Salvation Tour by Her Holiness

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

States of Odisha, TN, AP, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra from March 01, 2017 onwards

Bengaluru, Karnataka: March 08, 2017

Satguru Mata Ji and party left Chennai on March 8 in the forenoon and reached Bangaluru late in the night. On the way, Her Holiness blessed the devotees at Satsang Bhawan, Muthunulluru. Devotees welcomed Satguru Mata Ji according to their traditional culture. In Bangaluru an impressive congregation was organized in Palace Ground on March 9 in the evening. Addressing the devotees, Her Holiness said:

“I visited Bangaluru with Baba Ji many times and I always received your love and blessings. Saints, a devotee is identified by his conduct, because they know that it would not be sufficient just to say that we should shun ego or do not indulge in slandering, without adopting in action they will remain hollow words only. Saints, we heard Baba Ji also saying that ‘I think the burning Ravana is asking the crowd as to who among them is Rama.’ Saints, someone standing in that crowd may be Rama by name, but is it sufficient for a saint to be Rama by name only? No! We shall have to imbibe Lord Rama’s qualities of compassion, love and obedience. Only then we shall be able to rule over the hearts of others.

Saints, a devotee always prays for his complete surrender to God. He says - Lord, empty me of ‘me’ so that I may be full of you. Let me be relieved of my ‘I’. Once God dwells within, I shall attain all the qualities of devotion which were being mentioned just now. Otherwise, those words, will remain hollow words only.

Saints, yesterday was the International Women’s Day and a woman sees with heart and feels with eyes. She has given birth to kings. Baba Ji also often spoke of gender equality. He not only spoke but believed in it. He said, if you ever think of misbehaving or mistreating with her, just remember she is a mother, wife, daughter, sister and you all have mother, wife, sister at home too.

Saints, as human beings, there may be gender difference - male and female, but we are all spiritual beings too and we have a soul that is connected with the Super Soul. We are the children of God. So, it’s a responsibility and duty to love and respect all.

Let us pray to God to bless every devotee with such a vision and sight so that we may see the world with Baba Ji’s vision and Baba Ji’s eyes.”

During the congregation, main speakers included Rev. Dev Raj Bajaj Ji Vice-President of the Sant Nirankari Mandal, Sneha Jyoti Ji from Germany and Navroop Ji. Rev. Sunil Ratra, Zonal Incharge Karnataka thanked Her Holiness and the participants.

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