Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

States of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh from February 02, 2018 onwards
Indore, Madhya Pradesh: February 04, 2018

Next day, on February 4, Satguru Mata Ji addressed a huge congregation in Garba Ground, Natraj Colony, Indore. Blessing the devotees Her Holiness stated:

“Saints, you might have heard a line that says – There’s only one principle in love divine that I accept you and accept whatever you do. So, saints always live life as per the will of God. That’s why it is said about saints that whatever the circumstances, they have the same (balanced) state of mind. This is because saints are never attached with a situation or worldly objects, they always give priority to God. They never deny the very existence of God if the circumstances are not favourable or they have not received a particular object they sought to have. And they do not believe in God only when the circumstances are favourable or they get what they expected. If they ever have to choose between the bounties and the Benevolent, they prefer the latter.

Saints, you heard an example from Baba Ji also. Suppose a wife asks her husband to bring something for her and by chance he does not bring, she does not say that he is not her husband, because if she says so, it will mean that she is not attached with her husband but with those things.

Peace began when expectations ended. That’s why saints always give priority to God. We stay in this world for living. We have to adopt some occupation. Then we have our social relations which are also blessed by God. We have to carry out the same gracefully. But here also saints give priority to God. Just as you heard a song saying – I have passed on every burden of my life to you, now my victory or defeat is in your hands. Baba Ji also taught us: Thee and Thine, not Me and Mine.

Saints, may God bless every saint to lead his life with a feeling of complete surrender and trust.”