Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: October 01, 2017

In Delhi, the Sunday congregation on October 1, 2017 was held in Samagam Ground No.8 where thousands of devotees from Delhi and adjoining areas were present. Addressing them, Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj said:

“Saints, during childhood we asked the elderly person whosoever would be with us, to tell a story before sleeping. I read one of such stories some days ago. A King punished a father and his son and dropped them at the top of a hill. There was a ditch around the hill and then the ocean. The father had his wings and so he could fly. To enable his son also to fly, he picked up some wings left over by birds and studded the same in his body with wax and asked him to fly like him. When the son learnt to fly, the father warned him and said – Don’t fly too downward as there is ocean and if your wings get wet, they will become heavy and you will not be able to fly. Similarly, don’t fly too high, because if you go near the sun and the was melts with its heat, you will fall down.

As both of them started flying, the father asked the son again and again to follow him. For some time, the son followed. Then he felt that he knew how to fly and he did not need to be guided by his father. So, he started flying higher and higher and he went so high that the wax started melting with the heat of the sun. And as the wings fell down because the wax melted, the child fell down and got drowned in the ocean.

Saints, we have also got the wings of God-knowledge. These wings can take us to heights but there are some rules or restrictions which we must follow while flying. There are some teachings of Baba Ji. If we follow them, we shall continue to fly towards heights. But sometimes we feel that we have learnt much. When we speak in the congregation, all praise us. When we do not get a chance to speak in two or three congregations, everybody starts pointing out that we are such a good speaker that we should be given chance to speak again and again. And such people start thinking that they are not answerable to anybody, they can do whatever they want. Saints, in that case, just like that child, such people will also start going towards downfall despite having wings. If we do not follow what we are taught by the instructor, we shall go astray and fail to reach the destination.

Saints, a devotee is always keen to learn, because whatever he learns, it won’t be enough for him. He never thinks that he has learnt enough. You must have heard from Baba Ji that if a devotee thinks that he has learnt everything, it means he is gone, he is ruined.

Saints, we celebrated Dussehra festival yesterday and we have been watching since childhood that an arrow with fire is thrown at Ravana and he is killed. Since we see the arrow, we think that Ravana has been killed by the arrow. But he, in reality, falls to his ego. That is the reason why he meets the same end every year.

Saints, devotees always try to get rid of their ego from within so that they have the feelings of love and tolerance only in their hearts.”

Earlier, addressing the gathering, Rev Joginder Sukhija Ji, Advocate, told a long story of four robbers who were successful to cheat a person by creating, the misunderstanding that his goat was a dog. He said that exactly like this some people may try to create doubts about God-knowledge even though it is perfect. In these days of advanced information technology, one may not even contact you but simply create misunderstanding over social media. Even legal professionals fail to take them to task. He, therefore, suggested that we should try to counter negativity with positivity. Let us also be careful about such elements and try to remain steadfast in our faith and devotion.

Another speaker of the day was the well-known scholar, poet and preacher of the Mission, Dr. Jaagan Nath Sharma ‘Hans’. He recalled the first discourse of Her Holiness after taking over as Satguru that there should be love everywhere. In fact it is for love only that the Formless (God) has to appear in physical form as Satguru. He said that Holy Quran, Bible and Ramcharit Manas, all have equated love with God.

Dr. ‘Hans’ said that a person with God-knowledge may doubt the Formless One in physical form but the one who loves Satguru in his physical form will never doubt his entity as God incarnate. Ravana got ruined because he doubted Lord Rama’s entity as God incarnate in physical form.

Wing Commander (Retd) Rev Manocha Ji from Noida said that people remember God without knowing. We are fortunate here who have been blessed with God-knowledge by Satguru without any considerations of our education, wealth or power. Now that we have God with us who is the Supreme giver of all worldly possessions, we also do not lack any worldly comforts. Let us, therefore, be ever grateful to Satguru and seek blessings to be able to live life as ordained by Her Holiness.

Rev Mahesh Chand Ji, Mukhi Ballabhgarh said that for devotees Satguru is everything. History reveals that in any age whosoever believed his Master completely his name is written in golden words, Angad is one of those examples. Baba Hardev Singh Ji always asked devotees to make God the base for every action. We are likely to make mistakes but Satguru is there to always forgive us.

Satguru has given us God-knowledge which is so convincing that we are able to satisfy everybody whether he believes in Gita or any other religious scripture. Based on this, today Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj is blessings the youth with good character along with good career. This, everybody feels, is a major need of the modern times of fast developing technology. He prayed to Satguru Mata Ji for the same for youth in his branch. Let this 70th Samagam be such occasion for every youth of the Mission.

Another speaker of the day, Rev Asha Ji from Delhi compared the material life with spiritual life and said while even the best comforts and achievements of material life fail to relieve us from tension, while we find the spiritual life ever blissful. She said that happiness provided by material possessions is short-lived because they themselves are short-lived. But since spiritual relation with God is everlasting, the happiness we receive here is also ever-lasting. In fact, all material comforts become available automatically. A devotee has only to surrender here completely.

Rev Asha Ji said that Satguru Mata Ji has blessed us with the Samagam as a golden opportunity to surrender physically, mentally and materially completely, along with Satsang and Sumiran, and find every comfort and happiness in our material life too. Let us all avail this opportunity and feel blessed.

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