November 29, New York, USA -Satsang Programme

Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

New York, USA: November 29, 2017

The saints of Sant Nirankari Mission in USA and Canada were fortunate to receive the blessings from Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj with her presence in a Samagam held in New Jersey/New York on November 29, 2017. A multitude of saints reached from far off places since it was the first Samagam outside India to be addressed by Her Holiness as the Spiritual Head of the Mission.

The Samagam was marked by speeches from leading saints as also devotional songs. Everybody remembered Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj who also delivered his last discourse in the same hall. His love and care for every devotee was highlighted. He would travel hundreds of miles to bless even a single devotee who was not able to attend any congregation addressed by him. As stated by Rev Iqbaljit Rai, President of Sant Nirankari Mission in USA, Satguru Mata Ji is also following the same.

Quoting Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji, Rev Ashok Wahi Ji, Pramukh, New York said that Satguru is pleased when we please his devotees. The devotional songs included a stanza from ‘Sampuran Hardev Bani’ released during the 70th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam in Delhi a few days back.

Towards the conclusion of the Samagam, Her Holiness Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj blessed the entire congregation with a blissful discourse and said:

“Saints, I saw several saints from amongst you at the Samagam (in Delhi) only a week or 10 days ago and today I see you all in this congregation where many saints have reached not only from USA but Canada also. Saints, about one and a half years ago Baba Ji gave immense blessings to all you saints in this very hall and you all met Baba Ji and received lot of love from him. He blessed me also health-wise and it is due to those blessings that I am sitting here today and seeing you all.

Saints, I have been coming here with Baba Ji for many years. He was always there for each and every one of us. He gave so much love and immense happiness to everybody and in return he wanted from us only one thing that we should also be able to give happiness to all. We should always be there and give happiness to everybody in a positive manner.

Saints, you heard in congregation also that everybody can give happiness to others but someone creates a wave of happiness when he enters the room while someone else gives happiness to all when he leaves the room. Everybody has the power of spreading happiness, some by entering the room and some by when they exit the room. Everybody leaves a trail. Are we leaving a trail of sorrow or happiness? Are we leaving a trail of positivity or negativity? Are we leaving a trail of oneness or do we leave behind a trail of trying to divide people? What trail are we leaving behind? An individual has not learnt to live until he learns to rise above the narrow mindedness of the individual concern.

And Baba Ji always mentioned this and tried to make us understand it. Now, we have to think whether, we hold on to something small that someone has done and start complaining if it is not according to us. Do we begin to exaggerate even a small mistake of others? Instead, however, what we need to do is that if we find some fault in someone, we should pray to God and leave it to Him (to reform him). But we must pray to God for ourselves so that we ourselves do not repeat what mistake we found in other person so that no one points a finger at us like that.

As I stated earlier in Delhi, we teach our children right from beginning that it is very bad to be selfish, we should never be selfish. But when it comes to spirituality, we have to be very selfish. Even if we have to look for a short-coming, we have to look at our own fault and if we want improvement, it has also to be made in self. Even in the case of comparison, we have to see whether we have improved ourselves more than we improved earlier or not. Saints, our only garget should be to spread the teachings of the Mission, teaching of Baba Ji to everybody. Baba Ji taught us humility and tolerance through adopting the same in his own life. Now, it’s our duty that we should also preach humility and tolerance in every corner of the world though living the same. May Nirankar bless us so that we are able to spread the teachings of the Mission, teachings of Baba Ji throughout the world in this manner.”

*   *   *