Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Samagam Ground No. 8, Nirankari Chowk, Delhi: January 21, 2018

The Sunday congregation in Delhi on January 21, 2018 was held in the benign presence of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj, in Ground No.8 near Sant Nirankari Colony. It was attended by thousands of devotees from Delhi and its adjoining areas. Addressing the gathering, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, only last week we enjoyed the Bhakti Parv Samagam in the Samalkha Grounds. It looked as if another day had been added to the November Samagam.

Saints, while we enjoyed the congregation and met fellow saints, we also took inspiration from the life of the saints of past. They always became the means to unite us with God and said that if we run in search of God on our own, we are bound to go astray. Nobody can save us from wandering.

Saints, you might have heard the example of the peel of banana from Baba Ji many times. A man leaves home for going to his work. He finds a peel of banana lying outside the house. He steps on it, falls and gets hurt. After 2-3 days, he again finds a peel of banana outside his house and says - My bad luck, today again I’ll have to slip from it ! Saints, is it not enough to slip for one time? Now that you have seen the peel, don’t put your step on it.

Saints, Mahapurushas taught us to follow the path of goodness only. They warned us against bad deeds. Then, why repeat our mistakes? We often watch on TV that whenever there is a scene with cigarette, we find written there that alcohol and cigarette are injurious to health. When we know that they are going to harm us, then why do we go after the same again and again?

Saints, the life of Mahapurushas is always full of inspiration for us. They follow the path of goodness and love and inspire others also towards the same. And this is what Baba Ji taught us always. May God bless every devotee to have such a life so that this Mission moves forward on its own. Let us take the teachings of Baba Ji to every home. May everyone follow the path of goodness himself, embellish his own life and inspire others also towards the same.”

While addressing the congregation, the prominent speaker of the day, Rev. Charni Faridabadi from Govindpuri, Delhi said that Satguru has blessed us with God-knowledge. We can pay back the debit only if we seek the shelter of his holy feet and remember God. When somebody offers water to a thirsty person, he does not thank water, he feels grateful to the one who has offered the water. Here also we have to be grateful to Satguru, because it is due to him that we find salvation.

Rev. Channi Ji said that there is no end to our desires. But if we surrender our mind to Satguru and follow what he desires for us, we shall find that God will continue to fulfil the same even without our asking.

Rev. Shangara Singh Ji, Sanyojak, Nodia said that Satguru knows us all and takes care of us all. He recalled an instance from Baba Ji’s time and said he recognized my daughter. Today Satguru Mata Ji also loves us all. Let us surrender ourselves at her holy feet.

Rev. Ashok Kumar Ji, Sanchalak, Nangloi said that after blessing us with God-knowledge, Satguru advises us to do Satsang, Sewa and Sumiran. This makes our life happy here and hereafters. Nowhere else in the world we find this divine bliss. Today Satguru Mata Ji teaches us to live life with love. This also keeps us away from all kinds of tensions of the world.

Rev. Trilochan Singh Ji from Nirankari Colony said that during Bhakti Parv Samagam he met a couple from UK who had attended the Annual Samagam in Delhi in November and gone back, but they had come again to attend this Samagam because it was being held in our own ground. He said those who are so keen to meet Satguru, the latter looks after their needs. He said his father had received God-knowledge from Baba Buta Singh Ji. After Partition, the family settled in a small village. But when he came to know that Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji was in Pahar Ganj in Delhi, he lost no time and left for Delhi. Let us therefore pray to Satguru Mata Ji that we always remain at her holy feet.

*   *   *