Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh: December 17, 2017

On Sunday, December 17, 2017 the vast open ground adjacent to Maa Vaishnav Devi Mandir on Chhatikara-Varindavana Road in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh witnessed a huge congregation of Nirankari devotees in the benign presence of their spiritual mentor Her Holiness Nirankari Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj.

It was the first get-together or Samagam in the area to be addressed by Satguru Mata Ji after taking over as the Spiritual Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission. Devotees, therefore, reached with great enthusiasm not only from Mathura, Agra and other parts of Uttar Pradesh, by from Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan also.

After Rev. Kanta Mahindru Ji, Zonal Incharge, Agra welcomed Satguru Mata Ji and the participants, various speakers highlighted Satguru’s sacred role towards improving and adorning the life of devotees with God-knowledge. It was underlined that devotees are blessed with this true wealth of Divine Name without any discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, community, language, region, culture, age or gender. Several Geetkars and poets also gave inspiring message to one and all to receive God-knowledge and make their life happy here and hereafter. Rev Harvinder Kumar Ji, Sanyojak Mathura thanked Satguru Mata Ji, the participating devotees and the organizations whose cooperation made the Samagam a success.

Addressing the gathering, Her Holiness Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Saints, it is said that a good example is the best sermon. Therefore, when we talk about the Mission or Baba Ji’s teachings of love, humility, oneness and unity in diversity, the best way to teach others is to adopt the same in our own life first. When others find no difference in our word and deed, they will definitely be impressed by what we say. If our own life reflects the traits of Gurmat, it will become beautiful and blissful.

Saints, when we grow some vegetable crop and we find its quality defective, we do not get the vegetable tested, we get the soil examined to know whether it received proper nourishment, proper water and fertilizer or not. We try to know whether the soil has some worms that spoiled the crop. In the same way, before teaching anything to others, let us look at our own conduct. Never open a shop until you learn to smile.

Saints, some days ago I saw a video about a town in Norway where there is darkness during the entire six months of winter. With the help of science, they have got the sunlight after about 100 years. The city is located in a valley surrounded by tall hills. Now, the scientists have put huge mirrors on the hills that reflect the sun-rays and provide their light in a small ground in the town. Video shows the people of town gathered in the ground. They were all enjoying the light and feeling grateful to God for getting the sunlight during the six months of winter after so many years.

Similarly, let us illuminate ourselves with the Divine Light within first and then only take it to every corner of the world and end the feelings of hatred and slander. May God bless everybody with strength and ability to lead such a life. May everyone receive this light of God-knowledge. We feel uncomfortable if the light goes even for a short time and we feel so relieved when it comes again. May God bless everyone with strength so that they can live life with this Divine Light themselves as also to spread it to every corner of the world".

*   *   *