Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi: March 02, 2018

On March 2, 2018, when people all around were celebrating Holi with all kinds of colours, the Nirankari devotees in the Sant Nirankari Colony assembled in Pradhan Hall of Sant Nirankari Sr. Sec. Girls School in the benign presence of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj and celebrated the festival by showering flowers on each other during Satsang Programme. The devotees sang devotional songs and made the occasion colourful in their own way. Addressing the gathering, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, we were talking about Holi a few days back. Somebody said that during Holi people put colours in water and throw it on each other and later on they consume all the more quantity of water to wash the same. At the same time we find that there is an acute shortage of water these days. On this, a child said that Holi remains a festival of colours, of course.

Saints, a thought came into the mind that Holi is certainly a festival of colours but these days even human beings change colours so frequently. Nobody knows when a person will change his or her colour to gain for self and harm the other. That is why, saints always pray to God to get drenched in the colour of Divine Name or the Colourless One. If this divine colour keeps on getting brighter and brighter, the colours of the world will have no effect.

Along with this colour, a devotee also gets the colours of Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang. Any devotee who gets drenched in the colour of the Colourless One, endeavours to bring the same colour in the life of others so that they enjoy the same happiness that he or she is rejoicing with. And for such devotees, each day brings the Holi Festival, because their own life too is Holy. May God keep us connected with this Colourless One and bless us with a life based on Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang.”

*   *   *