February 27: Hissar, HR -Salvation Tour

Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

State of Haryana February 24, 2018 onwards
Hissar, Haryana: February 27, 2018

On March 27, the Party left Yamunanagar for Hisar. On the way Her Holiness inaugurated SNS Bhawan at Village Solumajra, District Kaithal and blessed the devotees waiting outside the Satsang Bhawan in Narwana.

In Hisar, a huge congregation was organized the same day in Sector 14. Addressing the devotees, Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj said:

“Saints have always taught us how we can make our life happy here as well as hereafter. People are worshipping God for many reasons. Some worship Him due to some trouble or some kind of fear. Several want to increase their knowledge or some worldly achievements. This is how saints describe it: You do my work, I will do your work, offer lot of wealth to you. Saints, this is no God-worship, it is man’s bargaining with God. And such clever deals do not work with God.

The greatest devotion is that which is done rising above all worldly desires and with a feeling of surrender. Such devotion comes after receiving God-knowledge and realizing the existence of God in every particle of the universe. Such devotees live within God and look at every human being as an image of God. Such people always consider themselves as humble.

Saints, we see in our houses that before grinding the wheat we wash it and spread it on a clean cloth to dry in the sun. Often we find that while the wheat is drying there, some birds come to pick the grains. We start clapping vigorously and they fly away. Similarly, when God-knowledge rings in our mind, all kinds of negativity too fly away from within so that there is room for positivity. Let us bring in complete faith on God-knowledge and live life with the same.

Saints, may God bless every human being to understand the meaning of devotion in real sense and move forward in life with the feelings of love and surrender. Only then he will be able to make his life happy here and hereafter.”

Before the departure of the party from Hisar on February 28, devotees got an opportunity to pay their obeisance at the holy feet of Satguru Mata Ji at the local Satsang Bhawan. On the way Her Holiness planted a tree in the plot taken for Satsang Bhawan near Rohtak, Satguru Mata Ji blessed devotees present on the land for Satsang Bhawan at another place. The Party reached Delhi at 5.30 p.m. the same day.

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