhand and Haryana: September 30, 2018 onwards
Dehradun, Uttarakhand: September 30, 2018

While staying at Mussoorie, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji visited Dehradun, the State capital of Uttarakhand, on September 30, 2018 and formally inaugurated the newly constructed Satsang Bhawan. Since it was her first visit to this place as Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission, Her Holiness was welcomed with a band by devotees dancing with joy.

The Satsang Hall, a dream of Baba Hardev Singh Ji, has a seating capacity of 20000 people. Baba Ji desired to hold largely attended congregations and Samagams here that could not be accommodated in Mussoorie.

Addressing the gathering Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji said:

“Saints, I feel very happy to see you all here in Dehradun. I can see your enthusiasm as the hall is already full and almost an equal number of devotees are standing outside. The Bhawan has just been inaugurated and there is no space left. May Nirankar bless you so that this enthusiasm continues to grow. Whether children, young or old, may they continue to assemble here in future as you all are gathered today.

Just now a lady saint mentioned about proof. This gathering itself is a proof that devotion does not depend on age. It starts from the moment you receive God-knowledge and understand it or focus on Nirankar. Gita mentions four categories of devotees – distressed, those who ask for wealth, seek God-knowledge and the enlightened ones. And those who are enlightened, who have received God-knowledge are considered the best, because the devotion of others is due to pains or monetary incentives. No doubt, the seekers who are eager to know God, God helps them to attain it through devotees enlightened with God-knowledge. Now, we all who are enlightened and gathered here have to do introspection. What should be our next step?

Can we say that we have entered the category of the enlightened ones? Have we achieved that for which we got this life? Or, despite God-knowledge we are still doing such things in daily life that bring defame? Are we still complaining even after being taught to be grateful each moment? Do we still dwell on what is called crib and complain in adverse circumstances? Then, do we understand God-knowledge? After attaining God-knowledge, whatever the circumstances, we should remain in state of ecstasy.

No doubt, temporarily, if one falls and is hurt may shed tears. Or something untoward that happens at home may give pain. Let him feel grateful to God even at that time, since if we keep ourselves surrendered even in worst-circumstances and move from complaining towards gratefulness, our journey can be very strong. We should always keep our faith in God firm. Let us seek shelter from this ‘mother congregation’, remember God and pray to Him.

And we talk about Shahenshah Ji’s times. During those days also everyone was encouraged to pray at the holy feet of a fellow-saint. This would remove the temporary hardship of day-to-day life.

In the end, let me congratulate you all for this new Bhawan. You all maintained the decorum of Satsang well and attempted to remain quiet or peaceful. Let this be maintained in future also.”

The congregation was attended by a large number of devotees not only from Dehradun and its adjoining areas but from far off places of Garhwal, Kunnaon and Uttar Pradesh as well.

Shri Harbhajan Singh Ji, Zonal Incharge Mussoorie and Shri Kalam Singh Rawat Ji, Sanyojak Dehradun welcomed Satguru Mata Ji. They thanked Her Holiness as well as the devotees attending the congregation.

Important dignitaries who attended the congregation included Speaker Vidhan Sabha Shri Prem Chandra Agrawal, a former Chief Minister Uttarakhand Shri Harish Rawat and representatives of several religious and social organizations.