Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Sharjah, UAE: January 05, 2018

Her Holiness Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj visited Dubai, UAE from December 28, 2017 to January 6, 2018. The devotees all over UAE took it as a New Year gift and blessings from Her Holiness and thanked Her for this divine benevolence.

The main Samagam for UAE was organized at the Sharjah Expo Centre where almost 3,500 saints from all over the Gulf countries were present. A publication stall was put up so that the participants could pick-up the Mission’s publications. Blessing the devotees, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, I have been coming here with Baba Ji for years together and I always received your blessings and love in plenty. Baba Ji also loved and blessed everyone like a father and showed kinship with all. He has always been there for everybody.

Baba Ji often mentioned Harmony in Oneness. He explained that Oneness alone is not sufficient because we fined oneness among people at public places like picture hall, malls and fairs and festivals also but they have their own different behaviour. Baba Ji, however, taught us Harmony in Oneness that is common to all with no wrong doing at all.

Sometime back, a saint gave his own example. He said that while travelling, a tyre of his car got burst. The driver got down and opened the dicky to change the wheel. Suddenly, a man came and spread some smoke in the car. All the occupants came out and distanced from the vehicle. Suddenly, they found that another person came who started talking to them and in the meantime the first man opened the door and removed the bag and ran away. The other person also followed him. So, this is also an example where they needed oneness.

Baba Ji, however, wanted oneness which is constructive and based on positivity. He often said, ‘if life is not living in harmony with one another, I do not know what it is?’ Harmony makes the small things big and lack of it destroys even a big things. They decay because of lack of Oneness.

Saints, we see lot of construction going on here. Many buildings are being constructed. Their planning, however, takes place first in the mind. Even a construction of wall needs planning and they plan in their mind. You heard about the Berlin Wall. It was constructed only when negativity came in the mind and it was broken when the planning of positivity occurred in the mind. This created the atmosphere of oneness.

A child was asked the meaning of harmony. He gave a beautiful reply that it is ‘Har Maan Li’ in Hindi. It means to surrender one’s ego before the Almighty Nirankar which enables us to see His image in every human being. This is the feeling of oneness. All appear as our own. When all appear as one’s own, every human being starts helping the other. All become one family. And this is what Baba Ji always expected from us.

I got an opportunity to visit this hall last night also. All the saints were busy making preparations. Everybody was working hard. Saints, Baba Ji also worked hard for 36 years and embellished this Mission. He gave love, respect and kinship to all and expected us to take the same feelings to each and every corner of the world. May Nirankar bless us so that we can take this Mission to every corner of the world and lead a life that Baba Ji cherished for all of us.”

*   *   *