Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: March 26, 2017

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj addressed the Sunday Satsang at Ground No. 8 in Delhi after a gap of one month during which Her Holiness was on Salvation Tour of West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The congregation was attended by a mammoth gathering of devotees from Delhi, Greater Delhi and adjoining areas. Addressing the participants, Her Holiness said:

“Saint, today I see you all here after one month. I went to Kolkata on February 24, where we had the 2-day Samagam. For the first time the Samagam was organized at our own land. It was with Baba Ji’s blessings that 150 acres of land were taken about 4-5 years back. At the time when the Samagam dates were announced, the land was full of mud. Saints were doubtful whether they would be able to hold the Samagam there or not. But with the spirit of service that Baba Ji created in you, the land was prepared and the Samagam could be held there.

During this one month, I got an opportunity to visit several towns and villages. They included several new places. I received tremendous love from all. Everywhere saints discussed what Baba Ji taught them. Everywhere I could witness the love Baba Ji had taught them. And it is the same love that they are spreading further.

You heard about the exhibition. Many people who came to see it were not connected with the Mission, but they were familiar about Baba Ji and the Mission. And they were full of praise for the Mission and the teachings of Baba Ji. As I prayed in Mumbai also, may we all reflect his light and become his love personified like him.

As you noticed, the Earth Hour movement completed its ten years yesterday. The effort was started in 2007 to close all the lights for one hour on every third Sunday of March to save electricity and try to improve to some extent the eco-balance of the earth which is being disturbed due to changes in climate.

As social beings it is our duty to improve the earth we are inhabited on and save it from being defaced. But as spiritual beings, have we ever thought about God Hours which is not a matter of one or two hours? Have we ever thought how long we are connected with God, how long do we remember Him? Because, to the extent we are aligned with Him, the balance of our life will also remain safe to that extent and we shall shed every negativity that is there within us and imbibe positively.”

Earlier, addressing the congregation, Rev Kirpa Sagar Ji, Member Incharge Press and Publicity referred to the definition of ‘Character’ given by Socrates who said: “Knowledge is the man’s character.” Whatever educational qualifications we achieve or learn by training etc., determine our character. The process is that knowledge gives us actions and actions give us our character or identity.

Rev Kirpa Sagar Ji said that here we talk about spiritual knowledge or Brahm Gyan. And when we aligned Brahm Gyan with our actions on the side of material life, it becomes our devotion to God. And that determines our character or identity. It means that we introduce Brahm Gyan into all our actions and become devotees, saints and Mahapurushas.

Rev Kirpa Sagar Ji said that this is what Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj is preaching today. Let us remember God and associate Him with every action of our daily life and be happy here and hereafter.

The well-known scholar of the Mission, Dr. Gyanmoney Saxena from Gurgaon said that Satguru inspires and guides the devotees as per the needs of the time and place. She recalled various discourses by Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj and said that Her Holiness wants every devotee to become an ideal example for others. She said that Satguru Mata Ji desires that we should act upon what Baba Hardev Singh Ji and his predecessors have been teaching us, in our daily life so that all that we do is hued in the colour of devotion or Gurmat.

Another prominent speaker of the day was Rev. Navneet Ruby from Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi. She explained ‘Kids Divine’ - a new video programme of half an hour duration launched over the Mission’s Website under the guidance of Holy Sister Sudiksha Ji. She said that while moulding children into good citizens today, we have to discard the old stories like Thirsty Crow and introduce them to the new technology based life. She said that the real success of life emanates from spirituality. Therefore, we must lead our children towards spiritual awakening and tell stories from the life of saints, Gurus and prophets as also based on the teachings contained in holy scriptures.

Several saints who accompanied Satguru Mata Ji during salvation tour also shared their observations and experience with the audience. They included Rev Kuldeep Singh Ji, Sandeep Gulati Ji and Jordan Bowen from Poland.