Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Samagam Ground No. 8, Nirankari Chowk, Delhi: February 18, 2018

The Sunday Satsang Programme on February 18, 2018 was held at Ground No. 8 in Delhi in the divine presence of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj. It was attended by thousands of devotees from Delhi and surrounding areas. Addressing the gathering, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, we are all sitting here together and singing the praise of Nirankar. A perfect devotee always lives a peaceful life. He knows that this God-knowledge is not a magic to dissolve a problem but it teaches us to deal with them in a proper and positive manner. When God is with us and within us all the time of life, every moment of our life, then whatever occurs, it’s as per His will.

Saints, many times you heard an example from Baba Ji. An old lady was travelling by train. She was carrying the bundle of her luggage on her head. The passengers around her asked her to put it down, why carry so much load? The lady, however, replied that the train was already carrying her own load. The passengers pointed out that the train was carrying even the load of all the passengers as well as the bundle put on her head. In this way, we load ourselves with small things that keep us in tension. Not only our own small things, we invite tension by pointing out similar small things of others. To whom someone is talking? Why has he been asked to speak, why not me? Why this duty has been assigned to him, why not me? So, one goes on adding to the load he carries on his head. Why do we not live a relaxed life by leaving everything to Nirankar?

Saints, when we spend every moment with the realization of God with us, our outlook towards life will change automatically. Saints, if we start to see God in others instead of their negativity or faults, if we see God in every particle of the universe and all around us as described in Avtar Bani and we start living with this outlook, we shall be able to live a peaceful and happy life filled with devotion."

Earlier, during the congregation, Rev Gobind Singh Ji, Chairman Central Planning and Advisory Board who took over as President of the Sant Nirankari Mandal and the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation with effect from February 15, said that as a Gursikh it’s his duty to obey what Satguru ordains. He recalled Baba Ji’s words that no service is big or small, we must put our heart in it. We should never dislike any service assigned to us. He sought blessings from Her Holiness Satguru Mata Ji as well as Sadh Sangat to serve them.

Similarly, Rev Ashok Kumar Manchanda Ji, Member Executive Committee, Sant Nirankari Mandal who has been given the additional charge of Administration of Branches in Delhi and Greater Delhi said Satguru has always been kind to him. He described the new assignment also as a favour from Satguru Mata Ji. He sought blessings from Her Holiness and Sadh Sangat to enable him to serve them throughout his life.

A prominent speaker of the day was Rev Taranjit Kukkal Ji from Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi. He said that we often pray here for such a life as Satguru ordains us to live. Satguru wants that we should do Sewa, Satsang and Sumiran. This is, however, not the end or goal by itself. They are only means to achieve the goal i.e., Bliss. Bliss does not mean success in the world or worldly achievements. Our Sewa, therefore, has to be for the good of all. Satsang gives us a feeling of togetherness and guides us to follow the right path. Sumiran may also not be a prayer for success in the world but spiritual success or bliss. May Satguru Mata Ji bless us all with wisdom to understand what is ordained and enable us to do the same.

Another prominent speaker Rev Naresh Sharma Ji from Delhi said to live just to fulfil the needs of the body or satisfy the urge of various senses is ignorance. Knowledge or Gyan, on the other hand, means to attain a state of bliss. This is provided by Satguru because he is the embodiment of bliss. Bliss means that Soul and the Over Soul have become one. So, he prayed to Satguru Mata Ji to enable every devotee to attain this state of bliss through God-Knowledge.

Rev Suraksha Bajaj from Nirankari Colony and Rev Nirmal Manchanda Ji, a Gyan Pracharak from Gurgaon also addressed the congregation and sought Satguru’s divine blessings to lead life as taught in Satsang.

*   *   *