Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: August 6, 2017

The Sunday congregation on August 6, 2017 in Delhi was organized in Ground No.8 in the presence of a huge gathering of devotees from Delhi and surrounding areas. Addressing the audience, Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj said:

“You heard Baba Ji many times quoting Baba Farid Ji – “O’ man, don’t shout it’s mine, it’s mine; it’s neither yours, nor mine.” This world is a four-day fair after which this body, this mass of dust will merge with the dust. That’s why Baba Farid Ji says further - “Don’t cheat the dust as you are also dust like it. Don’t talk about caste as the same too is dust. Only God has the highest entity, the rest all is mere dust.”

Saints, when all is going to dust, then why are we not able to live in cooperation with each other? Why do we think of harming each other? Why do we keep on slandering each other? In fact, it has become the man’s nature today that he is always making efforts to somehow harm the other even if he has to suffer much more than his victim.

Saints, whatever one possesses on this earth will have to be left on the earth. This also you heard from Baba Ji. Saints always tried to unite man with the Formless One – God, because whatever is visible in this world is perishable. God existed when there was nothing and God will continue to exist when nothing may exist. Let me, therefore, pray to God to bless every devotee with ability or strength to imbibe all the qualities of a Gursikh, the qualities of Gurmat, all that Baba Ji taught us so that we are able to beautify not only our own lives but others also.

Saints, today is the Friendship Day also and friendship or love does not rest on words. There are no ifs and buts in love and friendship. May God bless us so that we can give love to all, maintain friendship with all.”

Earlier, addressing the congregation Rev Joginder Manchanda Ji from Gurgaon said that Satsang or the company of saints is a sacred gathering with love as its message. It is here that the saints keep us linked with Satguru as well as the Almighty God. No wonder everyone here prays for their love for Satguru and the Formless One to last till their last breath. No doubt God-knowledge or Brahmgyan has already taken us to the destination but thereafter too we are likely to lose sight of it and get misguided, go astray.

Rev Manchanda Ji said that Avtar Bani also says that without Satguru, there is vacuum all around. We also felt the same when Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj left us all suddenly on May 13, 2016. But Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj appeared as Satguru’s next incarnation and rescued us from that state of wilderness. We all know that even God was invisible or a vacuum without Satguru. As soon as Satguru came in our life we realized the existence of the Supreme Entity of the Formless One all around. Let us, therefore, attend congregations regularly so that we are constantly linked with Satguru and Nirankar.

Rev Gulshan Arora Ji, also from Gurgaon, said that only those who accept defeat in the realm of devotion are real winners. Even in our daily life, if we remain humble and act with the spirit of defeat particularly before our own kith and kin, it brings all the more respect besides the inner bliss. A devotee should, therefore, surrender himself or herself at the holy feet of Satguru which will automatically make one exalted in life.

Another speaker of the day Shweta Kapoor Advocate from Delhi made her presentation in English and said that on many occasions we fail to understand what is happening around us. A stage arrives when all our arguments fail to resolve the situation. We leave it to the Almighty God. And this is devotion. Lord Krishna told Arjuna that he need not worry because the Lord himself takes decisions and implements the same. Man just cannot understand the divine game. It is, therefore, essential to trust God and move forward. There should be no questions to ask and no answers to seek. Let us pray to Satguru that we are able to trust God for all that we are ordained to be and do.

*   *   *