Salvation Tour by Her Holiness

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

States of Maharashtra and Telangana from February 01 to 12, 2017

Pune, Maharashtra: February 01, 2017

Following the 50th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam of Maharashtra held in Mumbai from January 27 to 29, and mass marriages on January 30, 2017, Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj blessed devotees at several places in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

With several devotees in the entourage, Her Holiness left Mumbai in the afternoon on February 1. On the way to Pune, she blessed the devotees in Nevali (Ambernath) and inaugurated the new Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan in Badlapur (Ulhasnagar). Addressing the gathering in Badlapur Her Holiness advised the devotees to praise the Almighty and preach the message of the Mission through their beautiful behaviour. She said that our actions should inspire others to come and join us. Her Holiness was welcomed here by Shri Madhavji Ponde, Mukhi Badlapur and Shri Gulab Chand Ji, Zonal Incharge, Ulhasnagar.

Her Holiness also inaugurated the newly constructed Satsang Bhawan at Bhosari in Pune district and reached Pune late at night.

In Pune, a vast congregation was held at Jagtap Ground in Saswad where devotees from several places in Pune and Satara Zones came with great enthusiasm. The Maharashtra Minister for Water Resources, Shri Vijay Bapu Shivtare welcomed Her Holiness and sought her benign blessings for the people in the region. Addressing the gathering, Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Saints, a few days back I saw a video on the mobile (telephone) where two cats were drinking milk from the same pot. One cat drank a little milk and passed on the pot with its paw to the other. Then the other cat drank some milk and returned the pot in the same way. I just thought that while these animals are doing so, the man, the most superior creation of God – God made man in His own image, has become so greedy, so selfish today that he wants everything for himself. We heard Baba Ji quoting Mahatma Gandhi that the earth provides for man’s need, not greed. Man, however, wants everything to satisfy his own greed. He wants to possess everything for himself. Hence, he has become so ungrateful that he is forgetting to thank God for the numerous boons He has granted to him. Saints, the one who believes in the will of God, leads a happy life.

We also heard Baba Ji saying that we cannot remove all the pieces of stone from the road, but we can walk easily if we put on shoes with thick soles. Similarly, if we imbibe the feeling of gratitude, we can make our life easy to live. Avtar Bani also says – A saint who wears the attire of contentment and relies only on God, lives in this world as detached as the lotus flower in water. So, I pray to God that everyone leads life with gratitude as also with positive attitude so that their life becomes happy.”

During the congregation, several speakers including Brahm Kumari Neelam and Shri Nand Kumar Zambare, Zonal Incharge Satara expressed their views and sought blessings from Her Holiness. Shri Tarachand Karamchandani Ji thanked Satguru Mata Ji for visiting Pune and blessing the congregation.

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