Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: October 15, 2017

On the eve of Diwali, the Sunday congregation in Delhi on October 15, 2017 was held in Ground No.2, the Celebration Ground for the coming 70th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam scheduled to be held from November 18 to 20. Besides a large number of Sewadal volunteers and other devotees participating in the preparations for the Samagam, the congregation was attended by thousands of men, women and children from all over Delhi and adjoining areas. Blessing the gathering, Nirankari Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj said:

“Saints, as we see these days, preparations for Diwali are going on throughout the country and at every place decorations are being made with lights.

Saints, the word ‘Deepawali’ means a row of lighted lamps. When Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya, it was celebrated by rows of lighted lamps on roads and in houses.

Saints, enlightened people always spread light. They take the light of the Formless One, God from place to place as they know that man gets only knocked in darkness and the one who receives this light of God-knowledge, the darkness vanishes from his life and he gets enlightened.

Saints, you all must have heard the line that darkness cannot remove darkness, only light can remove it. For this, however, it’s not enough to have a lamp or a candle, it must be lighted. Saints, the same way it won’t be enough to mention or discuss God-knowledge unless we adopt it in practice, unless we give up our ego or the feeling of doership and follow what is taught about God, what Baba Ji used to teach us. No doubt we can remove the darkness from outside by lighting the lamps, but the darkness inside can be eliminated by God-knowledge only. We must, therefore, remove the evils that exist within, and spread this light of God-knowledge with humility. Since only a lighted lamp can spread the light all around, can light numerous other lamps.

Saints, you see that Samagam preparations are going on in these grounds and devotees are working with full enthusiasm in every way. May God bless every devotee with all kinds of happiness, with health and with ability to do Sewa with further enthusiasm.”

Earlier, while addressing the congregation, Rev. P.S. Ahluwalia Ji, Member Central Planning and Advisory Board quoted some examples and said that a devotee loses all his wisdom or cleverness as soon as he goes in front of the Master. Sometimes he forgets even the names of his kith and kin. Secondly, he said, a devotee should not insist on something even if Satguru promised the same earlier. He should go by the latest situation and accept the benevolence of the Lord Master in the form it comes.

Rev Ahluwalia Ji recalled the words of Baba Hardev Singh Ji about the definition of ‘the strongest’. Baba Ji said, strongest is not the one who is healthiest, wealthiest or highly educated, but the one who has the Tolerance enough to bear with something even if hurts him, downgrades or defames him. And once you adopt this attitude, you will see that the offender himself will realize his mistake and apologize.

Another speaker of the day was the well-known Mahila Pracharika from Nirankari Colony, Delhi, Rev. Gurmeet Kaur Ji. She said that just like a farmer sows seeds of the crop in a particular season, similarly we have the season for voluntary service (Sewa) here in Samagam Ground these days. It is said that Satguru is that soil of faith which gives you the crop as you sow. Let us, therefore, sow the seeds not only by Sewa but Satsang and Sumiran also so that we can harvest the crop of God-knowledge and be happy and prosperous here and hereafter.

Regarding Satsang, Rev. Gurmeet Kaur Ji said that saints explain their experience with God-knowledge and we do not know what point may help us to face a situation in future. Her prayer in the end was to remain connected with Satguru and Sadh Sangat and enjoy the bounties of the Almighty God.

*   *   *