Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: September 03, 2017

On Sunday, September 3, 2017, a huge congregation was held in Samagam Ground No.8 in Delhi which was attended by thousands of devotees from Delhi and surrounding areas. Addressing the gathering, Nirankari Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj said:

“Saints, empathy i.e., compassion, to share each other’s pain and sorrow, understand the problems instead of creating the same, is a unique quality that man must possess. Today, however, instead of understanding, man is creating problems for others deliberately by his actions. He causes pain unto others. As it is said – I am drowning, my friend, I’ll take you too with me. It means, he does not do any good unto others and if someone else does, he will not allow him too. He will create problems for the latter also.

Saints, this is what we find in the world, but not in saints. I read a line somewhere which says – Don’t create problems in your head that don’t even exist. It means, let us not have anything in mind that may create stress or some problem for ourselves, nor may we become or cause for problems for others. God has given us wisdom so that we act wisely. But instead of using wisdom for ourselves, we start using to guide others. We may have a thousand faults, but if someone else has only one and that exists in us also, we start pointing it out and counselling him.

Saints, we heard an example from Baba Ji many times saying that suppose we have two bundles, one containing the evils of others and the other their good qualities. We should keep the bundle containing good qualities in front, so that we can learn from the same. And if we have two bundles, one containing our own faults or evils and the other contains our good qualities, we should keep the first in front, so that we are able to remove the faults one by one and improve our life.

Saints, Baba Ji always taught us to have the spirit of work for a cause, not for applause. May God bless us so that we move forward with this spirit and are thus able to improve the whole world and make this Mission as Baba Ji cherished.”

Earlier, addressing the congregation, Rev Sadhika Shauq, a young saint from Mumbai said that today Satguru Mata Ji is teaching certain things again and again. They are not the things which we should consider at leisure or in free time, our life should be based on the same. They are one property.

When we find so many harms caused by caste, I start preparing my own check list to see if I too do not suffer from the same. Even if it is not there, let us keep our mind free from discrimination of any kind, as taught by Her Holiness. And while Satguru Mata Ji is spending all her time for ourselves, let us also realize that all that she teaches is our need.

Rev Champa Bhatia from Ranchi quoted Avtar Bani and said, to be at the holy feet of Satguru is to be at the greatest place of pilgrimage. Here the mind gets cleaned from all kinds of dust or pollution. She said that in order to enjoy the bliss of God-knowledge, we must follow the five basic principles or pledges. Now, Her Holiness has added the sixth that we should live with love. So, let us be true devotees and seek Satguru’s benevolence every moment.

Rev Rakesh Sethi Ji from Amritsar said that we are fortunate to be at Satguru’s holy feet. As stated in Holy Bible, I have not chosen the best rather the best has chosen me. And those who are chosen, are beautiful if even otherwise ugly. Let us therefore, seek the shelter of Satguru which will enable us to face any kind of evils. As advised by Baba Hardev Singh Ji, however, we must avoid the company of the deluded ones.

Rev Sethi Ji told the congregation that at a blood donation camp in village Attari, 120 persons, most of them not connected with the Mission, came from a small village near Wagha Border to donate their blood. They got inspired by Baba Ji’s slogan – Blood should flow in veins, not in drains, displayed in the village along with the photograph of Baba Ji and Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj.

Another speaker of the day was again from outside Delhi i.e., Rev Annu Ji from Hyderabad. She said that we remembered (during Mukti Parv) Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji, Jagatmata Budhwanti Ji, Rajmata Ji as also Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Baba Hardev Singh Ji for their faith and devotion to their respective True Masters. Our real tribute to them, however, would be to follow their footsteps. She said that no doubt we shall not be able to forget Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and remove the indelible impression he created on our minds, but we must beg everything from Satguru of the time, Her Holiness Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj.

*   *   *