Salvation Tour by Her Holiness

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

States of Maharashtra and Telangana from February 01 to 12, 2017

Solapur, Maharashtra: February 03, 2017

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj and the entourage left Ahmednagar for Solapur on February 3. On the way, Her Holiness blessed the devotees in Karmala and Tamurni in Solapur district and inaugurated the newly constructed Satsang Bhawan at Pandharpur. Addressing the devotees in Pandharpur, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, I see you all the saints here after a long time. I got an opportunity to visit this place with Baba Ji many years ago. Here we always find Vithal Ji and Rukmini Ji together. This means we have to adopt devotion while leading family life. We have, however, not to get attached with material life completely. We have to follow the path of devotion while fulfilling our worldly responsibilities. You must have heard that whatever we may speak, whatever we may do, whatever we may see, we must realize the presence of Vithal i.e., God with us and avoid doing anything wrong. This will give us an outlook for acting for the welfare of others. This is the feeling of devotion that Baba Ji taught us.”

On the same day, Her Holiness addressed a huge congregation organized at MIDC Ground in Chandramouli town, near Solapur. Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Saints, we often hear from various saints in congregations that if we want to fill a pot with something, it has to be emptied first. We cannot pour anything into the pot which is already filled. Even if we try, the commodity will get spilled. Similarly, where there is ego, there is no God. God cannot stay where there is ego.

Saints, we find that where water is clean and calm, we can see any reflection clearly. If the water is muddy or it is not calm, the reflection gets hazy. Similarly, if we are not at peace within, if our mind wanders in different directions, then God or God-knowledge also does not stay. May God continue to dwell in all. May God fill our minds with His own existence in such a way that there is no room, no scope left for negative or wrong feelings. May God bless everyone with such a life.”

During the congregation, several speakers discussed the Mission’s message of truth, love, peace and tolerance. Shri Indrapal Singh Nagpal Zonal Incharge Solapur thanked Satguru Mata Ji for blessing all.

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